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Last Shelter Oblivion Episode 6: No-one Turned Up! [1PR 852]

Last Shelter Oblivion Episode 6! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse after last week’s debacle, along come 1PR 852 (or lack of) to help us reach a new record low: no-one turned up to fight! The easiest win or more tedious hour? Find out in today’s FUN. EPIC. EXCITING. MOST HYPED Oblivion you’ll ever watch! /s haha.

Expect to watch 1 hour of absolutely nothing besides getting excited over trying to be the first to gather craters before the rest of my mde familia in 835. We fought over trying to get hit by the enemy for points. This week, it’s fighting over trying to gather craters. Yay for Oblivion?

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