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Last Shelter Doomsday Season 1 Tips For Newcomers

Start Strong Finisher Stronger in Your First Doomsday Season

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Whatsup Last Shelter comrades, following up on my debrief report after finishing Last Shelter Doomsday Season 1, I’m sharing all the knowledge and goodness that have come from my experience playing across the 45 day season, with everyone I could have possibly dreamed of knowing about before I began. This is aimed at beginners and intermediates looking to understand the smaller finer details to tweak and finetune your play to make it as enjoyable, maximise your development and help your alliance finish strong.

I’ve broken it down into sections and will add / update information if any need revision. Remember these are my top tips on tackling Doomsday Season 1 across various points of the season so a basic understanding of the concept and certain core features are required. I hope you find it useful and if you do, feel free to share or comment in the section for anything that may be useful for Last Shelter Players tackling their first season. Certain sections run much deeper in detail which is not for this article, but if enough interest and support is available to pursue, then I will happily work on these which are: tile strategies, attack and defence war tactics, APC formations and more.

So without further do, here are my top tips for Last Shelter Doomsday Season 1 you need to know.


  1. Objective
  2. The Basics
  3. War
  4. Tiles
  5. Honor Structures
  6. Honor and Hero EXP
  7. Specialty Points and Skills
  8. Tally Phase
  9. Season Rewards

These are acronyms used below which you should familiarise yourself with. We also used these acronyms in-game to chat quickly.
HS = Honor Structures
AC = Alliance Centre
RP = Rally Point
DB = Durability
R4 / R5 = member ranks
EXP = Experience Points
DD = Doomsday
RSS = Resources
TP = Teleport


With Doomsday season 2 underway, here are some important notes of WHAT you should aim to achieve in Doomsday season 1. Specialty points are crucial over the seasons. You should aim to finish with around 24, which is a good number and allows you to fill specialty skill trees with good benefits. The highest I’ve seen someone have is 37, and if you have below 20 you’ll be off to a slower start in progression. Specialty points continue up to Eden: Rising so continuity is important but it’s not the end – being active and tiling can help you get there!

That means being committed to the game and hours but being smart about it. Another is TILING. TILING. TILING. Don’t rest once you’ve filled up all your tile space for the day with the highest level tiles you can take. keep producing material and abandon some of your tiles to hit again for season points.

Alliance tech donations is crucial. Save yourself some agony and always donate and buy stones from the alliance store in between DD S1 and DD S2. Members should have at LEAST 20,000 stones and ideally 30 – 40,000 stones to start Doomsday Season 2. If your alliance has their A-game, you’ll understand why you need so much. Donate with diamonds across the alliance tech to build it up quickly.

The run for high-level tiles in the first few days is crucial as you will find spare tiles in your state and among your teammates running low. Upgrade your process buildings quickly and then virus buildings to capture high-level tiles and spec your specialty points to help you. Move from the desert to the dark green as fast as you can. You can hit level 10 tiles in the first week if you are smart and persistent, with top members hitting level 11 – 12 in the first prep week.

The Basics

  • The aim is to work collectively as a team accruing as many season points as you can through doomsday capturing high tiles over the next 45 days. TEAMWORK is CRUCIAL if you’re aiming for Top 15 and even more to reach the Top 5. There will be a lot of broken sleep, many hours spent in the game, cooperation, communication, and individual growth required. The following will help you do that.
  • You can Rally both a Wendall and Adjudicator per day. Adjudicator for the daily honor gain, stone block, and regenerative serum to heal troops taking tiles.
  • Defence positions for bases to teleport into and all battle preparations with tiling should be done 12 hours prior to the war. This allows enough time for your APCs to recover durability to 100 before battle for maximum performance on the day.
  • Do NOT rally a Wendall or adjudicator close to the battle, ESPECIALLY during battle. You are going to annoy many members because you are online, and not helping your team in combat. If you do, don’t be surprised if you are called out or at worst, kicked out for persistency.
  • The more you are active, the higher your season points will be. If you can dedicate more time you will progress faster and can easily hit the season rewards 10K limit. This is all about participation and activity.
  • Everyone should be donating spare stone (set aside to cover a pair of your HS if destroyed in battle) as this will be needed to build and rebuild all Alliance Centres.
  • Enhanced troops heal quicker than using normal troops.

