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Python Performance Shirt Review

Python Performance enters the dominant sportswear industry with a big statement of arrival, first with the OUTPERFORM crew shirt. It excels in activating muscle groups whilst staying breathable, maximising range of motion and wicking away sweat to stay. A nicely blended shirt that fits the part, with signs of being a new start-up player to the game in aesthetic longevity.

Python Performance Design

At first glance, it’s a striking and bold design that looks great. The mix of woven patterns across the chest, sides and back add to the look, but are also functional in supporting the core sweat areas to wick away from your body.

The different shades of grey also look great, highlighted by the lighter and shiny shades of lettering that decorates the back, bottom corner and inside. The Python logo is strikingly bold as the centre piece of the chest area. Not screaming out big, but making its presence known.


You not only see the quality of Pythons new performance shirt, but also feel it – the blend of Nylon (58%), Polyester (34%) and Spandex (8%) combines to deliver a moisture-wicking, light-absorbent, elastic and compressive shirt that molds well to your body. The shirt is comfortable to wear thanks to the Nylon. As I put it on for the first time, I was surprised at how light and comfortable it felt considering it was thicker than I expected.

The garments are machine washable up to 40 degrees and showed no signs of pilling over 3 cycles or fade which is positive. Whilst this is focused on the Python Performance shirt for men, there is also a ladies wear version which is a Pink loose Vest.

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Python Performance in Motion

Just shy of 6″0, I decided on the ‘Large’ size. It was the right fit for me, considering the compressive nature of the shirt. The length was longer than I am normally subjected to, extending mid-way down my thigh when at full length. However, it was never an issue and I appreciated the extra length of coverage doing exercises that would normally see my other clothes ride up my back.


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Putting it to the test, I took on a wide range of core, chest and arm motions in my HIIT sessions. It never chafed or felt abrasive to my skin and continued to be light and comfortable with balanced body compression. I really enjoyed the range of motion I could do, not feeling restricted or bounded thanks to the elasticity of the garment. I’ve tried compression garments that were really hard to breathe in, yet it was very breathable with the compression not overbearing.

Python Performance shirt is a striking and smart designed sports garment that is every bit a performer

When wearing it, I noticed several onlookers interested in the performance shirt – it is visually pleasing, striking and different. It doesn’t scream typical sportswear, but is rather discreet but bold at the same time.

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Stay Hungry, Stay Dry

It has very good moisture-wicking ability that dispels water away from your water. At the end of each of my 3 sessions, my body stayed dry, performing well. The mix of Nylon and Polyester meant that it kept my body dry and would be less likely to feel any damp spots at any point. I did notice after a heavier sweat session that the garment was absorbent in sweat at the surface, meaning it would take longer to dry as a result of the Nylon, but still peforms far better than say cotton.


The garment still felt light, but it is better to note for those who are sweat-prone or have intense sessions. More importantly, it doesn’t detract from the fact my body stayed dry throughout the time. I really enjoyed wearing this shirt and it became my wear of choice in the short period. The quality, feel and performance aspect are very respectable.

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Performance made to (almost) last

Visually, I like the various motivators – ‘OUTPERFORM’ down the spine of the rear, whilst ‘STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH’ is placed on the inner back panel near the neck lining. Not forgetting Python as a new start-up, it is impressive with the level of detail. And as mostly likely one of the early production garments, they will refine their line of performance wear to establish their own presence.

While the garment itself feels durable, the lettering and logo are much more questionable. Just within the 3 days of use, I noticed the bottom rear letters ‘C’ and ‘E’ in Performance come off. It feels more iron pressed which speaks for the rest of the letters and logo that begs me to think they won’t last long either. This, after handling it with care. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have the same quality as the garment because they help make the shirt a ‘Python’ shirt.


UPDATE On my 4th machine wash at 40 degrees and 800 spin, the Backer limited edition and number has completely peeled off as also the inner back panel and the rear logo dangling away from the shirt. I have updated the score to reflect this.

I’m sure before they fully launch in the market this will be refined with either a better technique or strengthened pressing of sort to improve it. As for now, it’s something that I cannot ignore and wouldn’t feel as good if say ‘PER’ fell off from ‘OUTPERFORM’.


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Building a Presence


Overall, the Python Performance shirt is a striking and smartly-designed sports garment that is every bit a performer. The breathable, moisture-wicking and non-restrictive shirt that provides a satisfying level of compression makes this worth considering for any athlete, casual or elite.

It wears well on its own or on top of a baselayer that feels durable and non-pilling with reinforced stitching. The absorbent nature of the shirt is a relatively minor nit-pick but worth mentioning. However, the falling lettering only after a couple of days is concerning.

This is Python Performance first sports wear fresh out of production and is a very promising start for the future. Their incoming line of game-changing baselayers that combine compression with in-built kinesiology tape so often used by sporting elites, athletes and injury-prone is a first.

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These are designed with not just performance in mind, but recovery and support. For the athletes, enthusiasts or hobbyist, you'll find fantastic support for your well-being and movement with a design that's distinctive.
Python Performance Shirt
A nicely blended shirt that fits the part, with signs of being a new start-up player to the game in aesthetic longevity.
Great comfort, range of motion and breathability
smart and distinctive design
Balanced compression for muscle activation
Serious Durability issues of Logo and Letter stamping
Garment slightly absorbent making it longer to dry
Longer Garment length may not be to others taste