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Last Shelter Eden Dissidia Beginners Guide One Tech Traveller Hero

Last Shelter Eden: Dissidia Beginner’s Guide

Deep Introduction to the world of Eden: Dissidia!

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Sup Team KBA, we’re in the Last Shelter universe and this is Eden: Dissidia, a beginner’s guide to the Doomsday season format for Season X players. I’m here to make the significantly larger map less daunting, give you ideas and tips to navigate your season, and have confidence in locking down the basic fundamentals to Eden: Dissidia so you can have fun, help out your guild members, and capture territories for those super tasty Eden rewards.

I’ll be updating this the more experienced I am in Eden if there’s anything relevant or helpful, otherwise, you can keep an eye out for my advanced Eden guides for players more accustomed and established to Eden. What are we waiting for, ready up those APC formations and let’s enter Eden: Dissidia!

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Last Shelter Eden Dissidia Beginners Guide One Tech Traveller Hero


It’s a new type of season format you will enter after Season 4, which builds on Doomsday Conquest you would have played previously, but with a lot of additions, and changes to what you are familiar with, There are several types of Eden modes (which I’ll cover separately).

The biggest difference from Doomsday Conquest is that Eden is a completely different world map to the usual, meaning you have to enter and exit Eden map, has it’s own set of durability, new gameplay mechanics such as will and replaces alliance centers and physical honor buildings, with buildings to capture such as bridge checkpoints, towns, gates, and cities.

The aim is to hold as many territory points on the map as possible, with the guild holding the most capture points value after the season the winners. Many exciting parts to Eden but also plenty of stuff going on to take in at once! Here are some of the biggest things you need to know/understand before you get going.


Tips worth talking about but not enough to have their own sections, here are some quick pointers:

  • There’s a 10-minute cooldown from when you exit Eden map before you can re-enter.
  • You can reinforce bases even if they exit Eden map to avoid losing base tile to enemy
  • You deal less damage attacking bases or tiles the further they are from your location.
  • There are far more resource plots to build material than Doomsday.
  • Maximum guild level is 50 with a total of 200 guild members capacity. (Level 50)
  • Eden APCs consume battery power per action, separate from durability in normal map. So that’s 400 power in Eden and 400 durability in normal map per set.
  • Continue to frequently tile the highest level RSS plots you can take, abandon and recapture for guild contribution progression (more on Guilds later).
  • From my own experience, there have been times I could not build a tele pad right next to the city or town to occupy (within the white square area). Others have said you can, but build a telepad outside of this to be on the safe side as you have to wait for a 2×2 tile to get the message you cannot build. Loss time and energy vs playing it safe and knowing 100% you can build outside of the white area.
  • Ensure there is a guild member who at the very least has the pioneer flag that halves APC energy use.
  • Entering Eden: Dissidia map will return any APCs gathering or doing National Quest missions.
  • There’s a 24 hour cooldown if you leave or are kicked out of a guild before you can join another.
  • You can stay in Eden map over Kill Enemy COZ and Free-Development day.


Biggest change from Doomsday Conquest is that you no longer fight as an alliance but from created Guilds. Guilds act similar to being in an alliance but as they level up, you can have more than 100 people join. Not only that, it allows bases from different alliances from different states to join the same Guild. I believe there’s still a 24-hour cooldown if you decide to leave and join another guild, while your contribution stays in the guild you racked up experience with, much like changing alliance and the stats. So you can opt to join your alliance members in one guild (the R5 will sign up to Eden, so all alliance members are in the same Eden map, don’t sign up yourself).

You’ll want to keep tiling to progress the Guild level. Do NOT donate your virus sample material as the gains are incredibly minimal and the production from your tiles should solely be focused on upgrading your virus honor buildings. The more members that join, the stronger your Guild force, ability to occupy stronger capture points and to fend off other Guilds when it comes to crunch time. So scout and recruit any potential bases in Eden map!


This is very important to understand as it’s not clear from the beginning: there is a 24 hour cooldown if a player leaves a guild. The same goes for if you are kicked out of your guild.. You will only see a list of guilds within the sector of the Eden map you’re in at first.

