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Last Shelter: How to Get Strong Part 1 (F2P Guide)

The secreat sauce to 'feeling' strong

Sup KBA Squad, it’s been a while since I last wrote a guide how to help you along your Last Shelter journey. This one is for the pure free to play players after 18 months of playing, my own learning curve, the limitations and realizations of the pay to win landscape, but also the opportunities where those who don’t spend money – even if not to the scale of those who do spend (A LOT), can still find some enjoy and satisfaction in feeling fairly competitive. This will guide focus on the general development of how you can get strong, while I will write other guides focused around specific Eden season formats, Oblivion, Heroes, Hopeness Lab reconstructions, Baneblade and Cutting Edge tech.

To define free to play: I’m approaching it from a PURE free to play style: no money at all, simply relying on the in-game currency, limited events and drops and so forth. From here, you can take these as a base and adjust the points below depending on your level of spend or approach to the game with whatever you are comfortable with. I don’t judge anyone whether they are pure F2P, crazy spender in ‘whale’ LS language or if you’re somewhere in between, you can play the game however you like. This guide will just give some adjustments to your expectations if you’re not already familiar with how things stack up when you hit the upper echelon of competitive players.

You can find my other advanced guides on Last Shelter down below, and if you find any of them useful, feel free to leave a comment here, sharing them with your alliance buddies in LINE, Discord and show some love! Here’s how you can get strong in Last Shelter KBA Squad.


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Doomsday Coins

I want to talk about Doomsday coins first (not Silver, that’ll be another point below) because it’s taken a few seasons to realise how I’d rather approach it, considering hero luck, average tickets per hero and general hero development over the past few SX seasons.

As a F2P, you want to take the more conservative route with in-game currency, and minimise the randomness and luck factor for steady, long-term growth. That’s why I also cover each hero drop per season, since I like to assess the overall worth and risk factor when you should spend those hard earned (and long-time accruing) tickets.

Doomsday coins are going to be an important currency to your growth, as you’ll earn them throughout the SX season (Eden in all seasons so far). You do miss out on a chunk of Doomsday coins from Season Challenge Pass which is highly worth the $20 USD, so if you only want to spend a little, doing this every season will go far. For pure F2P, you lose out on an additional 150K DD Coins but will gain something similar through normal rewards and then season rewards itself (at least 150k DD coins per season minimum if you complete the requirements).

So to total it up, depending on ranking and Eden map, let’s say you’ll get 250k DD coins per season. It’s highly tempting to buy an extra SX ticket because you may not get that much and the time it takes to build super tickets. But it’s very unpredictable that the return can vary.

My recommendation is that F2P players should be buying the 45k baneblade super energy cores per season, which means you can have enough cores for 1 baneblade part every 2 seasons. That’s 90k DD Coins. The rest of your coins should be spent on as many warbadges as you can. Cutting edge is a big differentiator in terms of strength as it’s difficult to earn organically otherwise. You can get a total of 30K warbadges per season for a cost of 360k coins. You may not be able to max that out, but you should spend almost the rest of your coins on warbadges after the cores minus any you spend on basic specialty reset during the season. See heroes section below in coin spend alternative.


If you’re lucky with heroes, you could still find yourself competing fairly well if they’re part of the meta combos, if not, you’ll just have to accept you can’t run through other players in kill enemy (KE), Doomsday or Eden (but there are other ways you can still do well which I’ll write in another guide). Below are the key heroes that you should aim to spend those precious super tickets, SX tickets and tokens on for balanced hero development. I’m being very critical here as it’ll give you the most return for those currencies. They are:

Season 2

Captain Ivanov (force tiling and still excellent damage hero if no DR)
Panther (one of the best force tiling and normal attack damage support)

Season 3

Major Anastasia (force tiling meta and best normal attack support hero)
Tech Priestess (makes formidable mixed meta early on)

Season X

Death Rider (most valuable damage hero)
Heaven’s Redemption (excellent vehicle support hero)
Wrath / Scorpion (the best troop recovery block heroes)
Kamikaze (best front row vehicle support hero)
Dawn (Best healing hero and meta combos)
Siren (excellent meta damage hero)
Canoness (excellent healing hero)
Sven (force tiling to level 16 quickest)

An alternative spend for DD coins is if you’re missing any pre-SX hero copies to max them. The 4 listed here are worth picking up in the DD shop and I would prioritise S2 before S3 as they cost 250k vs 300k for S3. Ivanov is the first to pickup as he’s useful in force tiling and combat, and then Panther.

