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Last Shelter Eden: Conflict Guide

New Mechanics, Changes to Rewards and Insights

Welcome to my comprehensive guide for Eden: Conflict season in the Last Shelter Universe, a season format that builds on Eden: Dissidia. Dissidia introduces players to a completely new season map and a different gameplay and objective compared to Doomsday Conquest Total War. Here we’ll talk about the main additions to Eden: Conflict with Eden: Dissidia as a base line so if you aren’t familiar, have a read on my Dissidia guide to be clued up on the essentials of Eden (it’ll cover all the smaller stuff so I don’t need to repeat it here). Let’s dive in!

dissidia vs conflict: what’s changed?

I view Eden: Conflict as a development on Dissidia, adding several extra layers that can change the nature of the map and gameplay mechanics. There’s also a big distinction in rewards too so let’s touch on the biggest changes:

  • FACTIONS factions is the biggest addition to conflict, which pits North faction against the South faction as the determining factor whether you win or lose in an Eden Conflict season. You’re automatically placed into either of the two, whether as a sole base or alliance. You cannot switch between factions once placed in the map, but can move between guilds in the same faction.
  • STRONGHOLD these are new checkpoints that allow any guild within the same faction to tile from. It makes moving around the map to capture quicker compared to having take gates and bridges from one side to another.
  • FACTION REWARD an additional reward to the three you receive at the end of the season, the winning faction will receive an additional 2 x SX tickets and 2 x S1-S4 random ticket, while the losing faction will still get 1 x SX ticket and 1 x S1-s4 ticket.
  • GUILD RANK REWARD the big change to rewards is the previous occupation reward of Dissidia where any guild that finishes with a total amount of occupation value can receive the same reward. Not in Conflict however. A total of 10 rewards are given to the guild and hence individual players based on where they rank with occupation points. The guild with the highest occupation will be rank 1, second rank 2… and vice versa. Therefore, only one guild in the winning and losing faction can attain each reward.
  • CO-OPERATION it’s even more important for guilds of the same faction to play nicely and work well across guilds for overall faction success. I’ve seen both sides of the coin with internal conflict hurting the faction or enemy faction capitalising on the lack of teamwork. It’s up to leadership relations to help guilds, communicate choke points or strategy vs the assured diplomacy of super powers in Dissidia.
  • FACTION SCORING only occupying large town level 4 or higher will count towards the faction score. bridges, gates and small towns do not.

what’s still the same?

You’ll be glad to know as a map, Eden Conflict is otherwise the same as Dissidia, with key highlights being:

  • RESOURCE PLOTS You’ll find level 16 plots just as available across the entire map, whether that’s in the desert or towards the world centre. Granted, they still tend to populate more towards the centre but you can certainly find more resource plots, generally not being an issue for resource production.
  • DOOMSDAY COINS with the addition of strongholds and the various level checkpoints seen in Dissidia, a more active guild taking checkpoints can yield plenty doomsday coins to make the shop more worthwhile in terms of tickets, warbadge, super energy core or season picks like basic resets, honor points and more.
  • EVERY GUILD FOR THEMSELVES when it comes to crunch time, guild leadership or members will still look after their own, especially when it comes to similar powers vying for the rank 1 spot. It of course depends on the nature of your Eden map, with some guilds playing more nicely than others but it’s amazing how touchy people get over tiles, doomsday coins or capture points. Small issues can escalate quickly if not dealt with well.
  • REWARDS DISTRIBUTION Dissidia (or whatever Eden format was your first season) introduced far more worthwhile rewards compared to Doomsday Total War, both in terms of the reward packages but also still fairly decent rewards for those lower down the guilds. The various rewards ensures there’s a minimum of a couple SX tickets and doomsday coins even if you don’t rank well.
  • GET INTO AN ACTIVE GUILD there’s a reason why guilds with high power tend to do better – because it tends to have more active, invested and hard-working players. Rewards will tend to be shared among the top 3 or 4 guilds so if that sounds like the kind of player you plan to be, then it’s pretty essential to get into one of those guilds. The more stronger or higher ranking the guild, generally the more competitive it is trying to get core rewards or stand out. That means turning up to hitting structures no matter the time zone, rnking up tiles and using up durability for highest contribution, making substantial contribution to the guild (not just tiling for yourself) and either attacking or defending checkpoints or bases for big hitters.
  • JOINING A GUILD you can join any guild in your starting sector, but like before, a guild from another sector will need to occupy a town in your sector before that guild is available to apply. Again, you cannot switch factions at any point, which is a no-brainer if one faction is getting it’s ass whopped. Switching guilds can be done with a 24 hour cooldown.

