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Last Shelter Oblivion Episode 1: My First Newbie Duel! +20M Kills

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Sup Team KBA! This is Last Shelter. Hope you are enjoying the more regular LS videos? Been working hard on the new layouts and thought to branch the variety with my very first Oblivion duel, and the very first upload of it! I’m still getting familiar since the times usually are at 4 AM for me, but since I was up late working on the SX hero pool 1, I ended up joining in after my alliance member dropped a notification on Discord.

NOTE: This is my first Oblivion event so expect to watch this newbie’s learning on the go! Hopefully, still, a bit of fun as I understand it better and with streaming Oblivion matches!

So here we are! I hope you enjoy the format, still experimenting with how I want to make Oblivion videos exciting and enjoyable for all so feel free to leave your feedback or suggestion on what kind of things within Oblivion you like to see or know about on the left side! Thumbs up and subscribe to join Team KBA for more LS in my gaming playlist.

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