NOW. If you want to change to a guild in another sector, the guild needs to have captured a city or town within your original sector (where you first started, not where you are at present) in order for the guild to show up in the list to apply. You can not join a guild from any sector on the map otherwise.


There are a total of 3 different rewards you can receive in Eden: Season Guild Rank, Guild Development, and Personal.

Being active on a wider scale pays dividends for all 3, but ensures you can get solid rewards from Guild Development and Personal. Personal is achievable by not as easy Guild Development to guarantee 1 x Season X ticket, and more Doomsday Coins. The more difficult one to do well is Guild season ranking and depends on your guild co-ordination, capture strength, and diplomacy to finish with as many occupation points as possible.

Organised movement to coordinate checkpoint captures are imperative to getting solid rewards. While you’re facing off against other guilds, the way you’re measured is simply how many buildings your guild holds and the value of them. The rewards are sweet so if you can find a top guild, you’ll be well rewarded.


Relations with our guilds can make or break an Eden season. Whether that’s keeping things neutral or a closer understanding to have a friendly relationship status between guilds, they can help navigate around the large Eden map between sectors either smoothly or without issues.

Stay updated as it’s easy for things to go south between guilds and the difference to Doomsday is that bases can be attacked anytime. Wars between guilds, even away from capture checkpoints can go on for a long time, so depending on your playstyle and the guilds standing among others, choose a guild that not only represents good strength among members, but good relations with others too.

And at the end of the day, sometimes things just aren’t in your control if you’re out in a very tough Eden map. Expect very strong bases and guilds, and unfair monopolisation of checkpoints and power. While getting into to guilds makes life far easier, it’s also much harder as the standards and competition is higher. We’ll talk not about that in my advanced guide, but essentially a good guild that is active with good diplomacy will at least offer a lot enjoyable Eden.


These are no longer physical buildings you place in the world map like Doomsday Conquest. They are still there but operate in the back to process material, build up immunity and increasing attack/defence attributes through fortresses. So no longer do you need to use stones for these but you’ll need stone for every teleport you make.

Processing material, harvesting and upgrading these buildings are still a fundamental in Eden: Dissidia to tile higher levels and work your way towards the World Centre (as long as your guild is variable of capturing. The additional guardian and assault fortresses so need to be unlocked through blue specialty so you’ll want to unlock them when you reset. Depending on your Eden map if it is a very active or diplomatic map, it’s easier to reach immunity for a level 16 tile vs Doomsday Conquest / Total War where you fight over tiles constantly. The immunity levels stay the same however. You want to force tile as much as you can to harvest more materials.


Unlike Doomsday Conquest, you can no longer teleport wherever you want or between states. Eden: Dissidia map is huge, and you’ll find all of the players in your bracket share the same map. There’s more strategy and even more importance on base location so it’s important to understand the new teleport system. You need to capture 2×2 tiles in a square in order for the teleport option to show when you click any of those tiles, it requires 1,000 stones and 10,000 composite materials to build.

There is a construction time of 2 hours before you can use the teleport pad and you can ONLY have one teleport pad at a time. You’ll want to make sure any new location you plan on moving to is relatively free from other guild tiles and you are spaced at least several tiles away from your guild members. Why? like in Doomsday Conquest, bases that tile up to you allows them to hit your base directly and if you are in ‘fallen’ status, any connecting bases to you can also be hit.

It’s good practice when you move to a new location, to always have 4 tiles available to take another 2×2 in preparation for the next teleport built. Things may move quickly and you may find a guild too close for comfort so having one ready as backup is always a good idea. Just be mindful of your composite materials and don’t teleport needlessly if you can. Once you teleport to a new location, you CANNOT teleport back. It’s a one-time thing. What’s left are the tiles your base was sitting on so building a 2×2 on rss tile plots; at least they’ll bring in material to process.