Doomsday S1-S4 tickets

From season rewards, you may get 1-3 pre-SX tickets you can use to pick up a random hero from that season. From the above where I said to pick up S2 from the DD shop, you can focus your selection tickets on S3 in the hope you’ll get either TP or Ana to save spending DD coins.

Hero tokens

From the beginning, you can save hero tokens until Season 3, which is when the last season heroes start to appear in the token shop. For example, S2 heroes appear in S3 season, S3 in S4 season etc. When you’re in SX, heroes follow the calendar, with 2 token shop refreshers per month for SX heroes. You can gain 800 hero tokens per token refresh, provided you max 3 hourly challenges per day for a total of 60 hero tokens.

I would advise picking up pre-SX heroes BEFORE you reach SX so you can kind of complete them and focus hero tokens on SX after. The 4 pre-SX heroes are the only ones you should pick up. If you find yourself with hero tokens that cover roughly 3-4 heroes, then I would suggest picking up 1 combat development hero to give you a little balance in training speed, cost and troop growth. This should be the vehicle dev hero Mechanic as that’s what you will run most of the time. If you don’t have extras to spare, you can ignore this. Sadly, hero tokens are the only organic way you can pick them up so at some point you’ll need to pick him up, you decide when you have a healthy token balance.

Once SX starts, they should be spent on an even more select list of SX heroes compared to tickets as tokens require more management so you don’t miss any important hero. There is no schedule ahead of time so if you find yourself with no even hero tokens for an important hero, you’re out of luck. It’s roughly more than one year they rotate.. so yeah, don’t miss out. The heroes you should definitely pick up in the token shop are:

Death Rider*
Wrath / Scorpion* (whichever you have more copies of)
Heaven’s Redemption*
Scarlet Siren*
Sven (only if you already have 2 copies of him).
Flare (only if you have Siren)

The one’s I have starred are the must pickups, which is 18,000 hero tokens. This will vary whether you have no copies but as long as you pick up as many of them as possible you’ll be good in the long-term. The other 3 are optional if you have several copies, they are excellent but conditional whereas the others are must-haves no question asked.

SX Tickets

As for those season reward tickets, currently there are 3 groups but over the seasons with new heroes arriving that can change in which hero is in which group and the number of groups to dip in. There’s a general pattern however: group 1 always features the current and last season heroes. Group 2 is a mix of damage dealers and average tier, while group 3 is full of support heroes. If you want to play it safe and get the most bang for your super ticket buck, pull in group 1 and focus super tickets on group 2 damage heroes. Group 3 is also find until you start maxing or getting the main support heroes in there but in general you’ll do well to pull in group 1.

Cutting Edge Tech

For T10 and advanced tech research, this is going to be a slow and steady pace. You can organically get 50-200 warbadges per day in the helicopter drop, and 2k warbadges on gathering and tech day for 100k VIP points (but not available to pure F2P), the most is from limited events that award quite a nice amount from 500 – 2000 warbadges, but mostly it’ll be from Doomsday shop.

As for unlocking, you’ll generally want to max the 3 rows for vehicle, fighter and shooters and then focus warbadges to unlock one T10 troop and work your way down. I’ll talk about this later on but you only need to complete each later tech to level 5 to reach all the way bottom – after level 5 the warbadges required get steep. Specialisation points you should work left until the warbadges reduction by 5% and then do the same on the tree going down (might annd warbadges -250).


Always pick up baneblade cores per season which is 90k DD coins for 45k super energy cores. With the few you can pick up from the helicopter pad and limited events, you can make 1 baneblade part every 2 seasons. You’ll want at least 2 x vehicle, 1 x ranger and 1 x dreadnought gold set and it costs 96k cores for a gold baneblade part. This is with the crafting tech and parts factory at level 25 which makes production time quicker and reduces the number of cores required (even for baneblade).

There’s no getting around that and will still take a very long time (12 seasons) for 1 full gold set, but is better than the 3 years if you don’t go down this route. Alternatively, trade supply for $5 USD is the best value so if you spend minimally, this can cut that time down dramatically.

