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Last Shelter NEW SX Hero #27 Scorpion Giovanni First Look

Here’s a first look at Scorpion Giovanni in Last Shelter and my early insights into what kind of potential Scorpion opens up for Shooters. The first hero that comes to mind who Scorpion would synergise excellently with is Lust, helping more combat focused heroes where they’ve been less supported by than troop attack focused heroes. Scorpion thankfully provides big upgrades for all-out shooters who have relied on Predator as the primary pivot to stack up competitively against vehicle, fighters and mixed formations so Scorpion will be welcome.

More importantly, he’ll play awesome in mixed APC formations as his all important troop recovery block that arguably stacks better than Wrath could make him a solid alternative or strong pairing to cancel high healing combos. Finally, his high poison activation opens up all sorts of offensive and defensive effects. Question is, should you choose Scorpion or Dawn?


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