The world map as well as being huge is also well populated that doesn’t feel as barebones and far more interesting as a map. Terrain plays a part here as you’ll find rivers and mountain ranges that restrict movement. If you have a guild member tile over the river and mountains, the APC will simply drive over them and tile across. However, if you’re aiming to head over an untiled area, you’ll need to occupy a checkpoint bridge to crossover. As for mountains, you cannot cross over and will need to go around it. You’ll make more progress if your guild members tile in coordination to cover more ground.


New to Eden from Doomsday Conquest is ‘Will’, your APC troop morale. Each APC starts at 150 and gradually decreases the further you send APCs from your base.. What does this mean? it impacts your overall troop damage that maxes at -70% damage reduction. It can impact force tiling poison so bear that in mind when taking tiles far from your base, while you won’t see much different taking tiles within your immunity. Where it plays a big part is when you attack bases, that’s a big reduction so again, read the situation and consider troop will (morale) into your actions.


2 hour charge time, 8-hour protection, 8-hour cooldown

There’s a separate shield you need to activate in Eden or when you return to the normal map. It’s not as straightforward as throwing up your 8H/ 12H/ 24H shield. There’s a 2-hour force charging time where you cannot take any tiles, offers 8-hour protection, and then has an 8-hour cooldown. Be mindful of that. I generally only have the shield up when I go to bed, as long as I am in a location where I’m not in danger. The shield protects you when active or when you leave a ghost base, as you can still be attacked, but only the durability rather than your troops (as you aren’t physically there).


Over the season, your guild will need to occupy these buildings to score value and is what determines season end rankings. There are three factors when taking these: durability, destruction power, and immunity. You can think of these points as mini alliance war duels from Doomsday Conquest.

DURABILITY each hit consumes 10 power (for a total of 40 APC hits) and each capture has a high amount of durability before it is taken. Participation and specialty skills are essential.

DESTRUCTION POWER like with honor buildings in DD, the higher the destruction power of APCs, the more it takes off the capture durability. Use fighters and spec blue up for maximum destruction power damage (with exception of SX Hero Death Rider).

IMMUNITY that being said, each capture point requires a certain immunity level before you can actually try to destroy them. See below for durability, immunity power, and level required. You’ll want to progress your immunity level as quickly as possible while having APCs force tile beyond dull immunity to build your material quickly and upgrade those honor buildings. If you aren’t at the immunity level, you cannot capture the building or contribute at least.

World Centre5,000,0008,00016
Capital L64,500,0007,000<15
Capital L54,000,0006,40014
Large Town L43,750,0006,000>13
Small Town L22,000,0005,200>12
Small Town L11,500,0004,80012
Gate L52,000,0006,40014
Gate L2400,0003,600>11
Gate L1200,0002,7009
Bridge L1200,0002,7009

(will update as I scout other levels of these building types, comment below for ones I’m missing so I can add in, thanks!)

NOTE: very important to understand that while the immunity level of these buildings may be out of reach for some guild members, as long as enough members who can take the immunity to bring the durability down, the building will hit burning status after a certain milestone – this will bring the immunity level significantly down, after which all members can then hit the capture points! For example a small town that requires 3700 immunity in burning status will go down to 3000 immunity level. So don’t worry if your virus immunity level isn’t high enough, just wait for members who can lower the durability with his until you can jump in.

As you can see (and even to me), taking these buildings on require plenty of guild member durability, but more importantly, the high tile level required to even successfully attack these buildings. From my own doomsday experience (as a F2P player, no DD investment plan, and no composite packs, no Elite Privilege pass…so far), the highest I’ve reached is tile level 14 towards the latter stages of DD, which means I can participate in occupying Capital L5, Large Town L4 and Gate L5. Unless you have an excellent force tiling APC where you can take up to L16 or 100% tile poison in the beginning (I’ve seen another guild take L16 tiles in the first few hours of Eden: Dissidia), like in DD, you need to maximise material, upgrade virus buildings and processing plants as quickly as you can and let time to be the factor until you can capture these points.


While force tiling is pretty important to anchor in other states by their alliance centres or hold ground for that competitive advantage, force tiling is arguably even more important in Eden: Dissidia, the race to L16 tiles and capturing those higher-level capitals on the way to the World Centre is higher, as the stakes are higher. Most of the time you’ll want to force tile poison when reasonable for your APC to grow your material production faster, level up honor buildings earlier, and upgrade immunity quicker in a cycle.

