Tired of Straps? GRAVEL Domestic Duffel is Your Grab and Go

Grab life by the handles

The GRAVEL team have launched their eighth Kickstarter campaign, having seen many successful deliveries including the Explorer toiletries bag, innovative Travel Blanket and Backpack 45L + 11L daypack combo. Expanding their functional range of everyday carry for travel convenience, the GRAVEL Domestic Duffel is the answer to strapless exploration, whether that’s on a road trip, or a 5-7 day getaway.

Professional creators, digital nomads and seasoned road travellers may find this type of bag appealing. The Kickstarter campaign for early access prices and first delivery runs until September 9, 2022, with shipment expected in March 2023.

The GRAVEL Domestic Duffel is a soft 40L carry, with the ability to pack more than a typical bag thanks to the flexible structure. There are four built-in handles on all four sides of the Domestic Duffel so straps can be a thing of the past ( I reach for bag handles all the time). If you do want the option to add more versatility, however, you can addon the detachable double-gated g-hook backpack straps alongside other extras (more on that below). The best part? Making the base Domestic Duffel with a la carte options means early bird Kickstarter backers can snag one for a low $99 USD, a $30 saving from the $129 MSRP when made available to the masses next year.

getaway domestic duffel

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Ease of use and convenience are the focus of the GRAVEL Domestic Duffel. The rip-away double zipper opens up the spacious internal compartment. It’s perfect if you go on road trips or want to just grab stuff from the car to your new place, all in one clean carry. Handles on all sides of the Domestic Duffel remove trivial decisions to look for handle points or fiddling with backpack straps… just literally, grab and go.

At it’s fullest, it measures (24 x 7 x 13 inches) or (61cm x 18cm x 33cm), fitting within carry on airline guidelines. The soft flexible material means it can easily depress or mould itself to squeeze in so you can rest assured any flights are a cinch with this bag.

An external wide pocket gives easy access to toiletries for airport security, while the external side zip pockets open up a bottle compartment and space for smaller valuables. It offers enough pockets without being overwhelmed with all the outside pockets, figuring out what is stored where.

tearaway opening

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The inside feels like an adventurer’s duffel carry – the topographic liner when opened is a nice touch and has a simple interior where you can get creative to your heart’s content. It’s really spacious compared to other 40L-rated bags I’ve tried so I can see this being great for professional creators lugging around tripods, drone bags, camera cubes with lenses and bodies, and several packing cubes for clothing, tech organisers, laptop case, packed shoes and more. Perhaps even a travel light and deflector?

If you’re looking for a complete GRAVEL system, they offer additional extras like cinch straps which attach to the inner sides for compression, a nifty laundry bag, backpack straps, a laptop case, and different-sized packing cubes. Zipped, I can imagine it would be impressive packing all those kinds of things together in an organised and clean fashion.

simple functional laptop case

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An a la carte or optional bundle extra with the GRAVEL Domestic Duffel is the laptop case which ticks the boxes for a functional minimalist. The laptop case has an exterior spacious pouch built to accommodate your entire workflow essentials such as a laptop charger, hard drive, mouse, notepad and more. With double zippers, they provide wide access and offer a clean profile separated from the laptop compartment which takes up to a 16″ laptop.

The laptop compartment is padded entirely on both sides, edges and corners for added drop protection. It unzips from the top and slides out easily when you don’t need a small daypack and you’re heading to maybe the library, cafe, friends’ place or a short commute to the office. The briefcase handle is light work to carry with once again: no straps. If you want the option, you can attach the same backpack strap for the Domestic Duffel to the laptop case too. This works great on its own or added tech organisation within the Domestic Duffel.

packing cubes

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GRAVEL has taken a different approach to packing cubes, using velcro fasteners and an envelope method to tailor cubes exactly to the volume you’re packing. Packing light or heavy? These packing cubes will secure exactly around them. They currently come in small and large sizes.

How long the velcro will last and if it will hold fully packed cubes, I’m not so sure, but it does make access and organisation as easy as using the Domestic Duffel.

patch life

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If you’re a patch collector or like to add personality to your bags, the GRAVEL Domestic Duffel has the option to attach patches onto the dedicated front area. There are a total of three patches available, with a Kickstarter-exclusive patch included with every Domestic Duffel (the middle one). The other two are available as an add-on, with my personal preference leaning towards the topo style on the right. These are held down using velcro and stay flush on the exterior. Is this the start of the GRAVEL patch life? I hope so! We could see more designs in the future being added or limited edition runs so fingers crossed on that one.

price and addons

As for price, GRAVEL has generally been excellent when it comes to value for money and it’s no different here. Here are the a la cart menu add-ons when you back the Domestic Duffel Kickstarter:

  • Domestic Duffel ($99 for early bird,$109 USD).
  • Packing cube set (1 x small, 1 x large) ($24 USD),
  • Cinch compression straps ($28 USD)
  • Laundry bag ($29 USD)
  • Backpack straps ($16 USD)
  • Zipper Pulls ($9 USD)
  • Velcro Patch ($USD)
  • Laptop Case ($33 USD)

They also offer the entire Domestic Duffel as a bundle for $177 USD, saving roughly $40 USD. Solid value if you ask me. If I ever get my hands on a unit before it’s delivered, I’ll be sure to update you with my hands-on experience but in the meantime, it looks like the GRAVEL team’s hard work has led them to another banger of a carry.

What are your thoughts on the GRAVEL Domestic Duffel, does it suit your style of travelling? Let me know down in the comments below.

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