LARQ Bottle Filtered Review

Cheaper and More Practical than PureVis


The LARQ Bottle Filtered fills the gap in the brand’s lineup of sustainable drinking, with the original PureVis range the first of its kind to offer purified water on the go. The attractive design and UVC-LED tech of the PureVis has paved the way for functional bottles to encourage hydration, less disposable plastic consumption, sterilising water without the cleaning inconvenience.

But they launched with a high price tag and come in heavier than typical bottles. For that reason, the LARQ Bottle Filtered offers the same bottle design but at half the cost. Its cheaper upfront cost will appeal to more people, while the new filter to clean water – which works hand in hand with the LARQ PureVis which sterilises – is more practical for day-to-day drinking. The Filtered then, is an excellent addition to introduce LARQ now at a sweeter price point.

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WEIGHT 440G / 550G
PRICE 50 – 60 USD / EUR / GBP

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larq bottle filtered hardware

Not the lightest but a functional bottle that filters like no other | Buy LARQ Bottle Filtered

The LARQ bottle is double-wall insulated and made of stainless steel. The exterior is powder coated and currently comes in two colours: Onyx and Granite White. It has a textured feel to the touch, which feels pleasant and premium. Not rough, but enough friction for some level of grip held in the hand. I have the 740ml bottle in hand, and there’s a 500ml option too. The double-wall insulation contributes to the extra heft as the bottle weighs 440 grams for the smaller size and 550 grams for the 740ml version. That trade-off gives benefit to insulating hot or cold liquids, perfect for those cold winters or hot summers.

The bottle itself is practically the same as the LARQ PureVis bottle: the difference is all in the bottle cap. The LARQ Bottle Filtered features a new spout and a surprising detachable carabiner hooked into the bottle cap. The spout has a controlled flow while sipping and gives faster access to drink – there’s no need to tip the bottle upwards, the suction from a sip held normally is fine.

The carabiner hooks through the bottle cap loop so you can walk, hang, or hook it to your backpack during a commute or travel. It’s mostly wrapped in a soft touch silicone rubber, similar to the matte plastic surface bottle cap, but the latter is not as rough or grippy for pleasant drinking.

The carabiner is very welcome as it adds a practical element to how you carry the LARQ Bottle Filtered, but I was underwhelmed at the seemingly low-quality metal used. The loop is also made of the same plastic as the bottle cap which poses some questionable durability if stressed under tension. The cap may not feel as good as the one on the PureVis, but it’s far more functional and practical to drink from without the drag of having to unscrew all the time for a quick sip.

nano zero Filter Explained

Unique filter system that flips the process and does the job admirably | Buy LARQ Bottle Filtered

Filters have been around for quite a long time, but they haven’t been done in a portable bottle quite like this. LARQ’s approach to adding filters within a travel bottle – much like the PureVis when it first arrived – is an incredible feat. LARQ rate the filters to perform much more effectively at clearing impurities, contaminants and pollutants (including metals) than traditional filters, ensuring water tastes more refined in the process.

*update it looks like they handle just one type of filter, with no basic or advanced, just the best type of filter for the same price. It removes the confusion and simplifies the process when it comes to replacing filters, which I’m onboard with.

The process is flipped over from conventional filtering – it filters water as you sip through the spout. The water passes through the Nano Zero filter, before flowing upwards inside the straw and into your mouth. Pitchers filter as you pour water which takes some time, before you’re able to drink. This process feels significantly quicker, and that’s what you want while on the move.

LARQ quotes the Bottle filters up to 40 gallons (151 litres) of water or 2 months of use – this equals 300 single-use plastic bottles, give or take depending on your usage. Not long but not short for filter lifecycle. Their Nano Zero technology continues to trap contaminants, while the zerovalent iron layer within the filter grabs onto heavy metals so you’re left with clean water. Impurities include lead, chlorine, PFAS, heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs, mercury, cadmium, particulates, herbicides, chemicals and increasingly relevant, microplastics. You can see their filtration performance report here.

With very few alternatives to filter in a travel-sized bottle, LARQ has done impressively well with this iteration and sets the standard high in execution. A few quirks and kinks they can improve for the next version, but all in all, they’ve done something quite unique here.

drinks and drawbacks

The bottle cap holds up well after a few drops. Buy LARQ Bottle Filtered

For sips now and then, the LARQ Bottle Filtered works well. Some effort is needed to sip but the flow is well-controlled and consistent. When the spout is closed fully the bottle is leakproof even when shaken, stirred or flipped upside down. So you can rest easy it won’t spill… as long as the spout is closed. Try to do the same when left up and water pours through a small hole (not the spout). You’ll want to clean the divet where the spout sits as it can builds up little bits from drinking all the time. That, however, is just a minor thing.

In terms of durability, it’s held up after an accidental drop on the edge of the cap *cries*. I’ve also done a similar thing to the PureVis movement. The bottle cap can be replaced but despite the visual scrape, the cap holds up nicely. No spider cracks, just some scrape lines thanks to the rubber surface of the plastic.

I’ve enjoyed drinking from the LARQ Bottle Filtered but it isn’t all rosy. Sometimes the wide mouth of the bottle like the PureVis is better when you’re gasping for a drink after a tough workout session. The wide mouth makes it easy to drink plenty in a short period of time, while I had to really put some effort to seep water from the spout. I can remove the bottle cap but the long straw and the filter makes it a lot harder to do so than the PureVis so it’s a preference and situational thing.

The other drawback is the further reduced volume than stated. At 740ml, it’s a good size to carry for hydrating throughout the day. But the long straw and filter connected to the bottle cap eat into the volume, meaning less water you can store. Less than the PureVis and the slightly extended LED light underneath the bottle cap. I also notice there’s always a few millimetres of water that flow out when I empty as the straw cannot reach that deep. So bare in mind some water will always come out if you empty or tip it over. These drawbacks aren’t huge, but is a tradeoff to have a portable filter. I’d rather not have any trade-off, but it’s something I can live with that’s for sure and I hope they can improve that in the next version.

price and verdict

Attaching this to my sling or bag makes hydrating enjoyable | Buy LARQ Bottle Filtered

I’m happy there’s a cheaper, more affordable option that’s half the price of the PureVis so portable filtered water can get into more hands. Priced at 50/60 across USD, EUR and GBP, it’s half the cost of the PureVis. The attractive premium design is still here and the more practical bottle cap makes sipping quicker and easier to drink. I would like to see a better robust carabiner for greater confidence trusting it for more intense adventures hiking and such, but it suffices for every day, keeping the bottle in arms reach and you, hands-free. I’ve had a positive experience across LARQ’s products so I felt confident with the filter. After using it, I’m constantly hydrating myself throughout the day, with my mind at ease having a filter to cleanse from the tap, at the speed I can easily refill and sip.

The included filter from my unscientific point of view works as intended. The LARQ Bottle Filtered means it will end up costing more, in the long run, to replace filters over the PureVis, but then again, they do completely different things that it’s not a fair way to look at the cost difference. So if you want access to a quality filter you can take anywhere you go, in a premium design that’s easy to carry, the LARQ Bottle Filtered makes an excellent audition why you should choose it over any other bottle.. including the OG PureVis by LARQ.

Carry filtered water anywhere you go. The same premium design as the PureVis at half the cost, the LARQ Bottle Filtered is cheaper and more practical for everyday use. Just consider the cost of replacing filters every couple of months.
much better price compared to the PureVis
great filtering performance and on the go system
controlled sip flow
travel-friendly and appealing premium design
fairly expensive filter replacements
cheap feeling carabiner
reduced capacity due to filter setup
always leftover water unable to sip