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SX Legendary Ticket: Which Hero Group Should You Choose?

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This is Last Shelter and we’re talking about the SX Legendary Recruitment Ticket which you can attain from Season X onwards. With a large 24 SX heroes to work around and among them, some awesome gems to try and get your hands on, these tickets outside of seasonal limited hero drops are another way of getting your hands on them: but with 2 separate groups of 12 heroes, which one should you go for and why? I’m hoping to help you in that process, with a little breakdown of each hero, my thoughts on either groups strengths and weaknesses, and different strategies how you might want to play it out.

This SX ticket group is now out of date. To see the latest hero groupings with included Lust and Retrograder, read my updated guide below (click).




They like in pre-SX seasons are tickets that award a random chance to gain a Season X hero. There are only two ways you can attain these tickets: through Eden and Doomsday season rewards past S4 and by exchanging Doomsday Coins in the Doomsday Shop. If you’d like to know how to gain coins, read my Doomsday Shop & Coins spend guide.

Depending on whether you accomplish the three separate rewards in Eden (Personal, Guild development and occupation rank), you’ll get at least 1 for each, with a maximum of 7 SX legendary tickets if you’re a winning guild which is huge. On average you can gain 3 which is still good, but the more the better.

With a large roster of SX heroes, purchasing an extra (or two) SX ticket in the DD shop may also be a great idea depending on your hero development focus. It costs 250K DD coins for a random SX ticket split into groups 1 and 2, each with 12 different SX heroes. You’ll need to decide which group you want to consume the SX legendary ticket for, and that depends on what you are focused on and whether the rewards are worth the risk in either of the pools.


Group 1 is best for support and damage dealers, partically for shooters and righters, with vehicles a smaller presence, but a pretty strong showing. A total of 6 shooters, 4 fighters and 2 vehicle SX heroes make up group 1, with a handful of top tier heroes mixed within a highly divisive range of heroes in terms of quality.

The large 12 hero pool is a high stake, high rewards kind of draw, with 33% of the group as must-haves (4), 2 highly rated (17%), 5 solid choices (42%), and 1 worst of the pack (8%). You can see it’s quite a mixed draw as you’re likely to pick up a serviceable but replaceable hero more, but if luck is on your side, a 33% of drawing a top tier hero.

Having said that, this pool offers very strong formations in shooters and excellent pickups for fighters and vehicles which means you could pull a formation out of this draw without splitting tickets across groups.

If you are looking for that competitive combat edge, particularly for shooters such as Nomad and Predator, you’ll find them here, While the rarer gems of fighters and vehicle heroes in Siren and Huntress are big changers to a formation as top pickups. Iron Sentinel, The Betrayed and Rose Noire are solid pickups, with the latter increasing in value if you get the hero synergy right. Hunk in himself is pretty bad, but since he is in the same draw as Predator and Nomad, you’ve got a badass formation which props his value up more by being in this pool.

Patriot is solid but needs a specific formation to get the most out of him, however that’s Valkyrie in Group 2 and Inquisitor in S2 to do so, otherwise he is an ok but not great kind of shooter hero. Wanderer is the serious joker in the group which can really put you off pulling in this draw, especially if your SX tickets are few.

Strongest for shooter heroes and top picks damage dealers in the back row for vehicles, fighters and shooters (Huntress, Scarlet Siren and Nomad). Strong midrow support for shooters also in Predator and Koschei (also in front), with 2nd tier choices in Rose Noire, Patriot and Betrayed. Organic is a very solid pick up as support vehicle hero in group 1, while fighters lacklustre in this group. They are also a far weaker baseline in quality than group 2, primarily due to The Wanderer and Iron Sentinel. But if you’re lucky to pick up Hunk – in isolation who isn’t great – with Predator and Nomad, you’re in business. High risk, high reward and only if you are targeting top tier shooters or high risking it for Huntress and Siren.



Incredible high damage for shooters, focused on his basic troop attacks and self-might increase in his skill 8. He is the best shooter hero in SX with Hummingbird a combat skill focused alternative to Nomad. Pairs excellently with Predator, and Koschei.

She’s an exception high damage vehicle hero that deals high damage bursts when she hits and is unique in the way she targets the same row as her in the enemy side which makes killing damage dealers more efficiently. She’s an alternative to Death Rider and Captain Ivanov.

Her support skillset makes her an awesome hero to bolster offensive damage and fifth skill activation. She has an increased damage stack, offers +1 basic troop attacks to the backrow and ups the activation for heroes around her to trigger better. Her guaranteed damages on set turns are protent too, giving more than just support but damage also. She pairs amazingly with Nomad and Hunk as a combo and Koschei for straight shooters.

