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Last Shelter Elite Season Challenge Pass Review

If you only had to buy one service in the game, this would be it.

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So after finishing my first Eden: Dissidia season and completing the Elite Season Challenge, was the pass worth it? 100% yes. You can definitely go without buying the Elite Pass and still have a great Eden season. BUT, the rewards are too hard to ignore that for a very compelling price of $19.99 USD, you really pass up the opportunity to pick up some excellent rewards along the way, delivering the most bang for your buck.

I’d also go so far to say Season Challenge is more fulfilling with rewards that align to your efforts as normal challenge is a little less generous. The extra doomsday coins, super tickets and honor points are worth it alone for the long-term, while the privileges and extra small stuff are still very substantial.

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It’s the new weekly season challenges you’re tasked to complete as part of Eden season, which reward you with benefits-in-kind for every level milestone you reach. Some are far easier than others, with others more difficult to attain but generally, you’ll naturally advance this or for the completionist, aim to complete and reach that maximum level 50. There are two reward plans for Season Challenge: Normal Challenge and Elite Challenge.

Normal Challenge is the set of rewards open to everyone when you complete the season quests. You gain rewards for every 2 levels you reach, earning a combination of honor points, regeneration serums, honor boost tickets, doomsday coins, expansion tile plans, hero exp and super tickets at level 50. There’s no difference to the quests you complete, but the difference in rewards between Normal and Elite are huge.

Elite Challenge is the optional paid season pass that unlocks a ton of potential rewards, and privileges for the entire season. It’s completely optional, but in my opinion, for $19.99 USD and what it offers in return, it is one of the best all-round services you can buy in Last Shelter. I’ll do a separate review on Elite Challenge but it’s wholly worth it if you want to enhance your Eden rewards experience. But again, 100% optional with Season Challenge achievable without it.


100% Yes. I reached max level 50 in the final few days of my season. For the kind of quests, I didn’t think any were difficult, you just need to be active and expending your APC energy towards it, completed one quest at a time. You can skip around 3 levels (600) worth of quests and still reach level 50, provided you hit your daily quests.

There was 1 quest where you have to occupy a level 16 tile, which may be a sticking point, but reaching level 16 immunity is more achievable in Eden vs Doomsday due to the many rss plots on the map. Good guilds will set up tile trading spots for retaking enemy tiles while I recommend not upgrading guardian and assault fortresses since they consume many composite materials with little EXP return. So reaching max level 50 is 100% achievable as long as you remain active, which means should not expect to buy level ups or spend more than the $19.99 USD price of unlocking Elite Challenge. AVOID paying to skip levels as earning them is part of the fun, it’s not difficult to attain, just patience, and the price to skip 1 or 5 levels is ludicrously expensive and is the worst way you can spend vs alternatives in Last Shelter.


Elite Challenge unlocks many huge buffs to take advantage of during the Eden season once you reach the level rewards. Below are the maximum effects for each privilege.


You can see these are huge, with the most significant privileges being +1 processing queue, processing plant speed increase, territory abandon timer and then the nice to haves, which are marching speed, regeneration serum allowance and troop healing speed in DD hospital. The processing plant buffs are a big advantage because it means you do not have to use 10 specialty points to gain the extra queue and processing speed buffs.

This gives you more freedom to spec in other skill trees such as honor gain (building or tiles), towards any flag skills like pioneer or raider, or land development. Those alone make a big difference to how you want to play Eden. The territory abandon timer is a 10 minute decrease on the usual 30 minutes, relocated from the Doomsday Investment Plan where you might have seen it pre-SX. This is also really useful to tile and react quicker. So in terms of enhancing Eden, the privileges alone are substantial.


If there was one purchase you had to make in Last Shelter, I would honestly say Elite Challenge season pass for Eden: Dissidia / Conflict is probably it. Pre Eden that title would have gone to Project Hero in terms of value, but since Eden Season Challenge, this is hands-down the most jam-packed, stacked value package that is beneficial all-round. While you get 25 rewards through normal, non-paid challenge, you get 50 from Elite and the difference is again, huge. Have a look at the breakdown I put together. Note, you get the normal and Elite rewards for a total of 75 pieces.

