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Premium Carry on Luggage for Worldly Jetsetters

Premium Getaway Suitcases

A carry on luggage is the backbone of travelling, dealt with the responsibility to hold our most valuable essentials safe and smoothly. Everyone has their preference as to what kind of carry on luggage they prefer – a backpack, holdall, tote, cabin hard or soft shell. Cabin luggages are a general favourite among travellers, with wheels to glide them along the terminal floors, their generous size to pack everything without putting stress on your back or arms.

They’ve come a long way, with some innovate, distinctive and quality suitcases seen over time to cater to modern-day worldly jetsetters. I’ve picked a range of carry on luggage hardshells that offer premium, well-considered, functional and ease of use experiences to make your future trips that much more catered. Let’s check out the collection below. I’ll be updating these over time with new additions so be sure to check back from time to time.

Porsche Design Roadster SC

Brand Porsche Design | Origin Ludwigsburg, Germany | Featured Roadster SC | Buy it Now

The exterior shell takes inspiration from Porsche’s racing heritage, the Roadster Light Trolley SC built with volume and lightness in mind. The telescopic 3-stop handle and four-wheels are engineered for ergonomic comfort, durability and reliability across the thousands of miles you find yourself exploring. With a tear resistant inner polyester lining, side TSA lock, top and side carry handle for ease of use, this 40L premium carry on luggage weighs a light 3.15kg to save the rest for what really matters. Porsche Design’s sleek Roadster Trolley looks as gorgeous as it performs and comes in chalk, graphite blue and anthracite.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0


Brand Victorinox | Origin Ibach, Switzerland | Featured Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access | Buy it Now

Reknowned for their Swiss Army Knives heritage that laid the grounds for Swiss excellence in quality and standards, Victorinox have a growing line of quality luggage and travel gear. The Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Global continues to deliver a carry on luggage built from robust, durable materials to withstand even the most well-travelled individual or professional, while keeping a svelte aesthetic. For me, it shines with it’s quick access front that stays flush with the rest of the exterior, opening up a suite of tech pockets and compartments.

It adapts to your gear, much like how I change my gear for different trips. If you need to carry more outfits, you can switch out the laptop panel for a mesh pocket, filling up the main cavity as you need. But for the needs of today where technology has a core part of our lives, the front space places importance to that notion, holding a tablet, large laptop, suite of chargers, accessories and earphones in easy reach. The deeper space lets you pack bulkier items alongside your clothes and shoes without worry of compressing or scratching thanks to the soft-padding. A juggernaut in design and functionality, the Spectra 2.0 ticks all the essentials of today.

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Horizn Studios M5

Brand Horizn Studios | Origin Berlin, Germany | Featured M5 Cabin Luggage | Buy it Now

One of the most exciting luggage brands to rise in the last few years, they build quality, stylish and functional luggages worth their value. The M5 carry-on is a highlight that includes a dedicated front laptop compartment for easy access during security checks at the airport and regular on-the-road necessities. It comes in 8 stylish colours, robust internal compartment arrangement, removable smart charger that hides flushed into the design. Using high-grade japanese double spinner wheels and aro-grade polycarbonate shell, be assured it’s every bit as durable as aesthetically pleasing the M5 is.

The front compartment is a favourite of mine, considering the amount of tech I use and the need to separate it from the rest. It fans out for easy visibility and rich pockets for all the little accessories. And their special edition colourways are pretty awesome. This is one for the contemporary fashionistas with a splash of tech.

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Horizn Studios

Away The Carry On

Image credit: Conde Nast Traveler

Brand Away | Origin New York, USA | Featured The Carry On | Buy it Now

The Carry on like the rest of their luggage and everyday carry range shines in simplicity. Available in 11 colours to matching your taste, it’s the little details that make this a well-thought out hardside carry on luggage. TSA locks are found on the top, leaving the body and sides with a clean exterior. Hinamoto Japanese spinner wheels offer quiet, smooth walks to your next destination, while the telescopic handles feel robust and comfortable in the hand.

A removable battery found underneath the handles offer charge at the cafe or at your departure gate seat so you’re not by the wall outlets. Inside is a laundry bag to keep your garments clean, with a mesh dividers to keep each side contained. Fill up the luggage to your heart’s content and compress it down with in-built double straps for extra efficiency. Away carry on luggages are deceptively built from the ground-up.

Chester Minima


Brand Chester | Origin USA | Featured Minima | Buy it Now

The Chester Minima is exactly that – a minimal, compact carry on luggage made for those short breaks or keeping your airplane journeys as easy as possible, the 38L offers a healthy amount of pockets and compartments that hideaway your contents from open sight. Expect silent spinner wheels, a durable outer shell with a subtle statement of design. It comes in 7 glorious colours from the vibrant to the stealthy, to suit any fashionable, functional or professional.

Victorinox Lexicon Frequent Flyer

Brand Victorinox | Origin Ibach, Switzerland | Featured Frequent Flyer | Buy it Now

The Lexicon is another striking carry on luggage from Victorinox, the sleek virgin polycarbonate exterior looks the part in titanium or black. It maximises luggage space without the need for an expansion system thanks to the design with recessed wheels and handles. The 34L keeps a compact profile.

It has a built-in USB port to connect your portable charger to charge on the go and multiple pockets for your small accessories. The other side as a full zipper that is super strong and durable, even under the fullest gear loads. And where you normally lose out on space in the main body where the handles dock, a mesh and enclosed area lets you make the most of space in an organised manner. A classy exterior with clever use of space lets you travel uncompromised.

Victorinox UK

Roam The Jaunt


Brand Roam| Origin USA | Featured The Jaunt | Buy it Now

Disrupting the luggage landscape, Roam offer a refreshing experience to buying your carry on or check-in luggage. The Jaunt alongside the Jaunt XL and Globetrotter have a distinct, contemporary style. It features solid ball-bearing wheels on all corners, water-repellent zippers, compression straps, laundry bag, 4 telescopic adjustable levels for the handle, topped with a comfortable soft finish.

The most exciting part is that it offers a deep level of personalisation – choose from up to 11 different colours across 9 elements of The Jaunt including the: front shell, back shell, wheel hubcaps, stitching, handle, zip pull, monogram, zipper binder and zipper. Truly create the kind of luggage that you don’t find in the market while still maintaining the premium quality, materials and finish.

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