Doomsday War and Battle

  • BATTLE SQUADS There are a total of three teams: Vanguard, Spartans, and Defenders. The Vanguard attack squad creates a tile path towards the enemy Alliance Centre, Spartans attack squad are the heavy-hitters focus on dealing damage to HS, clearing our enemy garrisoned troops in HS and destroying the enemy AC. Defenders are tasked with both block enemy path tiles and stopping the enemy from destroying your AC.
  • You get a total of 4 Doomsday missiles per battle which can only be triggered by an R4 member or alliance leader.
  • CLEANUP TILES After the battle, it is everyone’s job to clean up enemy tiles around your AC and restore the tile defence back by dropping tiles taken during the battle.
  • The more active players, the more advantage you have right at the beginning of battle. If players don’t turn up for battle at reset or +8 from truce, your chances from the very beginning of winning are decreased. 50 vs 5 players over 2 hours.. there is only one-way battle is going.
  • DEFENDERS should maximise the 5-minute protection status of a new tile by placing them right before the enemy does. The enemy has no choice to go sideways or wait. Time your hits as a team to create a 5-minute wall and slow enemies down.
  • Even if your AC is taken down, you can still win the battle outscoring your opponents by destroying more honor buildings.
  • If you have an HS upgrading that is being attacked by the enemy, speed it up to restore its health.
  • You should tile your AC1 in a way that pushes the enemy rally point and bases further away so they waste durability and have less time to destroy your AC. Smart tiling pushes enemies back over 200km away.
  • Before battle, you should be aware of any enemy that can declare on you or tiling their way to any of your ACs. Ensure you have members scout for potential risks and retake those tiles prior. Enemies can set an RP and tile from there, leaving you defenceless and a harder task of winning the battle.
  • ATTACKERS during battle will earn the most war declaration points, while vanguard and defenders will earn the least. Consider these throughout the season to recognise members even if the metrics and measures don’t show them.
  • R4’s and R5 should be quick to declare war on another alliance you are targeting or to avoid other states targeting you. If the alliances within +5/-5 of your rank are not ideal, declare on a random opponent using stone.


  • Maximum tile level is 16. While you can upgrade your virus immunity up to that level, you also need a very strong APC set of heroes and troops to successfully occupy the tile and not suffer significant loss of troops (guard power).
  • Empty Plots or Resource Plots of the same level (i.e Lvl 12 blank and Lvl 12 oil plot) give the same amount of season points. So placing tiles on blank plots are still worth doing for season points
  • Tiles have a 5 minute protection time after being taken, meaning no enemy can retake during that period. This is especially important for the defence squad at your Alliance centre to block, hold or slow them down.
  • Always try and take unoccupied higher level plots instead of enemy tiles as they require 2 APC Hits vs the 1 for a neutral tile unless your APC has a destructive power of over 500 for a 1 hit.
  • You can cover a 3 x 3 space with a single tile, allowing you to use fewer tiles for your Alliance Centre defence and for taking during battle or tiling for season points. The most efficient way to prevent enemy bases teleporting or Enemy RP.
  • If you have a farm, use them to place tiles around AC for defence and to block enemy paths during battle in defence or attack. It will also free up tiles from your main account to focus on capturing tiles elsewhere.
  • You should be constantly tiling and abandoning/releasing tiles regularly to maximise season points, honor gain and hero EXP.
  • If you have used all of your maximum tiles, you can ‘neutralise’ an occupied tile. Your enemy won’t occupy it or you can free it up for another member, but you are better to abandon your tile and rehit for season points.
  • After every cross-state war, you should teleport to your alliance RP before battle ends (which should be set before battle finishes away from their AC) so it is FREE to max your out of state tiles.

Honor Structures

  • The maximum level for all honor structures is Level 20
  • AC1 processing plant upgrades give more stat upgrades then buildings at AC 2,3 or 4, so aim to upgrade the first building even if it costs more material as you benefit more from them.
  • You earn more Honor EXP for Processing Plants, Assault and Guardian Fortresses than Virus Centres
  • Honor Structures (HS) at AC1 need less material but longer time, whereas structures towards AC2, AC3 or AC4 needs more material but takes less time.
  • Assault Fortresses increase your might and Guardian Fortresses for Resistance during Doomsday Battle
  • In defence, if enemies make it to your HS, have defenders garrison troops to block or slow down the time it takes for them to destroy them.
  • It’s cheapest to rebuild destroyed HS if your AC is in the desert wasteland area, and most expensive to replace HS at AC in the dark green grasslands
  • Have enough stone to place a new HS if they are destroyed during battle AND the cost of stone to repair them.
  • You can move HS from one location to another while they are being upgraded without interrupting it.
  • You can move HS over zombies, RSS plots and occupied alliance tiles.
  • Work with your defence lead as they may want certain HS in certain positions depending on your defence pattern around ACs.