Super Ticket52833
Doomsday Coin50,00080,000130,000
Honor Points10M26M36M
Regenerative Serum1,1002,0003,100
Training Order50150200
Courage Medal06,5006,500
Expansion Tile 51015
APC Skin (Permanent)X22
Hero EXP PoolXUp to 80M<80M
Honor Points PoolXUp to 80M<80M
Honor Boost Tickets17017
Privilege: Marching Speed (+50%)X
Privilege: Healing Speed (+20%)X
Privilege: Processing Speed (+50%)X
Privilege: Abandon Tile (-10 mins)X
Privilege: Processing Queue (+1)X
Privilege: Serum Capacity (+300%)X

The ones I’ve put in bold are key features of the rewards you gain, that are helpful during Eden to a big effect. Doomsday Coins which are arguable the most exclusive currency in Last Shelter with hugely beneficial rewards in hero tickets and super energy cores, the 80K+ additional is equivalent to winning 4 oblivion events worth or nearly 45K of energy cores. And roughly 30% of an S2 selection ticket. There’s no other avenue that awards such rewards so DD coins is great ffor your APC hero development without any gambling or luck.

The additional 28 super tickets is very useful too, though that’s over the course of 7 or 8 weeks. The absolute number of tickets are highly worthwhile, BUT the timeline is super long. My next point speaks deeper about the APC skin so I’ll leave it there but again with how much APC skins cost and the fact the awarded one is actually useful and looks cool, is a great alternative to the amount you spend to buy a skin.

Special mention goes to the honor pool which is actually incredibly useful. You can earn up to 80M extra honor points which is super handy for levelling up your specialty points and unlocking further skills to help in Eden. This is determined by the level and how active you are tiling, but you get more honor bonus on top of extra honor gain you may get or what’s awarded when you occupy a tile. Huge boost as well as the honor boost tickets you get to 100% the amount you gain for 30 minutes. Luckily those tickets are available in normal challenge with no additional extras in Elite so at least it’s not locked and alienating non-Elite users.


Considering how crazy expensive it is to try your luck in buying APC skins, the fact you get this mole (which honestly looks pretty dope in action, much better than some expensive skins out there), as the final reward in Elite Challenge should you hit level 50 is a no-brainer to one of the best value for money, all-round service you can buy in Last Shelter.

The Mole-Class Detector is a hovering, futuristic APC skin that provides a +5 marching speed to territory effect and is a permanent skin you keep to use for many seasons thereafter. That’s roughly 2 specialty points in the green right section or 1 NQ marching speed card. If you double that up with up to 15% marching speed NQ cards, it flies. And even more so if you spec to the marching speed in the green. Either way, this APC skin is no slouch and for tiling will definitely still be used by others who have bought more combat skins, thanks to this very useful buff.

For example, an APC skin on average will cost you $280 USD (don’t let the packs fool you as you may only likely get this after the 4th or 5th pack. The pack price increases from $9, $20, $50, $99, $99, and so forth). Sure it may not have the more useful buff, but for $19.99 with all the other rewards?! This is worth it when you’re simply bored of the default skin.

100% Worth Picking Up


When you compare what you get and how much Elite Challenge Season Pass costs to the packs available on Last Shelter such as: arms supply, project hero, trade supply, super tickets, tokens etc. They offer far less and cost similar or dangerously more expensive. So while it is an optional pass for Eden, it is BY FAR the best thing you can buy in the entire game. If you’re invested and committed to Last Shelter and Eden, don’t hesitate to pick this up. It’s just my opinion but as someone who is cost conscious and always critical about the value for money and whether it’s worthwhile, this I can say hands-down is… provided you’re willing to put in the effort to get the rewards.

If you only had to pick one Last Shelter service to buy, it should only be Elite Challenge Season Pass for Eden. The exclusive rewards, privileges throughout the season and compelling price that doesn't break the bank offers the most value for money, hands down. It's optional, but I feel like it's a must.
If you put in the effort, these are excellent rewards to enhance your Eden season
The cheapest way to earn an APC skin aalonside other rewards
Fully packaged with season, hero growth and long-term development features
Meaningful privileges to enhance Eden gameplay
Requires no additional effort to attain Elite vs Normal rewards
Rewards are based on activity and not guaranteed so bear that in mind
Rewards are delivered throughout the 7 weeks of Eden
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