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NOMAD PowerPack with Tile Review

Heavy-Duty Portable Battery

Designed for adventures, the NOMAD PowerPack is a rugged power companion that’s a must for travellers who breath the great outdoors. The world’s first portable battery to have Tile tracking built-in, excellent charging performance and a 9,000 Mah battery inside make this an essential to power a modern-day lifestyle. It foregoes a slimmer body and industrial design for a tough, durable body that is practical and functional.

Release Date
Measures (cm)
13.5 x 7.5 x 2.5
9,000Mah (27W)
Exterior Material
Polycarbonate frame & TPU rubber
USB C 5V/3.0A
Output 1 (USB A)
5V / 2.4A
Output (USB C)
5V / 3A - 12V / 2A
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Breaking Down the NOMAD PowerPack

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Compared to your typical powerpack, the NOMAD PowerPack is similar size to a portable hard drive. At 13.5 cm long, 7.5cm wide and 2.5cm deep, it’s weightier and thicker than powerpacks on the market. It’s unreserved build is because NOMAD wanted to create something that’s reliable, durable, resilient and uncompromised in performance. In the hand it feels robust, a military-grade polycarbonate frame that is rugged and well-founded, and TPU rubber that is grippy with from the textured patterns. Even though it’s texture it’s smooth which gives a premium, satisfying feel to it.

The military-grade exterior will survive many drops at 1.2m and possibly more, a feat other battery packs that are attractive but fragile, can’t. You’d most likely use those for the office or cafe, but the NOMAD PowerPack is designed for adventures – one meant for the great outdoors. The shell can withstand the rocks, grasslands, mountains and deserts with ease. I’ve been happy pairing it with my Sony A7 III camera for juice in the forest and mountains without a protective case because that’s what it was built for.

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Beefy Power Performance

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This is an expensive battery pack indeed ($119), but it doesn’t hide behind aesthetics and design – it’s fully packaged that’s built to last and to deliver great charging performance. The NOMAD PowerPack has a 9,000Mah battery inside and is modern-proof, adopting two USB-C ports (input and output) and a USB-A port. An LED indicator sits beneath the logo with a button to check battery levels. The tile button sits just on the right with a tiny speaker.

A total of two devices can be charged at the same time, but it’s not just the use of USB-C ports it has going for it. These offer beefy charging rates to power your devices as fast as they can support, for both USB-C and USB-A. The latter supports a fast 2.4A of charge which you can use for microUSB and Apple lightning devices. USB-C delivers a faster 3A of power to fast charge smartphones that support it. It comes with a USB C cable to take advantage, or you can pair it with the NOMAD USB C 100W that’s just as rugged and supports the highest wattage suitable for charging laptops, not something you can do with this, but futureproof for sure.

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Refreshing Power Companion for Travel

Despite its size and weight, the NOMAD PowerPack is still very much pocketable. The rounded edges, curved sides and soft-touch sleek exterior is a refreshing change to the industrial slab of aluminium you see nowadays. It’s premium and contemporary in its own way that doesn’t feel out of place. The usual cold surface is absent, instead a warm and comfortable hold no matter the weather.

While the bottom is an undisturbed reflective polycarbonate, the top holds all the ports. It’s easy to check the battery level from the three ambient-IQ LED lights. While a subtle detail, it dims the LEDs in the dark and brightens them under harsh light. The ability to charge two devices with fast charging rates is especially useful as I use it to charge my Sony A7 III camera, Galaxy S8+, tablet and set of wireless earphones. 9,000 can charge all of those devices once, or I can get 2.5 charges for my phone (3500Mah). It’s not as pocketable in your clothes, but you can throw it into any bag and it won’t get damaged. That rugged exterior makes it a tough shell to crack.

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Keep it Tracked with Tile

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It’s rare or nearly non-existent to see a powerpack with any kind of built-in GPS tracker, but here we are with the NOMAD PowerPack. When you add Tile squares to other household essentials like your house or car keys or wallet, you’d think why it wasn’t done sooner.

It plays nicely within the Tile ecosystem, just install the Android or iOS app on your phone (or tablet) and tap on NOMAD, one of few official partners for Tile. Press the dedicated Tile button on the NOMAD PowerPack, let it sync and you’re good to go. It works reliable and as you’d hope – it picks up the location it was last connected via bluetooth and maps it very close to the exact location I was. If it’s somewhere around the house or car, you can trigger the built-in ringer of the NOMAD PowerPack to make a fairly loud noise. Pretty neat, right? And handily, you can reverse it to find your phone at a double-tap of the Tile button. Execution is superb and is priceless anytime you’re out.

Over time you’ll build a history of locations and works great to track via map where it is you last had it if you lost it for example. You’ll also be a part of the Tile community, a powerful feature that is both secure and private. If another Tile user passes nearby your NOMAD PowerPack, it will automatically update the location anonymously, only for you to see. So if you happen to lose it, with the help of the Tile community in the background, you can be reunited with it. No other service offers that and gives a backdoor insurance if you happen to misplace it.

It’s not something I’ve personally experienced – losing my powerpack – but if you’re travelling far-away and carrying lots of equipment that’s a mental maze to remember, this is where the Tile feature of the NOMAD PowerPack really shines.

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Powered for Adventures

The NOMAD PowerPack is really the full package – it has an everyday battery that delivers great charging performance, a durable, rugged yet premium design with the world’s first built-in Tile tracking. It may not be the most compact or lightest, but it serves as a remarkable power companion you can trust to keep all your demanding devices running throughout the day .

A portable battery which is where it counts most, the NOMAD PowerPack is an excellent must that makes the upfront expensive price tag worth the overachieving lifetime value you’ll get from it, whatever adventure around the world you find yourself in.

NOMAD Collection

A portable battery which is where it counts most, the NOMAD PowerPack is an excellent must that makes the upfront expensive price tag worth the overachieving lifetime value you'll get from it, whatever adventure around the world you find yourself in.
If you're searching for a beautifully crafted, versatile and solid wireless charger, the NOMAD Base Station Hub Edition well-worth the premium pricetag. It oozes quality hardware, a range of wireless and wired ports unmatched by alternatives in the market that can easily replace all things power for your worktop or room.
NOMAD PowerPack with Tile
A portable battery which is where it counts most, the NOMAD PowerPack is an excellent must that makes the upfront expensive price tag worth the overachieving lifetime value you'll get from it, whatever adventure around the world you find yourself in.
Superb charging performance
Tile tracking is reliable
Durable construction for the outdoors
Quality design and build
Charge detection seems inconsisten
Thick and Quite heavy
Premium price tag