Last Shelter Clash of Zones: Best Hero Development Tips

Score Big on Those Hero Upgrades The Best Way

What’s up Team KBA, we are continuing the Last Shelter series with another best guide for clash of zones events. This time we’re talking about one of my favorite days of the week and that is heroes development day! You’ll find all the guides I’ve done around Last Shelter Survival down below so check them out for each section. Otherwise here are the best ways to maximise and enjoy all the ways you can upgrade those precious heroes!

This is all about Last Shelter Heroes Development Day in terms of hitting those 9 chests. Keep an eye out for my heroes’ guide including developmental, seasonal, base oranges, purples, and more!

Clash of Zones Heroes Development Event

Guide created by One Tech Traveller

I’ve always intended my Last Shelter survival guides to enhance your experience without the need to spend any money, however, I also like to include them for completeness and share knowledge for those that are happy to spend which are indicated as PAID methods. All my methods will help propel F2P players or organic players otherwise. Thanks, and Enjoy!

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Let’s Address the Flip Trick

If you’re not familiar with the hero flip trick here’s what you would usually do:

  1. Pop a 50 or 100% CoZ ticket multiplier (blue or green)
  2. Level up a green hero to level 6 using hero EXP cards
  3. Unlock Skill 2 (the skill next to troop count)
  4. Use all wisdom medals until depleted
  5. Split that same hero
  6. Get 80% of medals and cash returned when you split developed hero
  7. Rinse and repeat

Now when you are at a low base level and are struggling to gather tickets, hero EXP and wisdom medals, it’s hard to gain CoZ points to hit that 3rd – 5th chest. So this was a way to make them go farther than usual. This trick is ONLY best used near the beginning to get those extra courage medals, super tickets, hero tokens and EXP.

As much as possible, you’ll want to max zone commemoration which I cover below, because in the long run, this method harms the growth of your main heroes. They’re better spent on unlocking and maxing skills of your main heroes rather than ones for points, BUT you need points to get chests which will help you do that. So, you can do this early on to hit some chests, but stop doing it as you level up your base and zone commemoration.. you’ll find yourself not needing to rely on this trick and more importantly, focus on growing your heroes to be competitive for Kill Event, Champions Duel, Doomsday and Eden!

Use Those Free Tickets. Save the Rest!

Firstly, if you aren’t visiting the heroes hall redeeming your FREE 1 x Normal, 1 x Advanced and 1 x Super ticket… shame on you. That is a sin! Tickets are such a commodity in Last Shelter Survival and you should make every single one of them COUNT.

So make sure you are clicking for your free ticket, it will say (free) so you know it doesn’t not consume your ticket count but don’t press recruit again otherwise it will. These also count towards your CoZ points so will it’s normal to unpack them as soon as reset happens or when you first log in, DO NOT on HERO DAY. Wait until CoZ has started and then unpack them in the timing I mention further down.

Let me also clear up a myth – these free tickets you get daily DO NOT STACK. That means if you don’t use them, you lose them. SO USE THEM!

I can’t stress the possibility that you CAN pull a base orange or seasonal hero from a free Advanced or Super ticket. That should be enough incentive to change your ways. 😉

You get a further 3 x normal tickets that refreshes every 9 minutes so if you pop a 100% CoZ blue ticket just before, you can fit all 4 of them for double points.

Keep Hitting Level 15 Zombies!

You’ll be surprised how many CoZ points you can rack up by hitting level 15 zombies. I currently get 460K Coz points per level 15 zombie I hit with a 100% coz ticket and maxed zombie research tech under zone commemoration. Multiply that by 40 which is 10 x durability per APC) and you’re looking at 18.4M CoZ points from JUST level 15 zombies. That’s pretty impressive and I’ haven’t even finished arms expert which can essentially more than double that number.

I honestly love hitting level 15 zombies because you get the base points plus the hero exp points on top and more importantly level up your heroes to max level 50. Here’s my guide to how you can MAX Level 50 Heroes the BEST way (new window).

During the 30 minute window you have for a 100% CoZ ticket, unless they’re popping up like daisies near your base, you should use vehicles to cover as many as possible. If you also have a solid set of front row heroes, spread them across four APC’s so you can hit up to 4 zombies at the same time to quicken the pace. Spread out your hero power levels so the amount of wounded troops you take is similar across.

Of course, the next best thing is level 14 zombies so if you are really desperate, hit these during the CoZ ticket window. When that has finished, you should be maxing out your durability hitting zombies before say gathering and recovering durability. You don’t always need to use a ticket and the good thing is you can creep closer to your target chest reward by hitting zombies.