north vs south faction

so let’s dive a little more into the north vs south setup. If you decide to register as an alliance, all members will be in the same faction. going random or sole during registration phase will put you not only in any faction, but any map. In essence, there’s a little more possibility you could be in a more forgiving map if you choose to sign up in your farm alliance, solo or randomly, compared to if you’re in a strong alliance. Not guaranteed, but more possible.

in the Eden map, you’ll notice a blue and red line that divides the Conflict map into thirds – blue for the south, red for the north and neutral for no man’s land (the middle territories). When you enter Eden, you’ll be placed anywhere behind the blue or red line, split into sectors 1 to 4.

Faction info, is the main scoring page when it comes to determining the winning and losing faction. Now, it’s super important to understand that not all checkpoints you occupy over the season actually counts towards the faction occupation value – the minimum structure to counts is a large town level 4 checkpoint. That means any stronghold, bridge, gate or town below this level does not contribute to the faction, but only your guild occupation.

Like in Dissidia, you can set diplomatic relationship statuses with other guilds, based on neutral, hostile or friendly. These are indications on the tile only – turning red or with corner markers. White tiles are for guild tiles within the same faction while other faction guilds will show up as purple. Tile/ structures can still be taken, hit or occupied so there are no protective measures setting the diplomatic status – purely for visual reference for the rest of the guild members to understand.

structure doomsday coins

Hitting structures are one of the best ways you can organically earn doomsday coins to either top up or spend in the doomsday shop. While Dissidia maps can be a little more diplomatic saved for the more powerful to freely hit structures while others abide by the appointed value lower guilds finish, Conflict can be far more active, creating better opportunities to hit right until the end.

Here are the amount of doomsday coins you can earn for the top 10 and rest upon successfully occupying a structure. Remember, only the first guild to occupy the structure will earn doomsday coins and honor points, any subsequent takeovers by other guilds will not yield any.

structuretop 10rest of guild
world centre level 710,0003,000
capital level 65,0001,500
small town level 22,000600
small town level 11,000300
gate level 5500150
gate level 4500150
gate level 3500150
bridge level 1500150

season rewards

of course, the reason for wanting to do well in Eden Conflict is to get as best rewards as possible at the end of the season. the new faction rewards give a little more than Eden Dissidia and they are actually very good, whether you finish in the winning or losing faction.


  • Winner (2 x SX legendary tickets, 2 x S1-S4 random tickets) = 4 total tickets
  • Defeat (1 x SX legendary ticket, 1 x S1-S4 random ticket) = 2 total tickets

These are on top of the additional 3 rewards you’ll get down below and is a win win for everyone. The catch? You need to accrue more than 10,000 season contribution points, which is tied to completing the personal achievement rewards.


The 3 top ranked guilds will attain the following:

  • Battle Mech (Beta) base decoration Doomsday Might +10%, Doomsday Resistance +10%
  • Domination – Conqueror 30-day title Doomsday Might +5%, Doomsday Resistance +5% (rank 1)
  • Domination – Separatist 30-day title Doomsday Might +5% (rank 2)
  • Domination – Occupier 30-day title Doomsday Resistance +5% (rank 3)

the battle mech base decoration varies from 7 days to 60 days, running for longer to the higher ranks and for core and guild master members. As for the rest of the rewards, I’ll focus on what core and powerhouse members receive from rank 1 to 3 to give you a flavour on what you can expect:

guild master43200k
rank 2 SXS1-S4DD COINS
guild master34150k
rank 3 SXS1-S4DD COINS
guild master33120k

bottom line a little more SX tickets, a little more s1-s4 tickets and a little more doomsday coins. The total amount of tickets you receive from tank 1 to 3 and across the reward types are small, while the bigger shift is getting more SX tickets vs s1-s4 random tickets. The 50K dd coin difference is bigger from rank 2 to rank 1, which can be useful, otherwise ranking anywhere in the top 3 will yield very solid rewards, while receiving a core reward is more worthwhile within the ranks.


