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Xbox One Streaming on Surface Book The Bamboo Tales

How to Stream XBOX One on Windows 10

If you’ve ever wanted to play your XBOX One away from the TV, there’s an easy way to do that. You can stream the entire XBOX ONE system to your Windows 10 laptop. Pretty cool right? I’ve given it a go with my Surface Book and it works smoothly as long as you have a stable and fast internet connection.

I passionately enjoy games as much as when I was a kid (maybe even more), but like with anything in life, lifestyle and interests change over time – for me, it’s periods of sports, cycling and travelling to name a few. As I’ve taken on different interest (and life goals), it has meant my time to playing games are reduced to a few ‘touch and go’ sessions that will no doubt resonate with many of you out there. You’re just getting started. A few minutes later and you have to turn it off. It’s like a blur. (scene has been shortened and may not reflect real-life experience).

Surface Book and Xbox

Xbox-App-On-Windows-10-Devices the bamboo tales streaming

However, I’ve recently been able to really deepen my gaming experience and keep connected with what’s going on within my community, thanks to unlocking a lot of the goodness within the XBOX app on my Surface Book using Windows 10. It was there sitting on my Start menu, but I only really engaged with it recently to see how it extends my gaming experience outside of the console. The biggest +1 is the ease of messaging with friends and most of all, streaming to my Surface Book away from the screen – I want to play elsewhere around the house, or in a more comfortable seating area. Whether that be watching Netflix (Crunchyroll for me) or gaming, I’ve been really enjoying it.

Forza Horizon on the Move

Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One streaming on Surface Book The Bamboo Tales

If you haven’t tried streaming to your Windows 10 device give it a try – for me it was easy to wirelessly connect up as it’s straight in the hamburger menu; starts streaming after a couple of seconds, and then I’m ready to go with my XBOX one controller in my hand to dive in.

As my internet experience can fluctuate, the ability to change streaming quality is really accommodating and found the overall streaming experience smooth.

It’s simply my enthusiasm as a gamer, but I’m genuinely impressed with how the XBOX app has enriched my  gaming experience. Though my lifestyle has dramatically changed from the young kid I was some years ago, I’m glad to know I can still keep hold of my game time in one involving capacity or another.

XBOX App Windows 100 review the bamboo tales

[This is my own personal experience and does not represent the views of Microsoft or as an endorsement of our products. I am simply a gamer whose passionate about technology and interactive entertainment sharing my experience].