Planning my Next 10 Adventures

We’re a month into 2016 which means 11 months left for me to do my 10 adventures for this year! These are things that I’ve said I will do but actually making sure I do. Most likely on the weekends when I have some time and a bit of planning, but like with everything you can always get stuff done when you want to 🙂

More than welcome to have travel companions come along and take their own shots, enjoy the experience so if you’d like to give me a message. Otherwise I’ll be laying down my plan later on once all finalised!

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A mixture of adventure, activities and adrenaline. Enough to do on a weekend. Throughout the year, I’ll be sharing my adventures with you all and as a result tick of each one – let’s see how many I can sign off. Let’s do this!


  • Crystal Cave in Skaftafall – a preservation area in Öræfi, southeast Iceland
  • Blue Lagoon Spa, located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights), frequently between September and March

The Eden Project

Simply for the natural conversation of various flowers, great for taking some nice macro shots of different species (though I’ll need to stock up on some Hay Fever tablets).

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  • The Keukenhof Gardens which is the world’s largest flower garden
  • Canals of Amsterdam The three main canals, Herengracht, Prinsengracht, an
  • Keizersgracht form concentric belts around the city
  • Kinderdijk The largest concentration of Dutch windmills can be found near the village of Kinderdijk (“Children’s dike”).


A centre local to me in Reading for a day of Paintball action. Check out the location and game zones here – viet cong and the berlin wall look epic!

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Seoul, South Korea

  • Capital city Seoul for it’s vibrant, futuristic and cosmopolitan nightlife.
  • Busan for the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • Sajik Baseball Stadium
  • Jeju Island


Lap(s) around the famous Nurburgring in the village of Germany, Nurburg.


  • The Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall
  • Creux du Van, located at the border of the cantons of Nuenburg and Vaud
  • St. Gotthard Pass – Nostalgia on the Tremola for so great views and a cycle down the long winding pass
Read more about these places from the official website here

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Spartan Run

Windsor, Berkshire on 2nd October, 2016. Join me to over the obstacles and 24km journey! Check it out on the website here


  • Gothenburg – botanical gardens, canals and
  • Malmö city break
  • Skåne – the breath of nature with chalk0white beaches


Still deciding where I’d like to throw myself off a plane!