MJ Resort Jeju Island Review

unique retreat east coast of jeju island

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A beautiful healing spot on the east coast of Jeju Island in South Korea, MJ Resort is a boutique hidden hotspot for a getaway and relaxation. The contemporary accommodation is space-conscious focused on enjoying the ocean view from the window, complete with an excellent garden and private huts to soak up the sun.

While local restaurants may be few and I recommend renting a car to reach MJ Resort, the onsite hospitality provides full breakfast options to start your day trip bright. I absolutely loved my time at MJ Resort, a perfect healing location to enjoy Jeju island.

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mj resort studio room

A comfy wide kingsize bed facing the balcony doors and ocean.

Upon arriving at MJ Resort, there’s a front desk reception to check in and collect room keys. The resort is contained within the area, with a few of these contemporary style buildings dotted throughout, facing the ocean. There are onsite parking spaces on arrival and several spaces to park next to the property further down, with my room just a few seconds away from where we parked.

The property is split into two rooms, one on the higher floor to give a vantage view, and the ground floor with a private balcony spot. The ground floor room is larger, however, I prefer the room one floor higher to appreciate the garden area. The standard studio room is space-conscious, with a wardrobe, bathroom and shower room occupying minimal but very usable space in the corner, while a side unit and table with drop lights and suede sofa offer a spot to eat food or work on your laptop.

My reason for choosing this room however is the window view and the bed facing it so you can enjoy the ocean water and sunset lying in bed. The bed felt like a kingsize bed with a soft mattress to soak into after a long day of exploring. I wanted a room that allows you to appreciate the Jeju atmosphere and outdoors and felt MJ Resort’s room offered a unique experience.

limited storage but space done right

the space-conscious and minimal setup makes the most of the space in the studio room

There is no kitchen area or dishes so it isn’t the best for self-serving, but I had no problem as I tend to eat at local restaurants, besides the few nibbles and snacks when staying inside. The drop lights are a nice feature and I did find some USB cables provided to charge your gear, although the outlets can be found near the TV and on the side with no side table, so I had to put my camera or phone on the floor to charge.

The studio room still comes with a basic kettle and a few hot beverage sachets to brew for the morning or later in the evening. The shower worked very well, temperature regulated and a separate shower cubicle from the bidet toilet. The cubicles don’t have fully frosted panel doors, although the panel between the shower and toilet thankfully are.

There’s a luggage area right next to the door with some storage inside and a few smaller cube wardrobe space as you arrive. A few more storage can be found on the other side where the big mirror and sink are, but other than that you’ll most likely have the luggage laying against the wall. For short or overnight trips, this is absolutely fine although if you’re coming with several luggages, just be prepared they’ll eat into the space.

Overall, knowing the studio room focuses on the bed facing the balcony window, everything else was more than sufficient for my stay. The best part about MJ Resort in Jeju however is the beautiful communal garden open to guests.

blissful communal garden

A step way from a trail that runs along the coast and a perfect spot to watch sunset

The communal garden is perfectly facing where the sunsets during the summer so if you come around this time, I highly recommend chilling here or inside my favourite private huts (anyone can use them if they’re free), facing the ocean. Fleece blankets are provided inside and create a nice spot to unwind, perfect for couples. Bring a few snacks and beverages while laying down watching the sunset beyond the ocean.

Besides that, the garden is fairly and is a step away from a path that spans the coast down to the pier, with the iconic Jeju rocks feeding into the ocean. The back garden literally invites you to walk along the coast. Sehwa Beach is 1 mile away to get closer to the waters but the communal garden at MJ Resort is probably the next best thing otherwise.

Garden lights turn on as daylight fades away, lighting up the garden ambiently so you can still enjoy being outside. MJ Resort gets this right as nature, ocean waves and atmosphere are what make the atmosphere during my stay. There’s even a piano anyone can play so you’re lucky if someone plays a tune for even more relaxed vibes. It’s peaceful and quiet in this part of Jeju, away from the busier sites, roads and towns, making this a perfect staycation after an exhausting trip to reward yourself with some downtime.

buffet breakfast

breakfast buffet fit for the boutique size of MJ Resort. Light and filling to start the day

Staying overnight, there’s a modern-looking cafe on the ground which serves a buffet breakfast in the morning and offers plenty of comfortable sofas, chairs and seats as a cafe throughout the day. For a boutique resort, food options were fairly limited but satisfactory nonetheless, as you can see I have a boiled egg, toast, tomato, egg, rice, vegetables and Korean-style dumplings. Juices, coffee and tea are offered while some continental breakfast is available too. I recommend sitting on the upper floor or at least checking it out as the ocean view is nice and the range of sofas to chill out is pretty good too.

I enjoyed the food and had my fill for the day ahead since it was buffet-style. The range of fruit offered was appetising too. There are a few cafes a short drive away but for convenience, price and quality, I find breakfast offered at MJ Resort worth the consideration.

mj resort final verdict

MJ Resort Jeju Island Review

on a perfect day like this, napping inside these huts is the way to go.

I had an absolutely beautiful time at MJ Resort Jeju that any time I’m on the east coast or find myself in Jeju, I’d love to come back here. Jeju has many natural attractions and landmarks but always makes an amazing location to relax, unwind and do nothing. MJ Resort’s communal garden is right by the ocean, perfect to watch the sunset and enjoy the night. I prefer the studio room for its bed facing the view and that extra height to see further into the ocean straight from your room, especially if you snag the property as close to the edge of the garden.

The large ground floor room is far better suited for families and bigger groups, but for solo, pairs and couples, the studio room is a great room experience. I cannot fault the boutique resort as it’s very unique to everything else offered in Jeju, from smooth check-in to check-out, light, filling breakfast menu and enough nearby local eateries. So if you want to round up your trip to Jeju with something to remember where you can fully relax to the beauty of the island in South Korea, MJ Resort gets my thumbs up.

A perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Jeju beauty in a quiet, peaceful part of the island. The boutique offers a memorable experience without breaking the budget. The rooms highlight the ocean view, the communal garden right is perfect for the summer sunset and a step away from the ocean on the east coast places MJ Resort as a no brainer relaxing stop on your trip.
beautiful communal garden experience
unique ocean viewpoint room layout
filling light-food breakfast buffet
peaceful, quiet location for healing
few comfortable seating options in studio room
limited storage area