Don’t forget to hit level 15 rebel camps which reward cash instead of resources as they count! Many people forget about those which means more for you to hit. Of course, you ideally want to hit ones which give you resources you need, but the level is more important during Hero Development so go for any level 15..and yes even those plague zombies!

Max Hero Day Zone Comm Tech


The biggest game-changer to the amount of effort you put in to all clash of zones events is zone commemoration. This NEEDS to be a priority. It will honestly make your life WAY easier, especially for Hero Day. After you unlock super rewards that unlock 9 chests in CoZ, each of these upgrade groups will increase your Clash of Zones points received SIGNIFICANTLY for the same action. You’ll want to save those courage medals to upgrade these as much as possible as the rewards are big if I haven’t already stressed that enough.

I suggest starting with the left side first for gathering, building, and research which will help you get more courage medals from CoZ boxes, to research the right side which are purely just for hero day. Do 10 of each side so you can reach the bottom quicker and get to the second ‘Arms Expert’ research which increases ALL CoZ event points in increments of 5%.

The jump from level 14 to 15 is HUGE as it jumps from 50% to 100%, so maxing hero tech upgrades will be a massive difference. You can essentially hit fewer zombies, use fewer tickets (which can be difficult to amass particularly the supers), and spend fewer medals to hit your coz boxes…. or hit more and get a higher score.

Decide if You’ll Upgrade or Unlock Skills

If you aren’t exactly splashed with tickets or medals, you’ll want to think in advance if you’re unlocking some of your current hero skills or not before the day comes. Unlocking skill points are very low at 20K base CoZ points vs if you were to use wisdom medals to upgrade. If unlocking a later skill requires 100 wisdom medals, you’ll still only get 20K CoZ points vs upgrade which will run into roughly 100 – 300K.

Factor that into your hourly challenges as for CoZ you can always make up for it in other ways I mention below. If that is the case, you’ll want to earn more wisdom medals and save them from CoZ events prior, pushing harder in those in order to still have a decent amount to upgrade heroes themselves.

On the other hand, if you aren’t unlocking skills, make sure you exchange some heroes before the CoZ event so if you happen to have more heroes than your military academy exchange cap, you’ll have already banked some medals to use. PLUS, don’t be afraid to exchange purple heroes which give you 50 wisdom medals if you’re going for max skill level. They’ll come by from time to time and if unlocking skills isn’t available right now, exchange them. If they are, best to save for the next window.

Less of a tip, more of a side note for your consideration: Blue Development heroes use fewer wisdom medals than base orange or seasonal heroes to unlock and upgrade skills. So if you don’t have a large pool of medals, you can maybe switch from upgrading your attacking heroes to working on your development heroes so they go further ability wise.


Double Dip on Hourly

Use JUST enough to hit your hourly challenge third chest in the final 15 minutes and then again when the new hourly starts

Like with every other CoZ event, you should be double dipping your 50 or 100% coz ticket (I suggest to exchange 4 into 100% to maximise your scores) in the last 15 minutes of the hour, get 3 hourly chests, and then have 15 minutes into the new hour for a new set of hourly chests. In effect you can get 6 chests. ALL hourly challenges for hero day are related to the event so you can make those tickets, exp, wisdoms work for you twice!

Consume All Don’t Spread

If you’ve amassed a good set of hero exp items, wisdom medals and tickets throughout the week and saved them all for hero day, then you can expect a SOLID hero day. So how should you best use these to get the most return in CoZ points besides the hourly chests I mentioned above?

The best way is to consume ALL of one item per-hourly challenge and not spread them thinly across several. That means spending as many or all hero exp in one hour challenge, the next hourly challenge as many super/advanced/normal tickets you can in another, and working with all the wisdom medals in the other to hit that third chest hourly challenge. You’ll want to do the first two while the 100% coz ticket is still active to make them work for hourly and CoZ events. As the new hour comes either consume for just the hourly third chest or pop another 100% coz ticket again.

There are some hourly challenges that let you use all of these hero stuff, but it’s best to consume all of one as the next hour may not let you use the ones you saved back and may fall short.

What if that’s not enough?

Tap into your tickets or medals to cover the third chest gap. Recently I made 2.7M points in the hourly challenge using just hero EXP but I was still 1M short. Keep hitting level 15 zombies constantly and as the timer goes I tapped into some normal or advanced tickets I had spare of the draw 10+1 and exchanged any heroes for medals. Do what you need to close the gap but do as little to preserve as much for the next hour.


If you’re going to spend VIP Points, please use them on Super Recruitment Tickets. But you’ll need 25M for VIP2 to unlock it

If you’ve decided to spend on unlocking the VIP Shop, there are two options: You can use VIP points to buy 4 x advanced tickets for 8K if you are level 1 on hero day, giving you 200K hourly points (though not a great use of VIP points IMO), or if you are VIP Level 2, take advantage of the 10 x Super tickets for 40K each on hero day which is arguably one of the best reasons to get VIP Shop.

