Learn Korean 한국어: Food (음식)

In this series we are going to be learning about the different types of foods in Korean Hangeul. Below you will find a list of vegetables, meat and fruit, as well as traditional Korean foods that you will find in restaurants and locally in South Korea.

The best way to learn each word is to keep reading,speaking when learning the words below and testing yourself. Once you are comfortable with them place your hand over the words, write out the Hangeul in the right column and pronounce each word as you write them to help you remember.

TIP Break down the list into small groups to make it easier to manage and give yourself time to take it in! Once you are happy with your progress, you can try testing yourself using the full list.

TIP 2 I purposely didn’t include the pronunciation as this is to test also your ability to read the Hangul itself so it’s always helping you practise 🙂 Be sure to visit earlier in the series to Learn the Korean Alphabet Hangul

I’ll be updating this with new words and exercises over time so be sure to check back!

아침 Breakfast

점심 Lunch

저녁 Dinner

간식 Snack

후식 Dessert

Vegetable (야채)

Learn Korean Vegetables the bamboo tales

오이 Cucumber

마늘 Garlic

호박 Pumpkin

피망 Pepper

고추Chilli pepper

감자 potatoes


가지 Eggplant


당근 Carrots

콩 Beans

콩나물 Bean sprouts

배추 Cabbage


양파 Onion

대파 Spring onion

밤 Chestnut

버섯 Mushroom

아스파라거스 Asparagus

Fruit (과일)

Learn Korean strawberry The Bamboo Tales

딸기 Strawberry

키위 Kiwi

수박 Watermelon

잠 외 Korean watermelon

배 Pear

복숭아 Peach

사과 Apple

귤 Mandarin  blueberry raspberry

포도 Grapes

바나나 Banana

자두 Plum

파인애플 Pineapple

토마토 Tomato

아보카도 Avocado

살구 Apricot

Meat (고기) & Protein (단백질)

dak-bulgogi learn korean the bamboo tales

계란 Egg

생선 Fish

돼지고기 Pork

닭고기 Chicken

쇠고기 Beef

햄 Ham

빵 Bread

불고기 Marinated beef or pork grilled at table


칠면조 Turkey

조개 Sea Shell

꼬리곰탕 Oxtail

홍합 Mussels

굴 Oyster

낙지 Octopus

대하 Prawn

오리 Duck

양고기 Lamb Mutton

연어 Salmon

가리비 Scallop

새우 Shrimp

뱀장어 Eel

한국인 음식 (Korean Food)

Bibimbap learn korean the bamboo tales

떡볶기 Rice cake in red pepper paste

깍두기 Picked cubed radish

갈비 구이 Grilled Ribs

김 Seaweed

김치 Kimchi fermented radish / cabbage / cucumber

김밥 Kimbap Rice wrapped in seaweed

꼬치 Korean style shish kebabs

호빵 Large steamed buns filled with red bean, minced meat or vegetable


learn korean food taste the bamboo tales

맛있다 Tastes good

맛없다 Tastes not good

달다 Sweet

쓰다 Bitter

맵다 Spicy

떫다 Astringent / Rough

시다 Sour

짜다 Salty

고소하다 Nutty


beast doojoon learn korean work the bamboo tales

  • To practice, write down the list you see below and break it down into  groups of  5/6 words.
  • Once you’ve written each word out (recommend in English / native tongue first), take off your left hand or a piece of paper to cover them and write down the  word in  한곡어.
  • Review and Mark each word to the list below and see how well you did.  If you have got them correct or not, simply review the words and remember for next time. Take a little break, before repeating up to four times.
  • Remember to break down the list into small groups to make it easier for you to manage and once you are happy with your progress you can test yourself using the full lists.

This list will always be here so feel free to come back and review anytime!

Spotted any errors or have any feedback to improve? Simply leave a comment below