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LAST SHELTER: Free Super Tickets for F2P, Save BIG on Cashback Offer Event!

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Sup Team KBA, Happy Friday and weekend! It’s cumulative event weekend and to kick that off, the Last Shelter team have teamed up with Huawei AppGallery to offer a crazy 50% cashback promotion on in-game packs for the first purchase, and 20% for packs thereafter from today, February 19 through February 25, 2021.

*This video is sponsored by Huawei AppGallery.* I only partner with brands that I think offer great quality and value to my team KBA community, so this is one of them that I think will help many of you during the best time you can take advantage of it: cumulative event! I buy a pack in real-time to show you how the cashback works, so you can trust this works when I do it myself for you :).

Open to everyone around the world, if you’re outside of US and Europe, watch my video so you can take part too. You get 50% cashback in Huawei Points which can be redeem straight away towards your next pack, either fully from your balance or to make it cheaper.

1 Huawei Point = 1 dollar / sterling / euro equivalent so 50 Huawei Points = $50. This gives insane savings if you spend big on cumulative pack event or want your spend to have more bang for your buck.

  1. Install Huawei AppGallery from campaign
  2. Install HMS security if prompted for AppGallery to run
  3. Register a Huawei ID account
  4. *IMPORTANT* set region to either: Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland 2) Download Last Shelter from this app (you’ll have two LS apps)
  5. Purchase your Pack in the region currency using Paypal or Debit Card
  6. You should see Huawei points offer earned in the transaction summary before payment 5) In the next package purchase, you can redeem or save up points for later!

ExpressVPN Android app for users outside of Europe and North America

*Please select your Huawei ID account region to one of the below markets: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Cashback offer should appear in Huawei in-app purchase payment screen. If not, check your Huawei account region was set to any of the above countries, in-game price is the region set currency, or using VPN outside of Europe and NA.

VIP REWARDS PROGRAM If you regular buy high ticket packs, you can get -15% in cashback points on your total monthly spending in Last Shelter if you spend above 1000 Euros. Contact me and I’ll send you an invite-link with the codeword to receive this exclusive cashback rate. i.e if you spend 1000, get 150 worth of Huawei Points to spend in-game back. Read VIP terms for more details.

FREE 2 X SUPER TICKETS Available to everyone while codes last, install Huawei AppGallery through the link above, search Last Shelter and claim the Β£10/$10 Welcome Gift Pack.

Copy the code and redeem in activation code in your main account. Wallah, free tickets for all πŸ™‚ i.e a $100 package first purchase will reward $50 cashback in Huawei Points, 20% thereafter awards $10.

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