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Last Shelter Token Shop September P1 Update (2021)

Pass on Shadow because next few months are about to get juicy

Last updated:

Here’s my thoughts on September P1 update for the senior commander token shop in Last Shelter. I’m currently just biding my time until the big profile heroes enter the scene and looks like the developers are keeping us on the edge of our seats as the current run of mediocre to ok heroes featured in the last few token shop refreshes extends over the last two months.

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September P1 update features: SX The Shadow, S3 Major Anastasia and S2 The Knight. TL;DR largely a passable update for the majority of you, while Major Anastasia is maybe the onl exception you may want to consider picking up if you are yet to max her that she’s worth doing so. Unless you have plenty of hero tokens to burn, then I would say yes, otherwise I do recommend picking her up from the Doomsday shop for 300,000 DD coins as you get greater returns picking her up that way rather than a random SX hero. The token shop however you get to handpick the SX hero so the trade-off cost is far higher and not worth it.

The Shadow is OK but not that great to pick up in the token shop, EVEN IF you can max him. Koschei is the alternative and generally more favorable frontline shooter hero although Shadow’s high evasion, defensive skills and lucid playability in shooter formations makes him decent, but inflexible and less useful against top metas. You’re better off passing on him as I’d suspect he’ll be appearing in any hero drops you go for with him in it or season reward grouping. If you get him as a by-product it isn’t the end of the world, but for hero tokens it’s a waste, moreso if you don’t have many. This is the time to rebuild those hero tokens!

September p2 prediction

my guess is any of Rose Noire, Heaven’s Redemption, Death Rider and Wrath, making for an exciting few months ahead and reason why you should save tokens for S rated heroes and not OK heroes which Shadow is. I think Rose Noire or Heaven’s Redemption are the most likely to appear in September P2, while I expect Wrath to be later in the year with Kamikaze.

token shop updates

  • Valkyrie (April II)
  • Nomad (May I)
  • Crusher (May II)
  • Organic (June I)
  • Betrayed (June II)
  • Canoness (July I)
  • Iron Sentinel (July II)
  • Glutton (August I)
  • Wanderer (August II)
  • Shadow (September I)

hero profiles

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