Saigon Saigon restaurant review

Saigon Saigon Vietnamese Review, London

Decorative Classic in Hammersmith

The next taste of food took me to Saigon Saigon Vietnamese restaurant in Hammersmith, London. It’s a 15 minute walk from Hammersmith Station or less than 5 minutes from Baron Court station, along a chain of stores. I went here with my vlogger friend for some lunchtime food before venturing to the Travel Adventure Show. We had a great authentic experience.

Upon arriving, the restaurant had a very rustic and vintage look to it – traditional wooden look that harkens back to the styling of Vietnam. It definitely added some character. It definitely looked pretty large as the Saigon Saigon spans three times as wide with tall windows to let lighting in.

Saigon Saigon restaurant review

And I could see why – the interior continued to embody the exterior design as brown, vintage and wooden tones echoed around the furnishings everywhere. A simple seating area lined up the right hand side for when it gets busy. We walked passed the booking area that had glasses stacked on the glass shelves, into the dining area of the next room.

The time was around 12.30am on a Saturday morning, with plenty of seating available for the lunchtime menu. Lots of prepared tables decorated the room, however found plenty of space to freely settle down.

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Tasty Vietnamese Lunch

We shared the starter Dui ech chien bo – frogs legs as part of the fusion cuisine between Vietnamese and French cuisine – which was generous in portion and size. They looked like from matured frogs as the legs were pretty long, bigger than I expected. This is good for those with an appetite and stomach to go with it. We shared it between the two of us and actually it was a satisfying amount to prepare us for our main lunch dishes.

The Dui ech chien bo were piping hot, freshly fried from the kitchen. They were crunchy as I bit into the leg – the fried batter outside were crispy and took awhile for me to actually taste the frog legs themselves.

The meat was tender as I broke it away from the bone, yet was slightly chewy to give it added texture. It wasn’t overly chewy like rubber but enough to make you appreciate and grind down the meat more to unlock the flavour.

While the meat tasted delicious, it’s a shame that the seasoning on top of the fried layer really overpowered the taste. I would like to see it toned down quite a few notches down to allow the muscle meat flavour to rise up. It still tasted delicious overall and I would definitely order again with toned down seasoning to appreciate the starter more.

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Feeling Authentically Viet

saigon saigon vietnamese restaurant

As for my mains, well it ended up being different to what I thought I had ordered (mistake in my part rightly called out by my eagle-eyed friend), however I’m glad I ended up with what was in front of me – I ordered stir fried spicy seafood with flat vermicelli noodles and vegetables.

Presented nicely in white porcelain plates, I went on to use the wooden chopsticks from my starters and gave it a first taste. It was very delicious. I loved the spicy edge of the sauce that the seafood and vermicelli noodles mixed together with.

There were various sizes of flat noodles mixed in, which added an explorative side to the Vietnamese dish. Garnished with prawns, shrimp and herbs, I thoroughly enjoyed eating it. Full of flavour and a satisfying portion that filled up my stomach for the rest of the afternoon.

Saigon Saigon Vietnamese

Taking a step back from the food, the presentation inside was very nice – staying consistent to the traditional furnishings with a subtle mood lighting to make everyone feel welcome and settled. There is a further archway that leads to the remaining rooms with more seating, so you’ll find a table with little wait in busy periods.

Some may find the lighting a little dark during the day, as the natural light doesn’t extend all the way in. However, I find it to be adequate and it adds to the experience.

My friend One Sweet Wander went for the Vietnamese classic Pho, the seafood option as the noodles and vegetables soaked up the flavours from the soup-based dish. She loved the authentic taste of the dish as the ingredients blended together well with no overpowering sharpness or edge to it. Just a subtle warm, smooth flavour.

Saigon Saigon restaurant review table

Saigon Saigon Vietnamese restaurant held the traditions of the far eastern country, keeping the authentic taste in tact. The dishes represent great value for lunch or dinner, as the portions are filling and the dishes very tasty all round. For a combined £32.46 (I still remember the exact figure), it was very good value.

You can also choose from the limited-lunch menu selection and have a 2 course lunch for £10.50 per head which is even better. A shame I only found out about it afterwards, but means it adds further reason why you should eat here.

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Saigon Saigon Supreme

Saigon Saigon restaurant review with one sweet wander

If you’re looking for an authentic Vietnamese restaurant and are within the vicinity of Hammersmith, Saigon Saigon should be on your list. The well-furnished and traditionally styled restaurant adds a nice Far Eastern vibe to the dining experience, while the food captures the authentic essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

What I really liked about this place is it captures the traditional decoration of the past-time, but keeps the rest of the dining experience simple. That extends to the simple white square plates that add a modern feel, wine glasses and wooden chopsticks laid over a Saigon branded napkin. The little touches of Saigon Saigon personalisation are what makes this place distinctive and a place that I can recall my experience from.

The dishes came out very delicious overall, offer great value for the quality and size to fill your stomach over lunch or dinner. It caters to a casual lunchtime or slightly better dining option for the evening, though may be a stretch if you’re outside of the area due to its  out of catchment location. Saigon Saigon Vietnamese restaurant left a very satisfied aftertaste for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I would happily visit Saigon Saigon again to try out the rest of the dishes, if ever I am in the area again.

Saigon Saigon Hammersmith
Saigon Saigon Vietnamese restaurant left a very satisfied aftertaste for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I would happily visit Saigon Saigon again to try out the rest of the dishes, if ever I am in the area again.
Welcoming and friendly service
Delicious and authentic Vietnamese food
Great value portions and price for the food
Atmospheric environment
Seasoning overpowered the Dui ech chien bo (Frogs legs)
Caters to those in the Hammersmith area