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Last Shelter APC Skin Drop: ADAM-I Space Crawler, Thingy. Pretty Good!


Happy Friday Team KBA, hope you had a good week so far. Looking forward to the weekend? Outside of the usual beats of Last Shelter, today’s video we’re looking at the new APC Skin drop which just landed – meet the ADAM-I! It’s got kind of a spaceship and creature crawler vibe going on so let’s talk about the design, the decor packs themselves to get these, the new dual buffs it provides and how this stacks against the other APC skins!

I’m also happy to onboard an additional channel partner LEO_13113 a longstanding Last Shelter professional, with his team and 400+ strong community that makes purchasing APC and Base Skins like the ADAM-I, Ice Castle, Crimson Sky and other exclusive skins accessible more affordable to many. His raffles for a selection of skins are popular, a fun bunch to chat with, while the live raffle in the LINE group is rewarding to participants and those watching 🙂 He is One Tech Traveller Verified with 100% confidence for smooth and fast transfers within Last Shelter, authenticated by me to ensure Team KBA will have a positive experience from start to finish. I look forward to partnering with him over the future and l hope to do some giveaways and rewards for Team KBA too!

Add LEO_1313 on the LINE app and tell him ‘One Tech Traveller says hi’. He’ll add you to the group, and you’ll see how it all works and if you’d like to try your hand at getting a skin with much higher odds for the fraction of the price. These skins are legitimately bought and transferred free of charge (there is a $50 fee the game charges for transfers, which is waived by LEO so you do not pay that), and are allowed by Last Shelter developers with the built-in gift transfer function. Enjoy and welcome LEO_1313 to the Team KBA family!


Daily base & APC raffles or direct purchase
LINE: leo_1313 (add him he or his team will invite you to the group)
Mention ‘One Tech Traveller’ when you message!

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