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Last Shelter Hero Token Shop July P1 Update

She’s finally arrived in the token shop update for July P1: Canoness! July is off to a banger in Last Shelter as the highly rated healing fighter hero Canoness lands, alongside Panther and Farseer. While it was SX hero Betrayed who delayed her arrival in June P2 from our expectations, she forms a great token shop update that you should consider picking up at least 1 of these heroes. Let’s take a look at them.


Canoness (SX) Fighter

Highly worth picking up and is one of the top tier picks out of the SX roster if you only wanted to spend those hero tokens on the very best. She’s an equivalent to Retrograder and ranks among the best healing fighters who pairs well with Dawn or as the healing cover for Scorpion. I make her an exception if you don’t have her to get that first single copy to develop for the future and is a no-brainer if you have anymore additional copies. If this makes her the second copy, you should awaken her first and then skill 8 prayers as the 3rd copy since her healing is skill 1-5 and will offer more the longer she stays in battle. And if you get the chance to max her? 100%.

Panther (S2) Vehicle

Though he drops down the combat pecking order behind SX vehicle heroes, he’s still an excellent counterattacking option with incredible staying power as making the most effective force tiling formation with Ivanov and Major Ana, or Ivanov and Sven in a mixed combo. If you have just one copy, you’ll get a big upgrade to force tiling efficiency in Eden / Total War provided you unclok his counterattacking skill 8 ability as the second copy before awakening. Since force tiling only uses up to 40K troops in battle, awakening him doesn’t effect him so leave that for the 3rd copy. And if you want to perform best and get high on those tile levels from the start, then you will also want to max him. I would still save tokens for SX over pre-SX heroes as you can grab Panther much more cheaper in the Doomsday Coins shop, but if you have plenty, he will be very useful in season play.

Farseer (S3) Vehicle

Now Farseer is the less desirable of the two as she gets left behind with incredible strong SX vehicle heroes. She can still mix well with them as her EMP formation silence that stopps heroes from triggering combat skills can prove to be very effective, though favoring her over other heroes is more limited. The only scenario I would suggest to pick her up is if you can grab the final copy to max her, otherwise pass on Farseer as their are just more important pre-SX and SX heroes to spend these tokens on.

That wraps up July P1 which ended up being very good. Which hero will come in July P2? Sound off your predictions in the comments below and check out my hero profiles for more analytics into them!


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