Idle Mafia: How to Beat 200 Waves in Money Talks

Strategy guide to easily beat all waves for event rewards

The Money Talks event in Idle Mafia is one of my favourite events in the playlist – it’s essentially a tower defense type of game themed around bribing tax collector with stacks of cash from the buildings we own. Money Talks is definitely an event you can complete without spending any more, just some strategy to overcome the total 200 waves to get your hands on those capo shards for Japan, Italy and Mexico. More importantly, organically getting your hands on shards for Mystic Capo The Godfather. Here’s my strategy on how I beat all 200 waves comfortably so you can get your hands on those rewards.

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idle mafia rewards

These may change over the course of the game but as of time of writing, the complete rewards earned from money talks are:

  • 35 x Mystic capo shards for The Godfather
  • 60 x legendary capo shards of your choice
  • 60 x Japan capo shards
  • 60 x Italy capo shards
  • 60 x Mexico capo shards
  • 6 x mystic keys

money talks: the basics

The aim is to beat each wave challengers before they reach the helicopter pad in the back. There are tax collectors with different attributes, some more vulnerable to different capo skills than others so important to understand each tax collector and how capos are setup on each tower defence. When setting each capo there are three upgradeable stats:

Favor the number of favor required to upgrade the bribe effect power (throwing cash)
Time how quick capos can throw stacks of cash against tax collectors. The shorter the better
Skill increasing the overall effect of the capo

In between waves capos continue to bribe normal tax collectors to build favor so you can upgrade them. When you’re ready, you can activate the challenge waves. You’ll also need to build up enough favor to unlock buildings and additional capos to station throughout the path towards the helicopter pad.

In addition to those basic capo upgrades, there are contracts earned and talents. Talents can be upgraded in three abilities:

Big Stacks increases bribe power of cash thrown to tax collectors. Capo Power basically.
Making a Deal increases the favor gain received after successfully bribing tax collectors
Friendly Restart reduces how far you restart from the current level when you refresh contracts

types of tax collectors

from a total of 200 waves, there are different kinds of tax collectors, sometimes combined together in the same wave to look out for:

normal tax collector neutral to any capo skill, just needs to be constantly bribed until taken out
bodyguard tanky tax collector who needs focused high damage vs frequent low damage
motorbikes vulnerable to capos that slow down movement
car vulnerable to capos that slow down movement
groups vulnerable to splash damage
air units vulnerable to slowing down movement and capos who priorities’ air units
flying taxman vulnerable to slowing down movement and capos who prioritise air units
invisible needs to be made visible in order for attacks to register, cannot be attacked if hidden

All capos deal damage to any tax collector, but certain capos can increase damage further.

refresh contracts

part of Money Talks is the need to cash in on those accumulated contracts from completing waves and winning favor over tax collectors. The more waves you complete in one go before cashing in on contracts, the more you can use to upgrade talents. This is an essential part of beating all 200 waves – you cannot progress far if you do not refresh those contracts. So don’t sweat. In the beginning you’ll restart at level 1 and upgrade talents but as you upgrade Friendly Restart, you will start much closer to the level you finished and continue from there.

Friendly restarts maxes out at level 8 and restarts you 90% of the journey you completed the wave. So of course, you’ll want to upgrade this in each refresh. With new talent upgrades in cash multiplier and favor gain, recovering the already completed waves will be a breeze.

As for refresh milestones, you can follow when I cashed in on contracts to upgrade. I refreshed a total of 5 times on waves: 26, 60, 100, 140, 180. This was a good balance of enough waves to accumulate talent points and being powerful enough to win. By wave 180 they cannot get past the first tower so I was overpowered by then which made things super easy.

capo defence

So which capos should you place in each building for the most effective way to beat all 200 waves. In order from the start of the road to the helicopter these were the capos I placed which 90% of the time stayed the same (bar a few active switches during a wave).

STATIONED CAPO SKILLS IN BUILDINGS FROM START TO HELICOPTER (actual capo may rotate but the skills are the same)

  1. EDNA TARALLO increase Capo’s crit chance by % and crit value by %
  2. MITSUKUNI KITANO reduce movement speed by x seconds
  3. KAITO HAYABUSA prioritise invisible units, make them visible for x seconds and increase bribe effect by 100%
  4. KATSUMI WATANABE bribe effect jumps over to nearby units and is increased by %
  5. YUYA DOJIMA % extra bribe effect to units with less than 50% health
  6. ROSARIO LOPEZ % extra bribe effect to units with more than 50% health
  7. ENZO DE VOTO increase crit chance for all towers within its attack range by %
  8. KYOSURA SENRYO prioritise air units and increase bribe effects to air units by %
  9. ANGELINA BARONE increase cash stacks of all towers within attack range by %

This is mostly static however there are some difficult waves that involves moving capos to other towers for maximise damage effect, even when you’vev upgrade skill stats, cash and speed before refreshing contracts.

I move Mitsukuni Kitano to tower 6 and 9 for his movement speed reduction to keep slowing them down and allow others to damage more. I also move Kaito Hayabusa to tower 7 to keep units visible. After that you’re pretty much golden

upgrading capo

Focus all your development to the first three capo tower defences (Edna, Mitsukumi and Kaito). By making them OP, waves won’t get past the first few and as they slowly get stronger, you can develop the capos behind them. You’ll pretty much want to upgrade the first three all favor cash power, frequency and skill level as high as you can. Once you reach waves that can get through them, develop those capo skills and once you’ve done as much as you can and hit that level upgrade wall, then it’s time to refresh those contracts.

upgrading talent

By the end of wave 200 my talent upgrades were:

  • Big Stacks level 40
  • Making a Deal level 38
  • Friendly Restart level 8 (max)

I weighted talent upgrades 70% to favor gain probably 70% in the first milestone, 20% to cash firepower and 10% to friendly restart. In the second milestone I then flipped it with 60% to cash power, 30% to favor gain and 10% to friendly restart. By the third, it was 40% even to favor and cash firepower, with remaining 20% to friendly restart. By the fourth milestone, I maxed out Friendly Restart at level 8, with most in cash firepower and then favour gain. By the fifth milestone I split evenly to cash firepower and favor gain.

extra boosts

If you have Idle Mafia Club, you can activate 2x speed and 2x favor gain instantly. Of course, you can watch videos to activate this per hour if you don’t have Mafia Club but is very convenient to stack and save time in the process. Note, you do not need to buy any boosts whatsoever for Money Talks – you can beat this simply by understanding the game mechanics above and playing it, so don’t feel the need to empty out your wallet.

So there you have it, my strategy and some tips for the next time you start idle mafia money talks, to beat all 200 waves in no time. Keep an eye out for some more guides and tips on other events, city completion and capo development! Any questions leave a comment down below.

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