Specialty points are one thing but if you develop your hero formation right, even F2P can be competitive (play your hero tokens and if luck is on your side, read my limited recruitment timeline on how to prep Season 1 – 4 prior to SX).

For forcing tile poison beyond 20%+ you can take it with a decently developed IVANOV MAJOR ANA PANTHER formation (PIA). Anything more like 40% you’ll need a maxed skills version of these heroes. SX hero Sven is the best for forcing tiles and slots in Ivanov Sven Panther that can take a crazy 100% so bear that in mind as Sven (though not good for combat) is available in the first SX hero pool during the opening week.


Fallen status is when your base has been attacked directly with enemy tiles connecting to your base. Once you’ve sustained enough hits and durability reaches 0, a force shield will automatically activate for 24 hours and your base will be in fallen status. Essentially, you cannot take any action in this state. To exit out of fallen status, you pay a small amount of each RSS (iron, lumber, oil, food) to voluntarily exit fallen status. Be aware that durability won’t have recovered so unless you’ve had teammates clear surrounding enemy tiles you are vulnerable. Choose whether it’s more sensible to stay under the enforced shielding, or whether everything is clear to exit fallen status.

An alternative method is for members to ‘revive’ you out of fallen status. This is done by members what looks like hitting your base, actually reducing durability and recapturing the enemy occupied tiles under the base to clear them. Beware, it’s better to leave your member in fallen status and for them to pay RSS, as if they aren’t online, they will be attacked again and sent somewhere randomly which is more time consuming and costly in materials for them to teleport back to the area.


When you lose troops from base sieging, being attacked, force tiling or tiling high levels, all troop loss will be in Doomsday Hospital. This differs slightly from Doomsday Conquest where any attacked troops in garrison of alliance centers or honor buildings are sent to the normal hospital, requiring a high amount of resources, cash, and regular monitoring that the hospital is not maxed.

You can rest assure in Eden all troops will come back in full at the end of the season and you just need to manage healing times and regeneration serums to bring them back. Depending on your season, attacking bases are far more frequent in Eden so it is a must that you go into Eden with as many troops as possible. You’ll lose a lot also from force tiling, but you can go 100% knowing they will all come back.



New to Eden season is the Elite Privilege pass, essentially a season pass of rewards from completing Elite quests, giving you more value than the free version. It’s arguably the best value package in Last Shelter once you’re in Season X. You get 50 reward items from Elite compared to 26 in the Normal Seasonal Challenge and you unlock them by completing the three daily challenges and season-long challenges that open over time. Here’s what that looks like:

Super Ticket52833
Doomsday Coin5000080000130000
Honor Points10M26M36M
Regenerative Serum110020003100
Training Order50150200
Courage Medal065006500
Expansion Tile51015
APC Skin (Permanent)X11
Honor Bonus17017
Seasonal EXP PoolX60M60M
Privilege: Marching SpeedX11
Privilege: Season EXP PoolX11
Privilege; Processing SpeedX22
Privilege: Abandon TileX11
Privilege:Processing QueueX11

Huge difference that gives players a big leg up in all aspects of Eden, but also worthwhile as a supplement for Super tickets and Doomsday coins for hero development in SX. For $19.99 / £19.49, it’s cheaper and more worthwhile than Project Hero, offers more value than Arms Supply (besides Super Core if thats your aim), and accelerates your performance in Eden: Dissidia, granted, that depends on you completing the full 50 levels in Seasonal Challenge, but if you do, you’re greatly rewarded. Of course, it is an optional purchase, but there’s a stark difference for those that take-up Elite Pass – it’s difficult not to. Should you get it? Completely up to you in terms of your playstyle, but if you do, you’ll get crazy value out of it and fun at the same time!


