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Last Shelter Hopeness Lab October Update

Tech Priestess, Siren & My Recommended Reconstructions!

Alright KBA Squad, post holiday this one is a little late but still relevant in the mid-month of October and that’s the newly added heroes in the Last Shelter hopeness lab. THIS IS A BIG ONE. Why? Because not only is one of the best pre-SX heroes available to reconstruct such as tech priestess, it also opens up reconstruction for Scarlet Siren who forms top of the 3 meta combos to make her even deadlier. She’s alongside some other heroes which I touch on but those two are the beast we’ll focus on. LEGGO KBA SQUAD!

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To headline Octobers update in the hopeness lab there are 3 SX heroes and 3 pre-SX heroes and they are Scarlet Siren, Rose Noire, Wanderer, Tech Priestess, Commissar and Light of the Past. The reconstructions we don’t need to consider is Wanderer, Commissar and Light of the Past because well…. they suck. At this stage if you’re maxed heroes look like any of those 3 then you’re in BIG trouble. You’re best to split them and use the copies to qualify your other maxed heroes so you can reconstruct them. I’ve done that and haven’t looked back. So that means we’ll focus on the 3 primary heroes worth reconstructing who are Siren, TP and Rose.

Now Siren is the biggest update this month as she currently rocks two of the three top meta combos currently when paired with either Dawn / Scorpion or Flare / Dawn. If you have either of the combo or both, then you’re going to find this update special. Tech Priestess for an S3 hero has been hugely relevant and is still badass although her meta setups are finally outmatched, although you should know by now it’s not one definitive combo to beat them all (a la Lord of the Rings), but more about rocking the APCs of top combos to make you unbreakable (albeit caveating tech, baneblade, T10 and more). TP therefore slides nicely into a TP / Wrath combo with any of Lust, Death Rider, Siren, Hummingbird.

recommended reconstructions


For her special skill you can take it a couple of ways: Flame Burn increases her flame damage skill that deals damage every round to the entire formation, guaranteed and trusted to accumulate over the rounds. This works no matter where she is placed. Another is either defensive attack to reduce the damage she receives at the front row (based on a Siren / Dawn / Scorpion), Tactical Conversion to amp her combat skill damage which she deals plenty of, or Greed which grants healing based on every damage she inflicts. I’m a big fan of the latter because it gives more flexibility to the kind of combos if she’s in a low healing combo or just makes her more independent. Add that to Dawns healing and damage absorption in the second row, she’ll be killer. Hour glass can try to skip the prep on her chain explosion so you can execute with greater damage potential.

For her normal skills, I would focus on being a tanky squad so that’s either HP, resistance or increasing tactical might for damage effectiveness. If she’s in the front, she’ll take the brunt of the attacks so higher resistance will help against those normal attacks, although if running with Flare, he will be in the front row. Any of those are ideal as she runs fighters, although group versions are a close second.


Since she’s best operated in the front row in a TP / Wrath combo, defensive attack works well here to reduce damage. Another is hour-glass to skip the one turn prep on her Radar Jamming to hopefully inflict confusion at greater efficacy. You can support her damage healing ability with independent healing like efficient treatment or temporary preparedness. One is guaranteed per turn at a low recovery rate, the other triggers 50% chance but deals a higher 50% recovery at gold quality. Another of those would work well or self-inflict to remove any counters placed although there’s a limited use on that one.

As for normal skills, similar to Siren you want to amp her HP and resistance as she’s in the front row, group tactical resistance or might is helpful as support skills for your other heroes too.


Rose Noire as a normal attack hero follows a similar reconstruction to how I would approach Nomad – increase her normal attack frequency, amp the might or increase the damage. For special abilities, Full of Vigor is decent as it amps might by 75% if her troops stay above 75%. The safer alternative is Potential Unleashed which amps her might and resistance by 100% if troops fall below 50%, so depending on her risk factor either of the two will work well. Strike combo can add a couple normal attacks to trigger her passive skill from the fourth round which could be awesome assuming she can live beyond that point, while pre-emptive strike allows her to move first for the 3 turns and increased damage to get some early blows in. Power conversion increases her normal attack damage at the sacrifice of combat skill damage or you can go the tactical route depending on your preference.

For normal skills, amp her might like crazy. Might and tactical might will do wonders for her.

So those are October heroes added to the Hopeness Lab in Last Shelter. Have you reconstructed any of them yet? If so, sound off down below what skills you got for them and which skill you think work best for each!

hero profile

Please consider supporting my work by contributing any amount as low as $1. This helps to maintain my website costs, development, creation efforts and putting food on the table since I run everything myself. Your support is very much appreciated. Keep being awesome! Tip my PayPal Jar