KBA Podcast Episode 5: Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome to the KBA Podcast Episode 5! I’m in Scotland on a travel retreat switching the usual workspace backdrop for the mountains, lakes, and beautiful sounds of nature in the Highlands. It’s a first podcast episode while on the road and another as I invite a guest onto the KBA Podcast in the series, bringing in a member of my inner circle: a fellow entrepreneur and more personally, my cousin.

He’s on the trip with me and in this week of solitude, we talk about the pursuit of happiness:

  • What does happiness actually look like?
  • What does it mean to be happy?
  • How do we discover it and importantly,
  • How do we protect it from negativity?

Hope you enjoy the chilled KBA vibes over shortbread and water, as I enjoyed bringing someone onto the podcast and look forward to inviting more.

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