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Last Shelter Season 7 Hero Drop 1 Update

Are You Ready for Dawny Snowy?

Sup Team KBA, this is the first hero drop of Season 7 (Eden: Expansion for us) in Last Shelter, giving us first access to pick up Dawn Snowy. It’s a small hero drop of 4 which favours chances to get higher duplicate chances of her. She’s paired alongside Prophet, Shadow and Lust which makes for a pretty alright drop in my books, although if fortune favors the lesser side, holds some risk it may not land right. Still, if you plan to max out Dawn Snowy, this is THE drop to do that. Check out my video to learn more about this hero drop.

DAWN SNOWY her excellent formation healing ability at 90% recovery rate operates close to Kamikaze, but ups it by leaving no hero squad left behind when healing. She flips the meta formation by favouring damage dealers in the front row. She also absorbs half damage when positioned in the mid row, away from the front row while adding up to 100% damage effect (applied independently), making her a force to be reckoned with in healing and offensive buffs. Dawn is the headline hero in this drop and rightly so: within a pool of 4,theoretically it’ll be your best chance to max her out here and apply her in hero reconstruction, worth it for the less than stellar hero drop lineup she’s lined up with.

LUST great pairing to Dawn, Lust the other excellent hero in this drop with her confusion protection, poison effects and medium damage. She’ll benefit from Dawn’s offensive buff while playing highly with Scorpion’s poison stacking, so if you plan to pick up Scorpion (in hero drop 2), then Lust will be a great addition or by-product to build that formation while going for Dawn.

PROPHET A solid support fighter hero that can pair nicely with Dawn, thanks to her troop recovery block to run a full-fighter combo. She’s also a decent alternative if you don’t have wrath or manage to get Scorpion. Prophet’s troop recovery block is a flat 70% from the start which is great, but depends on her marking the healing hero to function. The debuff effect depending on troop marked is also pretty decent too. I like Prophet’s chain effect that splashes 50% of damage to the linked squad, while her sole combat skill adds a 1 turn suppression with high focused damage after stacking. A solid fighter in this hero drop.

SHADOW He’s a decent front-row shooter hero but certainly is the less desirable out of the lot. He has pretty good evasion and tankiness with HP awakened and a lottery draw faith guard that could provided troop recovery, or damage effects. He’s not the best kind of shooter hero however and is the spanner thrown in the works as he possesses little synergy with Dawn. He’s ok if you land him but is the joker of this hero drop.


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