The top ranked guild will attain the following:

  • Battle Mech Beta 30-day base decoration Doomsday Might +10%, Doomsday Resistance +10%
  • Domination – Occupier 30-day title Doomsday Resistance +5%
guild master32100k
rank 2 SXS1-S4DD COINS
guild master2280k
rank 3 SXS1-S4DD COINS
guild master2160k

bottom line it’s clear being on the winning faction is much more important than being rank 1 in the defeated faction. The rewards take a big slash with pretty much half the doomsday coins but the ticket rewards are far fewer. Placing in the top guild on the defeated side is still decent, while rank 2 and rank 3 sadly aren’t great. So definitely try to work together as a faction to get that faction win and then any of the top 3 spots are good. Unless you’re in a very tough map, then that’s the way the season goes!

specialty skills

These will be similar among the Eden formats but it’s always a good idea to share the most popular or essential specialties you’ll a few members in your guild to have access to:

raider flag adds an extra +10% demolition power to your APCs to help take down more durability of a structure per hit. It’s in the same specialty route as pioneer flag so if you spec for pioneer flag (42 points), you can open this up for an additional 5 specialty points.

pioneer flag essential specialty that reduces durability from 10 to 5 per APC in a 5 tile radius. This is important when taking structures to double the amount of APC hits per member than usual

siege hammer deals 1 – 10x durability damage on the next attack when hitting a structure. This is useful if you spec up in the construction for extra destruction power to your APCs. It will apply for all guild members to take down quicker or tougher strucutres like the world centre.

land development for resource production, this is helpful up to level 16, if you want to save troops on force tiling high poison. An example is you take a level 16 tile from a high poison and can upgrade the rest of your tiles to level 16. Up to 4 / 5 tiles per day. This increases your influence and resource production to upgrade processing or viral faster, especially if you have an active map managing troops.

viral immunity blue right in construction increases your viral immunity so you can take higher level tiles as soon as Eden Conflict starts. You can easily take a level 9 or 10 in the first day. Go this to reach level 16 tiles quickly.

conquest buffs specialising towards pioneer flag provides conquest buffs for either vehicle, fighters or shooters with resistance and might. You’ll want to spec here if you’re a big hitter or plan to take action in garrisoned checkpoints, or tiles. Note, these do not apply for base attacking (sieging) which is red right.

friendly tips and pointers

  • participate in attack day you’ll get more rewards back in being active hitting all or most of the strucutres your team attacks, vs getting a high tiling score. There’s a higher view for members who do so than high tiling, while you will build up a stronger contribution score hitting every or most times. Add to that the doomsday coins are very precious, especially if you find yourself on the losing faction, these can be the saving grace.
  • force tile early on it’s important to force tile in the first week, as you have uninterrupted access to your faction sector to level up immunity and reach those higher level resource plots. If you’re hitting level 12 in the first week that is good, and up to level 14 by the end of the first, you’re ahead of the curve. Don’t be afraid to lose troops early on as you can heal them overnight or do them in batches. By force tiling early on, you’ll receive more resource to produce for that immunity
  • experiment force tiling numbers a maximum amount of 40k troops per row take part in battle so do not add more troops when force tiling otherwise you’re literally killing off troops for no reason. Find the sweet spot between 0 – 40k or different amounts of each row on the poison or hits it takes.
  • unlock fortresses early on either finish your previous season with these extra might and resistance buildings unlocked or do so early on. These will give you a little more punch to force tiling a little more effectively and saves having to respec if you can start with this open.
  • don’t play for yourself as someone who worked up to R4 leadership in my Eden season, it’s easy to spot players who aren’t contributing to the guild but tiling for themselves and riding along the success of other members’ efforts. These kind of efforts could be hidden in lower guilds but top guilds and leadership who are a little more attentive can spot this and may adversely affect your season rewards when it comes to deciding reward distribution.
  • guild mail communicate it’s important for guild leadership to regularly communicate any important updates or changes so be sure to keep members in the loop or reminders when attacking structures.
  • markers and countdown timer set up markers for planned structure attacks or where you need guild members to focus on to ensure an aligned effort across up to 200 members in a guild. The countdown timer is especially useful when planing attacks throughout the day, based on the game time. Note, you can only set timer for the current day and not in advance until reset. R4’s will have this ability.


hero profiles

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