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Last Shelter Token Shop September P2 Update (2021)

100% YES. It's the big man Heaven's we all want and need

September P2 update has landed in the Last Shelter token shop senior commander shop and it’s an ABSOLUTE BANGER. Our prediction has landed right and it’s non-other than SX hero Heaven’s Redemption! He’s lined up alongside S3 Vanguard and S2 Captain Ivanov wich makes for an overall excellent update this half of September. Here are my thoughts as I max HR and do some hero reconstruction in the Hopeness lab!

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September P2 update features SX Heaven’s Redemption, S3 Vanguard and S2 Captain Ivanov. Really good update this refresh! Let’s talk about the headline hero and that is of course Heaven’s Redemption! He’s an amazing support hero that features prominently in top vehicle formations, whether that’s Kamikaze, Death Rider, Retrograder. He’s also mixed combo friendly in combat skill formations but find he slots in best in vehicle combos.

What makes Heaven’s special? He’s the defactor evasion hero that applies to the entire formation with good trigger chance for 3 damages. He silences, heals 2 friendly squads and adds might and resistance buffs, while playing great in any position. If you have the chance to max him? YES. If it’ll be your third copy? YES. If it’ll be your 2nd copy? YES (unlock skill 8 before awakening). And if it’s your first copy? YE- that depends on how many hero tokens you have. If you have only a few tokens, you’re better saving that for your more developed heroes, but if you have plenty he’s worth doing so to develop in the future.

S3 Vanguard is an easier decision and somewhat more inferior version of Heaven’s Redemption. She features great evasion for the first 2 turns, although just for her squad, operates best in the front row, and runs best in combat skill combos due to her buff on combat skill damage and nerf on basic attack damage. She adds great activation potential thanks to her 1 skill prep on a random friendly on set turns, but is still random. She lacks the relevance and longevity in Season X and unless you’re overflowing with hero tokens to max and unlock further abilities in the hopeness lab, you’re better off passing on her.

S2 Captain Ivanov is one of the 4 core pre-SX heroes you’ll want to max (alongside Tech Priestess, Major Ana, and Panther). I recommend picking him up in the Doomsday shop instead of using tokens as S2 heroes are only 250,000 DD coins, 50,000 less than S3 counterparts. The trade-off cost is also lower as it costs the same price as a random SX ticket, vs handpicking the hero you exactly want in the token shop. Deifnitely worth developing, maxing and unlocking further abilities in the Hopeness Lab, he’s still an excellent damage dealer alongside or substitute to Death Rider if you don’t have him, still making the best force tiling hero combos too. Just pick him up in the Doomsday shop instead.

October p1 prediction

So we got one of the big profile heroes which is excellent, the next question is: who’s next? Until the end of the year we have 3 big profile heroes left and they are: Death Rider, Wrath and Kamikaze. Siren, Lone Wolf, Rose Noire are still yet to make an appearance so the order may differ. BUT, it’s looking liekly with heaven’s Redemption a correct prediction for September P2, any of Death Rider, Wrath or Rose Noire are likely to appear in October P1. My hero tokens are on Death Rider but we may not see such high profile heroes consecutively appear so Rose Noire if devs don’t want to be nice. But with 3 must pickup heroes until the end of 2021, you’ll want at least 6000 her tokens available to pick them up.

token shop updates

hero profile

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