What’s Seoul Fashion Week Like?

Generation Next S/S 2020

Seoul Fashion Week is one of the several hosted in South Korea and of many in Asia. While the biggest fashions in the world include London, Paris, Milan, New York and Arab, the bi-annual Seoul Fashion Show is home to some exciting, eccentric and fashion-forward styles that attract visitors all over the globe. I visited ‘Generation Next S/S 2020’ Seoul Fashion Week in Dongdaemun and want to share an insight into what it’s like. Let’s check it out.

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As it’s also my first time to a fashion show event, it’s the perfect time if you’re travelling to South Korea over the week-long event to stop by and see it for yourself. While the fashion show programmes are limited to industry ticket holders – designers, models, high-profile fashionistas or invited influencers as well as certain press – there are limited amounts of tickets available for each showing, starting at 10,000 won.

But if that’s not quite your thing or you miss out on the actually fashion walks, don’t worry, because the event is bubbling from morning until late into the evening. It’s free for any visitor, just walk down the path to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and get stuck right in. You can reach it via subway to Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park Exit 1.

Fun Experience to Create

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This wrapped up to be an awesome experience – the atmosphere is crazy hyped, full of energy, liveliness and an event that brings people interested in fashion, photography and creativity together from all over the globe. I had a great time getting some experience in fashion photography, working my camera real-time to capture tack-sharp portraits and lifestyle shots of photos ranging from the amateur, aspiring and professional models.

The large outdoor TV broadcasts all fashion shows hosted in different event halls inside DDP if you don’t get a chance to attend, usually with plenty of people sat down or standing in front to see the latest styles, designs and models. I had a blast getting my photography game on and no-doubt will print out a few.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza during Seoul Fashion Week

I even tried my hand at modelling a bit to see what that’s like! You have to be quite bold to stand against the wall and hope you’re aesthetically interesting enough for passers-by to shoot you, but if it’s your aim to model, it is a lot of fun! Since I mostly wanted to shoot, I had my usual outfit on, but next time I know what I’m going to style as. Wait and see.

Here’s my lookbook I shot from Seoul Fashion Week, enjoy the shots and check out the models through the instagram links below. Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video which I’ve heard captures it beautifully 😉

1TT Seoul Fashion Lookbook

Opportunity for Aspiring Creators

Reflecting on Seoul Fashion Week, not only is it a great chance to see professionals work their stuff on the catwalk, but also a chance to network, create and meet inspiring public figures. For myself, it was a great chance to hone in on my professional photography experience with fashion, portraiture and seeing the professionals in action. I learned by observing how photographers communicate with models to capture that shot, leading with authority to angle and place the model how they want so it translates into their snaps. I also had the chance to casual model for a few shots from photographers, fine-tuning my death-stare at the camera and angles that models know all too-well how to position themselves.

Creators will find so much content to create in this space, with ample shots to fill up your content calendars, feed or stories for your audience without the need to organise and pay for shoots. The model to photographer community is great, with the same for models and people interested in fashion to network with those from other countries. Networking between photographers was more difficult to engage and come-by, with this mentality I saw often of shooting at the EVF and walking into other photographers and in their shots. It was a cool experience nonetheless and a great event to attend and immerse myself in. Seoul Fashion Show AW 2020? Definitely.

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Seoul Fashion Show
A great fashion show experience for industry professionals, creatives, creators and visitors in Seoul. Dress to impress with the chance to shoot with photographers and vice versa.
Great opportunity for creators, models and photographers
All-day with the grounds free to everyone
Fashion Shows are limited to industry professionals, connected or small general ticket availability