Idle Mafia Illegal Market Event Guide

Complete Guide to Mastering Illegal Market Event

Alright KBA Gamers we’re back in Idle Mafia and this time diving into arguably my favourite event in the playlist: Illegal Market! Here’s my guide and some knowhow tips on what Illegal market is about, strategies to upgrade and tips so you can grow fast and rank well by the end of the three day event. Make sure to watch my video guides to see me in action while you’ll find additional guides for Idle Mafia down below!

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Milestone rewards you can expect a coupe of mystic capo shards for Andrea Baronti ‘The Godfather’, 400 x diamonds, 4-5 sets of legendary capo shards, mystic keys and selection keys. In terms of ranking, the top 3 players will get a frame, various number of copies for capo Izumi and Enzo and more selection keys. Players who rank outside of the top 3 will generally get capo shards for Izumi and Enzo.

For pure free to play KBA Gamers (no diamond exchange), it’s absolutely doable to finish within the top 50 if you follow the best practices. For organic players exchanging diamonds for pachinko balls, depending on your luck and diamond balance, it’s 100% possible to rank within the top 20 and in the top 10 if you have a high diamond balance for Illegal market. To solidly finish higher than rank 10, you’ll most likely need to buy some of the shop packs which I list out what are the most worth to go for.

How to Play

The core mechanics are largely the same in all Idle Mafia events with slight tweaks to fit the theme: the aim is to produce the most income by unlocking all capo buildings, levelling capos up to boost the income where they’re stationed. By increasing the total income produced, you’ll collect milestone rewards which is where you’ll get the main portion of event rewards for your city capos and battle formation development. This is also some of the best organic ways to collect Mystic Capo shards for Andrea Baronti (you need 500 mystic shards) and a copy of him each time you want to level him up.

There are several mission that pop up which reward you 5 x pachinko balls to play in the machine. These missions range from: unlocking a building, levelling up building, collect tooth, collect cash, drop 30/40 pachinko balls, collect x no. of tricks, reach level trick, have 2-4 tricks at x. level and so forth. Completing these missions are what sustains you’re growth through the pachinko.

How to Rank Well

Capo development you’ll want to focus capo development on the pharmacy, fur shop and slaughterhouse capos as I found towards the end of the event, the gains from the latter building capos didn’t help me as much as the capos stationed in these buildings. You’ll get more income returns from them.

Focused building level up like the capo development, by levelling up the pharmacy, fur shop and slaughterhouse earlier, you’ll gain income much faster than if you typically levelled up the later buildings. There’s no production time bonus so the production time stays the same from level 1 and beyond. That means the buildings with a quicker refresh and balance of income will work much better for you than the buildings that need say 30 seconds per refresh.

Time tooth and cash collection with mission get more pachinko balls by timing when you collect cash or picking up the teeth when the relevant mission shows up. You get 5 pachinko balls per completed mission so by doing so you can expect to get 10 balls every now and then just by timing correctly.

Keep the game open important especially for free to play players who want to rank well, cash trucks and helicopters drop by very regularly and often give you a total income refresh with an occasion for a 10 x multiplier on the cash. Tooth drops from helicopters can help you complete missions quicker and develop capos vs relying solely on the pachinko machine tooth production. Useful if you have Mafia Club, always cash in on these otherwise you’re leaving money on the table with little effort required.

Use pachinko balls in sets of 5 or 10 per go I release the balls in sets of 5 or 10 when playing the machine to give flexibility if a mission is completed or levelling up the tricks. You’re using excessive balls if a mission completes earlier as the balls after could go towards the next mission to get those next set of pachinko balls. If I’m some ways to complete the cash or tooth mission, I’ll run 10 balls and if I’m close I’ll release 1 each time until I complete the mission. This makes the most out of your limited pachinko balls which can give you big tooth and income gains to level up capos and buildings.

