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SX HERO DROP 5: It’s Kamikaze + SX Ticket Pull! Leggooo [S5]

Happy Friday Team KBA! It’s a hero drop you’ve been waiting for in last Shelter, this is Season 5 Week 5 and the top pick hero is Kamikaze! An exceptional front-row vehicle hero that is a must in your APC formation, this is the drop you’ve been waiting for. But is it as straight-forward as it seems? Unless you pulled the trigger with spending tickets in the larger pools, it may be more worth or more riskier. Let’s dive into this pool who includes: Kamikaze, Prophet, Organic, Rose Noire, Patriot and Lone Wolf. THAT CONFIRMS, the final small hero drop 6 next week! BONUS, I pulled my SX ticket from the Doomsday Shop. Were the RNG Gods looking down upon me? Plenty to unpack in this video!

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