If you’re someone who purchases the Doomsday Investment Plan, there are some slight changes to some of the buffs you receive for Eden. While most of the plan is what you know from Doomsday Conquest, for Eden you get:

+100 destruction power which helps capture tiles using your vehicle formation (or saving specialty points to allocate elsewhere, or simply go all in combined)

-20% teleport construction time from 2 hours to 1 hour 20 minutes, super handy as you can only build one teleport at a time and 2 hours is long. So handy on a daily run of Eden

Absent Marching speed gone however is the marching speed buff which was a big advantage in Doomsday but it makes sense in Eden. As you cannot teleport as easily and have to be more strategic, marching time is a big factor in Eden. You’ll need to spec green right for the march to territory bonus in order to get marching gains OR from the Elite Privilege Pass (or both). So the overall value balances out but is important to note.

Other than that, it’s the same pack including a mighty +10 extra territory cap that means more resource tiles, more material production, early access honor building upgrades.


This weekly pack gives 500K of composite material straight up. If you want to get ahead, this pack at the beginning will help and should be used to upgrade the processing plants to the same level across all four buildings. It’s value runs out after the first week as you should be in a good position to process material at a good rate. Completely optional and is less worth than say the Doomsday Investment Plan and Elite Privilege Pass, but an option nonetheless that’s reasonable in price at $9.99 / £9.49. The other two I recommend more, in particular the Elite Privilege Pass for it’s longevity.

That about wraps it up for my beginner’s guide to Eden: Dissidia! It covers the basic fundamentals and essential knowledge to understand what goes on, what you need to know and some direction in a vast, expansive world map. If there’s anything I’ve missed feel free to leave a comment so I can comment on the said point, and some may crop up as I continue to experience more in Eden: Dissidia so check back for an updated view. Next up will be an Advanced guide that covers specialty skills, specifics on capturing buildings, world centre and details to fine tune your approach to maximise Eden! Share this with your alliance members, state or guild members. Keep being awesome, 1TT

Last Shelter Eden Dissidia Beginners Guide One Tech Traveller Hero

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One Tech Traveller
    1. Hey Louis, Eden: Dissidia is the first Eden format of Season X after S4. It’s the normal format whereas Eden: Conflict is a different version, however I’m not familiar as it’s future seasons from where I am. I believe it’s a new version introduced recently as a North vs South faction over the map with a very different war gameplay.

  1. Does the guardian and/or assault fortresses help reduce the number of injured troops? If so which one?
    Chops3131 state 742

    1. Hey Chops, shoutout to you in state 742.

      They can reduce but is quite a costly way of doing it with the composite requirements to upgrade each. Assault increase troop might during the season so more damage your troops deal while resistance means less. Unlocking more fortresses going blue spec down helps more than upgrading a single one if you haven’t yet already, if you have a spare specialty point to spare (but may nott be worth it if you’re in your last few weeks). I’ll answer to your other question about force tiling.

  2. I have Ivanov and Sven with the first 5 skills maxed and both at level 50. I haven’t got duplicates yet so haven’t unlocked skills 6-8. My immunity is 7601 and i have the weekly and elite package. Can I take level 16 tiles with them and if so what formation and troops do i use? I also only have gold phantom, orange dreadnought and ranger parts.
    Thanks again,
    Chops3131 state 742

    1. Panther Ivanov and Sven is the top force tiling formation at high poison, although panther is key for this splash damage. You can substitute ivanov for death rider, dawn guardian but if you have DD coins, Ivanov is worth unlocking to max or get his skill 8 open for that extra damage output. Let me know your heroes and skills list if you want a further look. Remember only 40k per row are in battle so play around with the troop levels, put ivanov at the front so his skills hit first. You can play around with 30,20,20 or 25,18,18. look at the battle reports and see what levels you can work with

      Let me know!

    1. Not necessary. You can make it up by doing other missions but you’ll need to do most of the missions to get the 15K. not difficult as long as you keep tiling, taking the required material plots and saving composite for honor structure upgrades. You can upgrade the assault and guardian fortress instead but I’d leave that till the end of the season if you have maxed the processing plants since they use a lot of composite.

      You’ll need most level 16 tiles however for the last occupation tile value quest.

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