Rainbow lucky rewards if you strike lucky where extra rewards appear higher up the machine for a limited time, release as many balls in this period. You’ll gain additional tooth and income on top of where the ball falls giving you more bang for your buck. I like to drop at least 20 or 30.

Exchange diamonds for pachinko realistically, you won’t be able to complete the milestone rewards or rank within the top 20 unless you spend some of your diamonds. These are in-game and should be saved for events like Illegal Market as the returns on milestone and rank rewards are worth it. The second to last milestone reward gives back 400 diamonds so you essentially spend half the diamonds which is a bonus. It’ll not only help you rank faster but give you a higher chance to complete the milestone rewards and greater chances on the pachinko machine. Plus, it’s fun.

Upgrade Pachinko Payout Rewards you want to balance levelling up buildings and upgrading the pachinko payout rewards to 5 stars as you get greater tooth, cash and bonus pickups. This is also what increases the tooth production per refresh so it’s naturally something you’ll do, but by focusing on it always you can max out the payout level as pachinko rewards can make a huge difference to reaching over that next hurdle if you hit a wall.

Good to Know Tips

Lucky Time Rainbow Trick when playing the pachinko machine, if the ball strikes the lucky 8 ball in the spinning wheel beneath the cash slots above it will pop up tooth and cash in the middle of the pachinko screen. Any new balls played can continuously pick up these rewards until they reach the bottom for extra rewards. This lasts for an initial duration of 4 seconds but by increasing the bonus makes this countdown timer last longer. The trick is while it’s running and you have no active pachinko balls played, you can exit the machine screen and complete more missions for extra balls in the Illegal Market city. Once you have more enter the pachinko and the lucky rewards will continue from where you left so you can get more rewards.

No mission to collect pachinko balls unlike other events in Idle Mafia there’s usually a mission where you need to collect coins from completing other missions (in this case pachinko balls). That normally involved having to be strategic when you should collect the rewards from the mission. In Illegal market however there is no such mission so you can freely collect the pachinko balls from the free set or exchanging diamonds without the need to pick when you should collect. Go crazy.

Production time as I mentioned unlike in the Las Vegas event or Weed Farm event, there are no tricks or bonuses to increase the production time of buildings. These stay the same. That means you’ll want to focus your efforts on the buildings that refresh quicker and offer mid-income as it will accumulate faster.

Levelling up buildings the later capo buildings cost far more to upgrade which means you may not hit the sweet spot when the income suddenly spikes. You’re better off levelling up the earlier buildings that can reach higher levels and cost less to increase before you see income spike.

Shop Packs

If you have aspirations to rank closer to the top of the leaderboards, then you will definitely need to pick up a few of the shop packs. These packs range from income multipliers, pachinko balls, pachinko machine bonuses, instant tooth and cash buys and so forth. Again, you don’t need to buy at all if you’re smart with your play and diamonds, but absolutely chill if you want to expediate your progress to complete or rank higher.

The most worth packs to get in the shop for Illegal Market in my opinion are the income multipliers. The $10 / £9.99 under the counter pack (which you can get 3 times) gives you a 50 x and 100 x multiplier for 1 hour and 5 minute respectively. Use this towards the end of the event and you’ll make huge gains to levelling up your capo and finishing strong in the last leg of the event where other players tend to try and push hard. You also get 200 diamonds which is good for roughly 90 pachinko balls so you get the best of both with multipliers making more meaningful progress.

The pachinko balls are nice if you like to play and can make big strides if you luck out but is more hit and miss depending on how it goes. It’s that high risk high payoff option which I wouldn’t rule out. Avoid the pachinko machine buffs like levelling up the % of the double and triple reward balls, it’s just not worth it.

And that’s my Phoenix Plays Idle Mafia guide to the Illegal Market event! Hope you found it useful and better understand what you need to do to grow quickly and rank well when the event rotates in the playlist. Stay tuned for more Idle Mafia event guides and capo profiles here on my website and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube gaming channel for more handy awesome gaming videos to stay updated!

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