The latter can help top up your Super tickets count so you can do a draw 10+1 which will give you extra points for that extra ticket and guarantee you a solid hero (hopefully orange than purple). I’ll talk about VIP Shop later on but it’s another avenue if you ALREADY have it unlocked to help with your Hero Day CoZ points.

So that’s 400K base points for an Advanced ticket and 2M for 10 x Super tickets without any research tech and coz ticket buffs.

Buy Common Purple Medal Using VIP Points

Another handy item you can find at the VIP Shop on Hero Day is a common purple medal you can redeem for 25K VIP Points. This is handy when you want unlock skill 4 faster (where you need 10 purple medals) – which is generally a might skill – or exchange for 50 wisdom medals when you need the extra to strengthen existing skills.

You should time this during an hourly where you get points for the exchange and spend to help you make your hourly chests. The downside is you can only buy one on the day but these should be seen as a supplement as you should aim to get these freely with your hero ticket pulls. It’s expensive to use for VIP Points but can be worth it if your luck hasn’t been too good on the day.

Use Hero EXP as you Earn

Don’t forget to use those hero exp from the third chest hourly challenge as you go! Based on my base level 20, third chests give you 2M worth of EXP and that’s higher if you have a higher base level. 2M is still quite considerable so if you are in a hero EXP hourly challenge, use it! Now is the time to make all of those level ups and then save it all again once hey day finishes for next hero day.

Hero Tickets Draw 10 + 1

An extra ticket gives you extra CoZ points and using the DRAW 10+1 guarantees mostly an orange hero. Win-Win!

This is kind of a no brainer but you’ll want to maximise your tickets by using the draw 10+1 system across normal, advanced and super recruitment tickets. You get extra points for the +1 ticket which is 260K worth of coz points across the board. Add a 100% coz ticket, other buffs and it’s a pretty good uplift.

If you find yourself just shy of 10 say 7, 8 or 9. You can get a few extra on the day by completing the following tasks:

  • 3 x Normal Ticket reach 260 points in daily task
  • 1 x Advanced Ticket reach 500 points in daily task (complete)
  • 1 x Super Ticket complete third chest in CoZ event

Of course, if you have maxed your zone commemoration then you can get 2 x Super tickets on the third chest but for the majority, if you find yourself shy of a couple to complete a ten, these will help.

Hero Packs in Store (PAID)

Expensive and completely optional. The small pack is ONLY a last resort if you need to complete that DRAW 10+1

If you don’t mind spending on Last Shelter (which is totally optional), you will find super ticket offers on the day. They are still expensive for what you get, BUT better than your average day. You’ll usually find 3 offers:

  • 2 x Super Recruitment for 5 USD / 4.59 GBP (if you don’t mind spending, this is decent)
  • 4 x Super Recruitment for 10 USD / 7.99 GBP* (unlocked after purchasing above)
  • 10 x Super Recruitment for 20 USD / 17.99 GBP (Not worth the money)
  • 30 x Super Recruitment for 100 USD / 96.99 GBP (DO NOT TOUCH AT ALL COSTS)

If you need to fill a stop gap of your Super tickets to do that draw 10 +1 which guarantees an Orange (or Purple, but that’s not what we want), then if you have a spare 5 USD it’s not bad. I’d rather suggest NOT to buy it if you are F2P, but if you honestly don’t mind, it’s ok.

NOTE: There are much better value packages out there that pop up from time to time, which I’ll talk about in anotther article: The BEST and WORST packages to buy in Last Shelter Survival

Where they get you is the * above as they always write ‘one-time offer’ on a weekly basis, but if you purchase it, they will offer a package that is double the return. So 4 tickets, double the diamonds and resources (rss), and double the price. You should definitely stop there otherwise you may get yourself in a spiral so either don’t buy it at all, find the ways above how you can get extra and if you still come up short, so be it and just let it go. Live for another hero day (Sunday perhaps?)

Development Heroes Rapid Skill

Don’t forget to tap those development heroes rapid skills or activation for a little bonus. While I don’t recommend the need to upgrade their first EXP gain skills when it comes to leveling them up (see my MAX level heroes the best way guide), you can pull incremental CoZ points by doing the usual action.

I get roughly 30-40K rapid production across my Iron ores, lumber, and food each with The Alchemist, Sheriff and Pioneer leveled up on a 100% Coz ticket. If you’ve upgraded their rapid production skill that gives a higher outcome you’ll get more EXP too so keep that in mind.