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Last Shelter APC Counter: How to Deal with Death Rider, Dawn, Scorpion

Insights into the combo, hero and formation suggestions

Sup Team KBA, my first video looking a little closer on APC formations in Last Shelter and today we’re checking out why Death Rider, Scorpion and Dawn are the hottest combos you’ll find that are tough to deal with. That being said, no APC is impenetrable and there are some ways you can counter this APC. Here are some of my suggestions on which hero’s can give you a little bit extra helping hand but of course, these aren’t the only ones.

why does this combo work?

Dawn flips the formula upside down as her positional effects places damage dealers in the front. Her healing ability which covers all squads increases survivability for the entire APC while she absorbs half the damage that targets the front row. Death Rider or Siren works best in this formation thanks to Siren’s guaranteed combat skill activation and variety of damage potential, while Death Rider and his counter immunity is stubborn in any APC but more in here. Scorpion tends to be in the last row to protect him from attacks, but also to ensure he stacks his troop recovery block and damage reduction. It reaches the maximum full block and 60% damage reduction within 3 turns, provided all heroes trigger combat skills.

It’s an evolved balanced of healing, damage and troop recover block that provides to be difficult for many top formations, but isn’t impenetrable to deal with.


There aren’t many windows to exploit with this formation, but the biggest weakness is the fact all these heroes have combat skills. These can be countered by applying silence or suppression to either prevent or reduce the number of activations Dawn can trigger her healing, Scorpion and his troop recovery block and poison skills, while Siren is unable to trigger the other two combat skills. Death Rider is tougher to deal with due to his counter immunity but there are still ways to counter him. Remember, Scorpion needs each hero to trigger their combat skill each turn for his troop recovery and damage reduction effect to stack.

You either need to focus on disabling Dawn’s healing or killing off Scorpion to allow your healing heroes to recovery troops. So heroes who have silence, suppression will work very well including confusion. Here are some heroes you can try swapping in:

hero suggestions

Heaven’s Redemption his balance of healing, damage evasion for the entire squad and silencing two squads without a turn prep makes Heaven’s Redemption an excellent choice to add.

Caesar a situational hero who can make a high counter combo with Heaven’s Redemption, while his disarm won’t be that effective, he can still apply silence to two squads. It does require a 1 turn prep which means it won’t be as preventative but does apply for 2 turns and can still reduce especially if overlapped with Heaven’s silencing.

Farseer a lesser choice but depending on your heroes, Farseer’s EMP can come in handy. While it does require a 1 turn prep like Caesar’s Kamikaze, it silences the entire formation, great especially if it’s Dawn, Scorpion and Siren (since counters don’t work on Death Rider). The downside is it only applies for 1 turn so depending on the order of hero play it may not work and doesn’t have the longevity effect of other heroes.

Huntress forced damage can greatly reduce Dawn’s troop numbers for her healing effect or potentially take her out if supported with other heroes to increase attack frequency. Her suppression for 1 turn could play nicely to disable Siren or Dawn depending where she is placed. The downside is she loses effectiveness after the first 3 turns so if Scorpion or Dawn aren’t disabled, the APC will struggle after.

Tech Priestess high chance of confusion being effective if it lands as besides Death Rider they are susceptible to it and may heal your own troops or damage theirs (not including Death Rider). You can look to go heavy confusion to make it work higher and winning by using their own healing and damage weapons against them.

formation suggestions

Caesar / Heaven’s Redemption / Death Rider heavy counter combo with silence and high damage to take advantage of temporarily disabling any of siren, dawn, scorpion (not Death Rider) with higher potential.

Kamikaze / Heaven’s Redemption / Death Rider balanced vehicle formation of counter, damage and healing though may struggle to prevent Scorpion from triggering his full troop recovery block. The extra healing power may heal if able to contain troop recovery block.

Tech Priestess / Wrath / Hummingbird Balance of troop recover block, confusion, some healing and high damage output from Hummingbird who can also block troop recovery fully. An all healer formation with this combo will not work so use a damage dealer in the back row.

Heaven’s Redemption / Death Rider / Retrograder less frequent healing than Kamikaze but heals far more with retrograder’s focused healing. More likely to trigger and combat the troop recovery block effect of Scorpion in the earlier rounds while Death Rider in the middle could deal more damage to Dawn and limit her healing ability.

Glutton / Canoness / Siren unpredictable but if Glutton triggers his troop recovery block through normal attack frequency and Canoness guaranteed suppression to hit Dawn, has the possibility to overcome even if Scorpion is likely to trigger full effect. Canoness can possibly overcome Death Rider’s high damage or swap for Retrograder as an all fighter formation

Prophet / Tech Priestess / Venom Walker if Prophet lands her troop recover block on Dawn then it’s a winner if not, less likely to win. Tech Priestess confusion can help with using their weapons against them while Venom Walker’s disruption skill could prevent triggering Scorpions full effect.

Tech Priestess / Organic / Death Rider heavy confusion that could sway towards the end of battle while Death Rider and Organic can benefit from Tech Priestess’ damage buff.

Caesar / Heaven’s / Farseer (or Countdown) Pre-SX combo that isn’t guaranteed but tries to disable combat skills and troop recovery depending if you use farseer or countdown as the damage dealer. Farseer’s EMP and all formation silence can stop scorpion triggering his effect while Countdown will nullify Dawn’s healing ability. The latter deals more damage however doesn’t stop Dawn triggering the healing effect, just the heal itself. That means it will still count towards Scorpion’s trigger effect.

These are just a few suggested combinations you can try running but it also depends on baneblade, cutting edge research, maxed hero status and hero reconstruction abilities. But focusing on heroes, these by skills and theory can pose some threat to the Death Rider, Dawn, Scorpion formation if the ones you are running aren’t working. Found a combo that works for you against these? Sound off below and show those secrets with our KBA Gamers!

hero profiles

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