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I’m currently checking out some kit from the guys at NOMAD Goods. They’re based in Santa Barbara, USA and design premium accessories for adventurers. That mantra breathes in their designs, features and materials, in which I’ve got a couple of accessories to give you a look into before doing my reviews on them. Definitely check out the video which I’ll drop in this article shortly to get a greater sense of each, together with some of my first look impressions below.

Inside the NOMAD Goods Tech Collection we have the worktop leather mousepad, Wireless Base Station, Military-Grade PowerPack with Tile and 100W Type-C Cable. Let’s dive straight in. 🙂

Leather Mousepad

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First up is the slate grey leather mousepad. NOMAD uses the oldest tannery in the USA that’s renowned for their Horween leather craftsmanship. The surface is smooth to glide a mouse along, with a large area that accommodates other NOMAD Goods accessories to sit above.

Contemporary-minded individuals will sidle towards the slate grey above, which looks gorgeous, while traditionalists will like the Rustic Brown option. Over time, each mousepad is unique as the Horween leather develops a nice patina, aging gracefully. Beneath NOMAD uses an anti-slip textured rubber that takes a firm grip of any surface so it won’t slide as you track around the area. Molded together seamlessly, it’s a continuous blend between the premium Horween leather and rubber, feeling polished from edge to edge. It’s elegantly packaged with an included soft-touch bag so you can carry it with you in your holdall, briefcase or backpack safely.

Base Station Hub Edition (Review)

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We then have one of their wireless tech pieces which is the base station hub edition. It’s a well-polished and machined piece of aluminium, fitted with a padded leather surface to rest up to two wireless charging devices. It’s curved at the edges which makes holding it palm friendly, with tapered edges and sides. for a compact footprint. It fast charges wirelessly up to 10W (7.5W for Apple devices) and offers an effortless way to charge your device drivers without needing to plug in and out to the outlet and cable all the time. I found it charges my Galaxy phone sideways responsively, with a little need to fiddle with placement outlined in the image above, but I’ll give it a further test before the review.

When it charges, it charges without less heat then that generated with wired options (albeit at a faster charge rate). Around the back are two inputs for a 7.5W USB-A and USB Type-C, the latter supporting 18W Power Delivery for larger devices which is nifty. So altogether, you could have up to 2 wireless devices and 2 wired devices charging from this compact base station. Impressive. For regular flyers or adventurers, it’s slim enough to fit inside your backpack and comes with an outlet and three adaptors to cover US, EU and UK regions (extending into Asia outlets by design though check volt compatibility). Overall, a very slick, premium wireless station from NOMAD Goods that feels every bit as quality as it performs.

If you're searching for a beautifully crafted, versatile and solid wireless charger, the NOMAD Base Station Hub Edition well-worth the premium pricetag. It oozes quality hardware, a range of wireless and wired ports unmatched by alternatives in the market that can easily replace all things power for your worktop or room.

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100W USB C Premium Cable

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You may not think about it now, but this is a futureproof time of cable that is going to seriously last for a long time. This heavy-duty, robust USB cable transfers 100W of output to charge demanding laptops and devices that support it, together with the max 10Gb/s data speed. Technically, it’s the 3.1 Gen 2 spec (officially known now as USB 3.2 Gen 2 or Superspeed USB 10Gb/s).

This rugged cable is aimed for professionals or enthusiasts in need of a high output, but easily serves as a daily cable for it’s durability. Transfer bulk 4K videos swiftly, without the worry of any data cut-outs, clippings or potential to physically disconnect during transfer. It’s only available in 1m currently, but enough to serve those situations. The exterior is made of ‘braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance, reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync. 2x thick protective PVC jacket. Extra thick wire gauge and a robust polyamide core.’ So pretty much, a super robust cable that can handle the travels as much as you.

PowerPack with Tile

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Finally, we have the NOMAD powerpack with tile, a military-grade hard shell housing a 9,000Mah battery pack. Though quite thick, it supports fast charging through the two USB Type-C ports, one for input and the other for output. There’s another output USB A port up to 2.4A that lets you plug into any device. So expect quick charge times with this one. It has a soft-touch, matte rubbery exterior that feels nice and rugged in the hand, but is surprisingly light for it’s size which makes wielding this easy. I

It doesn’t start charging until you tell it to – there’s a button underneath the dotted battery indicator on initial impression you have to press to start juicing your device. I’m used to automatic charging as soon as I plug in a cable, so will take some getting used to, but can imagine in some cases this acts as a fail-safe when in transport or powering a portable camping light for example. We’ll see how I get along with it. A unique feature on the NOMAD powerpack is tile tracking, a first I’ve seen built-in, which also explains the girth of the pack itself.

While it may not be a feature you’d use everyday, it comes in handy when you’re out in the mountains, jungle or desert where it can get easily misplaced and lost. It connects eas enough via bluetooth through the app with location tracking and a speaker to sound the alert. In those instances, it could be priceless where power is scarce. When it comes to charging, I’m generally happy to offset the size for that fast charge performance.

A portable battery which is where it counts most, the NOMAD PowerPack is an excellent must that makes the upfront expensive price tag worth the overachieving lifetime value you'll get from it, whatever adventure around the world you find yourself in.

It’s a nice ecosystem of NOMAD Goods tech accessories that covers from the office desktop to being on the move. I’ll be spending a bit of time using these for a while before sharing my full written and video review. But they are a promising set of premium tech accessories designed for adventurers.

NOMAD Collection

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