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For 2023, I’m adventuring back to South East Asia and beyond with no expected timeline when I’ll be back in the UK. My travel bag setup is constantly evolving, whatnot with camera upgrades, lenses and travel essentials. It’s time to make that all-important decision again on what kind of bag setup I want to use. After heavily researching the options out there and my style of travel, I find myself coming back to Peak Design choosing the Everyday Zip 20L. Their side access design is like no other for lugging a camera around and shooting with minimal shooting friction from bag to capture.

The decision wasn’t easy, as there are excellent bags out there and people’s gear load and kind of use differ from each other. But there are a couple of points that rank the Everyday Backpack Zip 20L above other choices for me, and why I prefer the Everyday Zip over the Peak Design Everyday Backpack series I’ve had plenty of experience travelling with using the first generation. Now that the Everyday Zip 20L is in my hands, most of my prior intuition was spot on, and some things to come to terms with when I decided the Everyday Zip would be my personal item and backpack of choice.

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Peak Design Zip 15L vs 20L

Midnight Blue looks amazing in person Buy Peak Design

For my long travels, I carry two camera bodies, 3 lenses and a couple of accessories among my travel clothing and gear. In terms of size, 20L strikes the right balance between capacity, dimensions and flexibility, offering extra breathing room. The 20L blends in as a great daypack when you land while being compact enough as a personal item that can pass through without attracting much attention, bulk-wise.

Both sizes sit underneath plane seats easily with room for my feet. Times when I need to pack some travel clothing and amenities for short trips carrying just my backpack, the 20L is more adept at doing that than the 15L.

Zip vs Everyday Backpack

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The biggest dilemma I faced was choosing between either the Zip or Everyday Backpack range and when it boiled down to the fundamentals, the Zip felt like the right choice to me. Since I’m travelling with expensive equipment, I need more peace of mind for security and having a fully zipped bag was too much of an advantage to ignore.

The Maglatch of the Everyday Backpack is fast and convenient, but the sides of the top lid can be reached whether expanded or not. It leaves the top FlexFold divider shelf inside quite vulnerable no matter how careful I am, so travel-wise, the Zip won me over.

There is some unique quality-of-life improvements in the Everyday like extra external straps pockets and magnetic shoulder straps, but that results in extra weight I can do without. The Zip with a similar design concept weighs 500 grams lighter, making all-day use a little easier and more allowance when flying.

Value for Money

Side access was a sorely missed feature in other bags for quick camera use Buy Peak Design

The Zip is cheaper than the Everyday Backpack too. While It didn’t matter too much to me, it does represent better value for money and extra change to put towards other things without feeling like you’re compromising much, if at all.

In fact, I feel the Everyday Zip strips many of the nice to have, but not essential features of the heavier Everyday Backpack, making it more attractive as a travel and minimal daypack. The Zip is definitely priced in the premium range of backpacks, but I’ve always been impressed by the build quality and feel the premium quality in my hands to justify the price.


Peak Design’s ecosystem of travel, camera and camera accessories means they play nicely with each other and have a sense of familiarity and consistency when using them. If you own one of any Peak Design gear like the tech pouch, wash pouch, or packing cube, then your mind will be a little more at ease knowing them can come together smoothly. Other items like the Capture Clip can be used on most bags, but seeing it all come together feels slick and refined while out travelling.

Built to handle rough adventures

Weatherproof, rugged and durable for peace of mind protection Buy Peak Design

Besides some well-documented wear and tear areas of the bags (mostly around the waist and shoulder straps), functionally these are some of the best all-weather condition travel bags you can find. Since their designs were previously built to hold cameras and high-end tech gear, the external shell, dividers and padding provide greater protection. It wasn’t just about being able to fit my camera gear, but also providing adequate protection and you get that with Peak Design, including the Everyday Zip.

Less tech design, more minimal travel conscious

Unusual but very bright access when fully unzipped if you need Buy Peak Design

The Zip has an understated, minimal look which attracts less attention than the tech aesthetic of the Everyday Backpack. There are fewer straps and external design quips going on which suits my subtle, minimal preference. It’s also more compact and smaller than the Everyday Backpack which features a wider top lid. The Zip feels more agile and less intrusive against crowds and busy streets.

Side access done right

External straps to carry extras when you need to load more Buy Peak Design

Peak Design make the best side access bags, there’s no detail overlooked to ensure the process and flow is seamless. The new zip track and puller are smooth, quiet and more satisfying than ever, feeling refined and polished, which is unsurprising since they have how many backpack iterations in their range now. The Everyday Zip takes a little adjustment as the one zip track spans the entirety of the bag, but some playing around and you figure out the way you like to handle it.

Pockets have been updated with the laptop zipper running a little further for greater access opening. Additional pouches inside the catch-call compartment are a nice touch too while the laptop sizer which adjusts the bottom makes taking out laptops of all sizes easier, even if the overall compartment is still tight when packed.

Lifetime Warranty

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My Everyday Sling 10L zipper came off the zip track after 3 years which made the sling redundant and out of action. But after having a positive experience dealing with Peak Design’s Lifetime Warranty who shipped and sent a replacement Sling 10L with no hassle in a smooth, quick process, I have extra peace of mind knowing the backpack is in good hands.

They have an authentication process with each bag they produce, making it easy to register and go through the lifetime warranty proceedure if any defects arise that affect the functionality of any Peak Design bag. Some brands have a limited or less than smooth process in claiming that back but I can 100% feel assured Peak Design stand by their words.

My Choice to Travel With

Minimal, travel-centric and super functional for creators and travellers Buy Peak Design

The Peak Design Everyday Zip may not be for everyone, and that’s down to visualising what you look for in a bag and the way you plan to travel with it. Understanding what you want to carry and how the FlexFold dividers work helps know if it’s right for you. I for one love side access bags which have made hikes and shooting trips taking my heavy equipment enjoyable to carry.

The fully zipped design and lighter footprint edged this over the Everyday Backpack, but I appreciate the more stripped-down, essential approach that removes the extra weight burdens of the older sibling.

As my personal item when flying and sure to be my main companion on day trip outings to shoot, the Zip will see plenty of travel mileage and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and follow-up review once I’ve put it into more action. Happy travelling!

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