Gold APC parts

Speaking of parts, with the requisite to max the parts factory and crafting tech for baneblade, in terms of gold ranger, dreadnought and phantom, you’ll want to primarily save up until you have enough material to make the ggold quality part 100%. Iit’s slow and steady but no gamble.

If you prefer to gamble, you can do 1 legendary, 3 epics (1 gold, 3 purples) which gives a 25% chance for gold while only setting you back a little if it doesn’t turn out gold. For the harder parts (engine and control units, you’ll want to have 1 legendary normal part and 3 epics of the harder material (which takes more time and diamonds to speedup. But since we’re not in a rush and playing the long game, going 100% is still preferred but worth risking a little more on the harder materials than the other 4 parts.


For your journey to base level 25, you’ll want anywhere between 3-5 farms to accelerate to B25 quickly. I did a video and article about reaching base level 25 because that’s when you get the most super tickets per COZ and winning. Farms will give you the resources to level up faster and can help in Doomsday if you can maange the extra bases but at least until B25, setting these up at no cost besides some time can help you grow quickly when you start. Cash is also an important one and is good to set these to trader or farmer.

Skipping Seasons

Part of becoming strong is sacrificing the first couple of seasons which I know sounds long, but if you’re committed to Last Shelter for the long haul and sticking to your guns not spending any money, this is necessary going forward. Why? because spending limited tickets per season is most likely to give you poor heroes return and development, when all other areas are lacking. Patience on tickets will pay off and can give you a big boost when things like baneblade, cutting edge tech can take a very long time.

Hopeness lab

when hero reconsutrction is available to your state, provided things are still the same, you’ll get roughly 500 polymer crystals to start things off. The best thing to do is level up the hopeness lab, which will cover you up to level 7 (total of 10 levels and from 5 requires polymer crystals ot upgrade the building) and then pick some up over time from the helicopter pad, doomsday shop to get you up to level 8 or beyond. THe minimum is 7/8 as that will give you 3 to 4 free reconsutructions per day. This is good because as you lock gold special skills, the amount of polymers required goes up (max 6 polyer crystals per reconsutrction, trust me, you can burn through quick).

These free reconstructions can help on those near gold heroes if luck works out. Polymer crystalls are expensive in the doomsday shop and are only worth on thee heroes outlined above and after baneblade and cutting edge tech.

Train many troops

I remember back in the day bases with high combat power but low kill counts were looked down upon. But for the long game, this is exactly what you’ll want to do – keep training those troops because you’re going to need tthem in future seasons. Do what you got to do for kill enemy through trade areas and don’t feel the need to kill troops as you’ll most likely not be strong enough. Only do so once heroes, tech and some baneblade parts are done (or you can kill them in Eden / Doomsday since troops come back). You should aim for over 500m from early on. Seems a lot, but even with training heroes, speedups, diamonds and etc can only take you so far. By starting early as in S1/S2, you won’t need to play catchup when things heat up. You’ll thank me for this!

Doomsday Silver

The way you earn Doomsday Silver changes depending on the Eden map you play. Expedition has you earn Silver by levelling up the combat base, while Wonders has you earn Silver from the statues levelling up, guild rank rewards from levelling that up. All you need to do make sure sure you complete all objectives to collect the coins.

As for spending them, the shop is much smaller than the usual DD coins but you will want to spend them on all honor capsules (10 in total) and collect all composite material (1 million) for the next season. This will give you a leg up in honor building upgrades, or you can redeem them every new season. Rare earth material for example in Wonders Eden requires the material to upgrade a statue so you will eventually run out. Just upgrade the statues daily to receive rare earth material each time and upgrade at your pace. You can use these to top up if you’re a little short levelling up.

So there you have it KBA Squad, that is my secret sauce for free to play players, or minimal spending players to be strong. Time is part of the process so you have to be patient and that means months and months, but execute these right and you can cut down the sacrifice and start feeling fairly competitive to stand on your own two feet, or help out your guild / alliance. No matter wwhat however, you’ll hit a wall when you get to the whales so you’ll have to rely on your stronger teammates to overcome (or not). But most importantly, enjoy the game. if you’re not, then it’s better to walk away because it’s going to be a grind or adding some expenses to your bank statement.

I hope that helps however and if it does appreciate your support and love to my guides by leaving a comment down below, sharing with your buddies and letting me know what you’d like to see next. And if you come across me in state 847, say hellow 🙂 Keep being awesome

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