Currently the best backrow fighter hero with high and frequent damage output that shares inspiration from Iron Guard. She targets the lowest troops in one of her skills to help kill them off quicker while adding buffs and debuffs for the total package.


She is a great alternative to Nomad with same synergy to Predator thanks to her +1 basic troop attack, useful skill draw effects and mark of pursuit damage setup. She isn’t as potent as Nomad but holds herself great as the sole damage dealer if you can bolster her up with good heroes around her. Koschei, Predator are a good balanced setup, while Hunk can also work in this formation too.

A highly rated midrow vehicle hero and alternative to Heaven’s Redemption, Ana and Wrath. His balanced of great damage, high damage buff to friendly squads, enemy damage reduction and guaranteed confuse counter on turn 4 makes him a tough hero to deal with.

An excellent all-round front row defensive shooter hero who offers great enemy damage reduction, self-squad healing recovery and extra basic troop attack with increased damage. He’s more balanced than Deus Ex Machina’s heavy damage reduction and consistent healing past the 3 turns of Deus. He adds extra synergy paired with Predator and Nomad for all-round high performance.

Offers great damage buff and synergy to the back row squad, and flexibility to move between the mid and back row. He takes up extra damage bonuses if he’s in the back while his lottery draw skill 8 provides some sweet effects, but also means he’s a little less reliable and inconsistent between battles. When he works, and with great heroes around him, he can be pretty devastating.

Becomes highly-rated as he is in the same group as Predator and Nomad for his highest synergy that works crazy well. Besides that, like with other fighter’s he struggles to hold up against the top fighters of Tech Priestess and Canoness, while isn’t a bad alternative to Glutton who also needs good heroes around him, but offers more in return. Hunk’s damage tally on turn 7 is a neat lump-sum explosive damage if he can last that long, while his ability to confuse targets, flammable damage and self-evasion make him a very serviceable fighter nonetheless.


He’s an early round damage dealer in the back with some good counterattack damage for the front row, immunity to counter and decent damage, but needs good heroes around him to really get the most out of him. His similar to panther in his counter making him great for force tiling and high damage early but falters heavily after the first 3 turns, relying on the other heroes to carry him through. He’s good when he works well but is hampered by his short skill span.


He reminds me of Caesar but isn’t as potent as him, while he isn’t much of an upgrade from S4 Juggernaut and S2 Viscount. He loses favour already compared to Tech Priestess in S3, Canoness, Glutton in SX, while he could be paired with Prophet to make the most of his defensive and balanced skillset. He’s decent but replaced as soon as you get any of the other fighters.

He does a little worse than Iron Sentinel due to his limited skillset that can synergise with others and placement who cannot hold to the high fighting healers in the midrow. He’s a support hero that does lower defense hugely with an evasion setup for the front-row which is one of his better skills. Sadly, he is replaced as soon as you get the other heroes and is the weakest in this group overall.



Out of the two groups, Group 2 have the most usable heroes across the board. You’ll find the strongest vehicle heroes in this lineup for each position with Kamikaze the top tier hero followed by Crusher in the front row, Heaven’s Redemption a top tier supporter and Death Rider, the top tier back row damage dealer. Wrath is also a top tier vehicle hero that’s versatile in the mid, front or back depending on your formation, and offers troop recovery block alternative to Heaven’s Redemption that is seriously tough to beat.

Alongside them are the toughest formation building fighter heroes in Glutton and Canoness, with Canoness the more consistent, high healing balanced, while Glutton is a tanky counter and troop recovery block. He needs Canoness or Tech Priestess to get the most out of him however. Sven builds the top force tiling APC with Captain Ivanov and Panther so specifically for Doomsday tiling, he’s the best there is.

You’ll find 2nd tier heroes in this pool for shooters, with Valkyrie the best of the two as a front-loaded offensive hero in the first row, who also forms an excellent force tiling APC with S2 Inquisitor and SX Patriot thanks to their high synergy in front-loading damage. Shadow is the less impressive front-row shooter, but then again this group isn’t focused on shooters. Serviceable but less desirable of this group. Prophet, compared to Glutton and Canoness is highly ratedwho needs good heroes around to max her skillset, with Lone Wolf, a decent but overwhelming outpowered by Scarlet Siren in Group 1. She is the worst pickup of the group in my opinion.

From that, there’s a very solid 83% chance of picking up a worthwhile hero you’d be happy to have, with a remaining 17% chance you don’t. I will say the baseline quality of these 17% however are still very good, so it’s not as risky as group 1.



Incredible front row vehicle hero. His counterattack splash damage is big, while his healing is really consistent at a high efficacy rate. He is a game changer hero to any APC when you put him in front of any hero and is already usable with just 2 duplicates for the most part. When maxed, any formation with him, will be a tough challenge to overcome.

