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Sushimania, Anime and Weekend Gathering

It was a 3 day weekend here in the UK, as Monday is a national holiday. My best bud Kapembwa was able to come down to Reading for the majority of the weekend, where we spent a lot of time catching up, blogging and having a much-craved dinner session of Japanese Food at Sushimania! We have those long-time-away-but-catch-up-like-its-nothing thing going on, but it’s always a pleasure whenever we get to meet in between our busy schedules.

Lunchtime Catch-Up

We’ve known each other for 18 years now (18!) since primary school all the way up to this point. We spend a lot of our time being busy with our own schedules, but when we do it means we have a lot of great things to talk about when we do finally catch up.

Having arrived early afternoon in the Friday, we meet up at workplace where I saved the lunch in the cafeteria so we could still eat outside in the sun. There were 2 fire alarms that day, one of which happened as we were finishing up our lunch but hey-ho, more action for the day.

Being fish and chips Friday, we dug in to the nicely battered cod-fish with saveloy, mashed peas and chips (it was cheat day Friday okay!), generally enjoyed the weather and talking about all sorts of things that guys do. Simple dialogue but always with interest.

He made me walk up to get him ketchup as I was ready to eat up. I never showed it to his face but here I am talking about it now… (just kidding if you’re reading bro haha).

After we polished down our afternoon lunch, I took him down to the creative suite where we worked on our social marketing work, blog posts and took part in some largely excessive procrastination, but meh it’s an extended bank holiday weekend, why not! Since it’s such a comfortable creative environment, we spent the rest of that Friday and Saturday afternoon chilling in this room and tuning into Food Wars! Season 2 as soon as the latest episode was released; watching it on the humongous 80″+ screen whilst chillaxing on the sofa. Oh yeah.


Sushi Galore

I made sure we had the made to order Japanese Food for dinner before he’d leave in the morning of Sunday and man was it a treat. There aren’t many restaurants that offer Japanese food of nice quality without paying an arm or a leg here in Reading, but this worked well compared to restaurants at the Oracle riverside, with Japanese restaurants Yo! Sushi and Wagamama as alternatives. Hidden beyond Broad Street Mall towards West Reading, right next to Hexagon Theatre lies a casual eatery called Sushimania has has been my go-to place for Sushi.

It’s not atmospheric by all means, but great value, made to order all you can eat casual dinner if you have the stomachs… which we definitely do! I’ve been here a couple of times and for a reason. I’ll review the restaurant soon enough, but for now, below are the deliciously tasting sushi we ate and our bill to summarise!

The bamboo tales sushi japanese reading

The Wasabi Challenge

So I suggested for us to have a bit of fun and try the ‘wasabi challenge’ to Kapembwa, in which he hesitantly agreed to. He had a rough sense of what it is about, though the image below makes it crystal clear – applying a large amount of wasabi on a sushi and eating it in one go. It’s more about the facial expression and whether one could withstand the intense sensation you feel burning through your nose, or the inhaling of such strong smell, that it shoots right up your nostrils. Some like that feeling (me included) and others don’t (him included).

The first attempt was a little disappointing as I went too easy on him. It blended very well and the wasabi was quite weak. So lashing on a more than healthy dose (and I repeatedly said it’s good for you), we took a second attempt (naturally at my forceful suggestion to do so). I ate it whole and could feel it slowly creeping up my nose! Though if you exhale and keep the wasabi to the back of your throat whilst chewing away, you’ll nigh feel it.

I looked up and said ‘that wasn’t so bad was it?’.

Wasabi challenge the bamboo tales sushimania reading

Silence. His face froze and focused on trying to stay masculine, whilst the feminine fragrance making its way up begged to differ. One look at his crystal eyes said it all – it was breaking him. An attempted smirk that had gone-pear shaped revealed the terror it had done to his nose that he tried to stay composed and comprehend the situation.

A few moments later a second crystal balled up on the other eye. Hilarious! It finally subdued and that was the end of that. A funny expression and one that epitomised the weekend of chillaxation, laughing away like it had always been these past 18 years. A night of the anime ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’ that he got me hooked on (in the middle of writing a review on) and that was it.

received_10157296794180316-01We finished up having eaten about 80  pieces in total between us and man was it good. We had waited for this moment to ensure we saviour it and hibernate for the rest of the winter, relishing those flavours that caressed our lips on the way down our mouths…. haha! And for the price it was great value. Not the best atmosphere at Sushimania but the food is goooood.

kaberi of the iron fortress review the bamboo tales (2)

Thanks for coming man and always a treat catching up! Till next time, Keep being awesome.

You can find this guy on Instagram @kapz_s He’s doing a startup working with bloggers and influencers as well as side businesses in incubation. Great guy and interesting content if you want to follow him up.