Honor and Hero EXP

  • HERO TRAINING (TILE FEATURE) You earn more Hero EXP with the Advanced Hero Training Strategy on a high-level tile than a level 15 zombie i.e Level 12 or 13 (also depending on your heroes hall level), than Zombie Level 15. This is a free option in the game. You do forfeit the RSS zombie rewards, however, the RSS cost of healing troops is fewer and lets you take advantage of your regenerative serum units to heal straight away.
  • TRAINING ORDER (FREE & PAID): If you want to level up your troops fast and don’t mind spending less than $5 USD, you can buy the training order pack in the store which allows you to use the Special Hero Training option on your tiles. You get 35 training tags and for each one, all heroes in your APC will earn 4x the standard advanced hero training I spoke about above. So in my instance, for an L13 tile with L19 Heroes Hall, instead of the 61K EXP per hero, they would get a massive 200K+ EXP. That’s roughly 7M+ per hero in a full 3 hero APC compared to 2.1M through the Advanced hero training option. I recommend doing this in the final day of Doomsday (before Tally Phase starts) and exhausting all training tags then so it doesn’t interrupt and is when you have the highest level tiles available to you.
  • HONOR GAIN (SPECIALTY SKILL): Specialty points carry into the next seasons of Doomsday so preparing with that foresight is smart and makes it easier for you when the time comes. One of the few specialty skills that DOESN’T stop working in tally season is the Resource Specialty Honor Award. I do recommend using a specialty reset if you can spare to max this out one week before Tally phase as every day it awards a huge amount of honor gain where you can get an extra 1 or 2 specialty points. I suggest allocating points for Honor EXP Gain on construction upgrades and having some HS level-ups run into the DD Tally phase.

Specialty Points and Skills

  • Specialty Points used or unused and specialty resets carry into Doomsday Season 2
  • You earn Honor EXP which gives you a specialty point every time you level up through HS upgrades.
  • Depending on how many specialty points resets you have (2 for S1, 1 for every season after), and sometimes a few given due to server maintenance or issues by developers), you should aim to switch your specialty at different points of the season.
  • I found the most useful specialty trees is the Construction Master (Blue), which allows you to build up to an extra pair of assault and guardian fortresses, Processing Queues (Blue) which open up an extra four processing queues (five in total) to harvest material faster for upgrades), and Honor Gain (Green) which allows you to extra higher honor gain per territory occupation, construction build and upgrade. The Honor Award also awards a huge amount once per day depending on the level of your honor buildings.
  • If you wish to focus on upgrading your heroes to Level 50, specialty reset to Train EXP Gain (Green). The training skill you unlock is not great and I prefer the strategy training as it awards much more, but the extra Hero EXP Gain during your battles can really speed up levelling your heroes without spending real money and save time post Doomsday.
  • In the beginning, you can spec part of the Blue right for increasing virus immunity and reduce the cost of upgrades slightly and the rest blue left to unlock the additional processing queue. Over time, reset and spec as far blue left as you end up with more material than you can harvest and virus buildings are upgraded enough (unless you are reaching for level 15 to level 16 tiles.

Doomsday Tally Phase

  • The skill you finish Doomsday with is what you start with. Choose to either finish with all fortresses unlocked so you can place them down for DD S2 right at the start and save a specialty reset, or skills you can use in-between seasons like the resrouce protection skill during KE.
  • Scores are locked and finalised, thus no more battles. Doomsday S1 is effectively completed.
  • R5 has until the end of Tally Phase to distribution all season rewards
  • If you have not reached 10,000 season points, you will NOT receive the end of season reward.
  • You CANNOT take new tiles or start honor structure upgrades. All tiles will disappear in 1 or 2 days
  • You NO LONGER can train heroes using special training on your tile so do it as much before Tally phase
  • You CANNOT teleport to other states anymore
  • Speciality Points Reset carries onto Doomsday Season 2 so you don’t have to use them all
  • You CAN receive Honor EXP on upgrades started before Tally Phase
  • You CAN activate HONOR AWARD Skill for Honor EXP every day during Tally
  • You CAN process harvested materials in your processing plant for the resources

Season Rewards

  • R5 has until the end of Tally Phase to distribute all rewards to alliance members. The Leader Reward is for the R5 commander, while the Core and Main can be distributed to any other member.
  • If rewards have not been sent, all members will automatically receive main rewards (not core) so make sure the R5 sends them out as soon as possible. That mail is only active for 24 hours so if you don’t open it in time, you lose them for good!
  • Each alliance member can only receive one reward, so if there are Season main rewards leftover as some members didn’t reach the 10,000 season points requirement, members cannot receive two.
  • The RSS Box (resources) opens smaller crates of each (oil, iron, wood, food) so you can use them anytime. It does not add to your RSS depot balance.
  • Diamonds are sent to your inventory which you can add to your balance anytime.
  • If you leave the alliance before receiving your Season Reward, you forfeit it.
  • SEASON HERO TICKETS such as Legendary, Elite, and Warrior DO NOT count towards COZ Hero Development, so you can open them as soon as you receive them!

There are certainly plenty to digest here, some of which won’t make sense until you really dive into the details and spent the first week knowing what it’s all about. But if you read this before your first Doomsday season, you’ll have a great advantage knowing how to maximise your time and put you in a very strong season towards the end of the season. But as I mentioned right at the beginning, be prepared to put into a HUGE amount of hours into Doomsday Conquest to see the fruits of your rewards. Happy Doomsday and stick around for more Last Shelter articles by me.

Keep Being Awesome Team KBA!

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