A unique primarily midrow support hero that is highly versatile in positions, triggers very often and is super strong in troop recovery block, countering damage and high synergy with other vehicle heroes. Wrath like Kamikaze is a greatly influential hero and when paired with the rest of the top picks like Kamikaze and Death Rider is a force to be reckoned with.


Defactor backrow damage dealer for vehicles, exceptional in damage output, targetting various enemy squads and self buffs his own damage like Captain Ivanov. He’s the successor of Ivanov and having both in your APCs is killer. Awaken Death Rider for his +300 demolition power hitting citys and gates in Eden to 1 hit with vehicles first, or open skill 8 for competitive combat. He’s a must in any top vehicle formation.


Canoness is super strong with insane healing that rivals and can even best tech priestess, but pair them together and you’ve got a killer fighter or mixed APC backbone. She’s operational in the mid and front row and offers great hero synergy for combat and healing. A must for dealing with the most stubborn of APCs and a top tier fighter hero to have.


A very adept mid row support hero, Heaven’s got it all – his solid troop healing, counter and evasion offers great support to your APC. His debuff skill adds additional protection for the front and backrow hitter to keep triggering with reliable silencing and damage debuff to soften blows. He does his duty well in battlefield and is crazy good in his healing and evasion efficiency.



Now Glutton is still an excellent and in many ways top tier fighter hero, but he’s less versatile in formations and among the fighter heroes, still very worthwhile nonetheless. He offers great troop recovery block, good counterattack, support effects and indirect healing for great hero synergy. He’s not as flexible as tech priestess or canoness, but again plays well with either of them to make a beastly fighter or mixed APC.


specifically for his force tiling prowess in Doomsday and Eden, Sven’s worth exclusively comes from that as he’s very underwhelming in combat. But in his specialty, he is among the best and forms the top APC to force tile high poison at the highest level. If you have panther and ivanov, those 3 combine to make life in Eden much easier.


She’s really interesting as I think she’s just as potent in the mid row as the backrow, from what her range tells us. She’s got excellent combination in linking damage that is substantial, high combat damage in her singular but potentially frequent triggering and applies a pretty strong debuff affect to all troops, making her an above standard fighter hero.


She’s a front-loaded offensive front row shooter hero different from all other heroes, has excellent synergy with S2 inquisitor and SX Patriot for maximum 3 turn damage as an alternate force tiling APC, she’s like S2 panther in that after turn 3 she’s pretty much done, but may be enough to give an edge at the end of battle. Great in her own way but less stamina than others.

A solid front row alternative to top tier vehicle hero Kamikaze. He has a slew of skills that are all round solid: counter attack, resistance buff, decent healing that gets better over turn of battles and solid damage numbers. He’s pretty reliable but more susceptible to high damage early on where his healing can’t keep up, but is a solid front-runner nonetheless in his own right.

He’s decent, self-sufficient and high-evasive conscious as a defensive front row hero. He has decent buffs in his drawer but lacks hero synergy, any counters and simply buys time for the mid and backrow to do the rest. That in itself isn’t a bad strategy, but up against really solid formations and he may struggle to keep toe to toe.


She’s a decent backrow fighter hero with consistent damage output and numbers, nice damage buff but at the expense of disarming herself, similar to Countdown. Her skills are respectable and can hold herself in an all-fighter formation, but is replaceable down the line who deal higher damage numbers than her. Until then, she is still pretty good, similar in the lines of S2 The Knight.

Strongest for all-round top vehicle hero formation building across all positions, super strong chance for top fighter hero front and mid row. The exclusivity of Sven is excellent to pick up for force tiling as an upgrade to the S2 duo, while the less desirable pickups compared to the other group lie in the shooters and fighters Prophet and Lone Wolf. Still not bad, but stronger alternatives.


Coming into the first season, your decisions will be made clearer if you decide to dip into any of the 2 larger 12 hero pools, or go more focused in the 6 hero pool of the first Eden Season. Depending on your ticket stack, you can either go for max in one pool or formation build in the smaller pools for heroes you want to target in the long game.

Of course, RNG and luck play a factor but I certainly like to go this method in dipping into drops that catch my eye and trying my chances. At the same time, maxing the heroes by concentrating tickets into the pool of choice makes you stronger faster if the right drop includes a serving for each position, or strong heroes across vehicle, fighters aand shooters.

Skipping S5 is an alternative, but you’ll slowly realise in terms of combat, SX heroes are much more stronger with only the top tier combinations pre SX doing well enough. Pre-SX heroes are still competitive against non-maxed SX heroes so if you’re happy to skip a season for more super tickets, especially if you’re relying organically on super tickets, then that is a good call where hero drops should be smaller and less wastage.

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