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Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask Review

Perfect for Flying High and Side Sleepers

If you want better sleep any time of the day that’s soft, comfortable and great value for money, the Bamboo Sleep Mask by Infinity Travel is an excellent choice. The large band offers a good fit that’s flexible to fine tune the level of comfort, while the bamboo fabric is plush against the eyes, also reducing outside noise. Perfect for side sleepers, flying high, on the road or daily evening nights.

Release Date
Infinity Travel
Hong Kong
55% Bamboo, 45% Polyester
Machine Washable Low Temp
Measures (cm)
12.5 × 15.5 × 3.5

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Closer Look at the Bamboo Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask with the Infinity Pillow © One Tech Traveller | Buy Infinity Travel Mask

Whether you struggle to wear sleeping masks or haven’t found the one that suits, the Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask is an interesting kind. It has a rather straightforward design with a wide band, a slightly elastic rear and subtle cut-out for the nose bridge. It’s feather-light at 7g doubling down on bamboo which is known for its cooler properties and luxuriously soft feel.

The Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask comes in three colours: navy, burgundy and grey. It pairs together nicely with the Infinity Travel Pillow, also built using bamboo fabric and colours to match. The bamboo fabric is a blend of 55% bamboo, 45% polyester, filled with cotton lining and polyester filling.

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Gentle on the Face

Wide bamboo band © One Tech Traveller | Buy Infinity Travel Mask

So here’s what it looks like to put on. I’ve got quite a small head, but it should give you an idea aesthetically. Though it looks quite thick, the inside padding feels cool, gentle to the eyes and unrestrictive. The design wraps all around and may take getting used to it covering your ears, but I never found it bothersome. In fact, it aided my restful sleep even more.

It reduces outside noise from the fact it completely covers over my ears, perfect for those tired evenings or afternoon naps in busy areas and you just need to shut the outside world. It’s a bonus by-product of the Bamboo Sleep Mask, but if you want true noise isolation, you can wear ear plugs underneath so they don’t come out. The bridge cut around the nose isn’t acute, so I tend to adjust the Bamboo Sleep Mask lower down, or raise the elastic rear so it fits tighter and closes the gap.

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Ideal for Difficult Nights

Compact, travel-friendly and packable © One Tech Traveller | Buy Infinity Travel Mask

So compared to basic sleep masks (using a thin elastic string), the whole mask wraps around your head. I like it because it feels luxurious while facing up and sideways. You don’t have to worry if you move around in your sleep (which can cause other masks to slip off your eyes), these stay put no matter what. You can machine wash them on low temperatures – just throw them in the wash with other delicates and it’ll be good as new.

They fold really compact, easy to pack with your clothes for a trip or even into your bag whenever you want to sleep restfully whilst away. It doesn’t deform over time and the padding inside stays well-distributed so you won’t find it uneven to one side over time.

Fitted, Comfortable and Relaxing

Perfect for side sleepers and people that move a lot © One Tech Traveller | Buy Infinity Travel Mask

It shouldn’t really matter what they look like, but if you’re conscious about wearing it on your travels, don’t be. These are less boisterous then others you may find, a simple wrap-around in a stylish colour. Like I mentioned before, the wide 360 degrees band means you can sleep on any side and it won’t affect the performance of the Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask.

They are super plush to the skin, and I found it very gentle on the eyes. I love the wide band because it’s flexible how high up or down you want it, giving plenty of blackout coverage. Conventional masks can ride up or slide-off your head, but the wide band gives a snug fit without any extra bits to do that. This is perfect as it adds a little padding behind the head if you’re resting against an airplane chair or wall.

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Gentle Every Night Sleep

Elasticated rear in the band helps adjust fit © One Tech Traveller | Buy Infinity Travel Mask

Some people may be worried if they have a larger head that it’ll put too much pressure on the eyes and be uncomfortable. The elastic rear has a higher tension than the rest of the band to keep it in place and allow some flex under tighter fit. You can tighten or loosen the fit but angling the rear up or down, changing the way it feels on the eyes. I can’t speak for most but this tends to solve any fitting issues I had, but I’ve mostly had a positive experience wearing these.

So how much do these cost? The Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask is $15 / £11.50 / €13.50 / 115 HKD / C$ 20 which is actually a great price for ones using bamboo fabric. The design makes these more usable and flexible to those that move around while sleeping or regularly sleep on their sides.

It may take some getting used to but you’ll find the Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep mask is fantastic to wear every night. The wide band delivers complete blackout while the elastic rear lets you adjust the fit. The highlight however is the bamboo fabric, it’s cool to my eyes, super plush against my face and is just such a joy to slip on before calling it a night.

Infinity Travel Collection

If you want better sleep any time of the day that's soft, comfortable and great value for money, the Bamboo Sleep Mask by Infinity Travel is an excellent choice.
A unique and clever design makes this the most versatile travel pillow you could ever have. Add the bamboo fabric and slim profile and you've got a travel-friendly must have, that you may find yourself wearing in your everyday lifestyle too.
Infinity Travel Bamboo Sleep Mask
If you want better sleep any time of the day that's soft, comfortable and great value for money, the Bamboo Sleep Mask by Infinity Travel is an excellent choice.
wide band for impressive coverage
soft bamboo fabric is plush on the skin and eyes
adjustable fit from elastic angle
awesome to sleep with on your side
perfect for figgity or difficult sleepers
nose bridge cut-out is too wide
May be too loose for small and tight for big head sizes
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