Grand Hyatt Jeju Hotel Review

largest grand hyatt experience in asia

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As of now, Grand Hyatt Jeju is the best luxury experience you’ll find in Jeju City, and rivals one of the best on the Island and South Korea. The huge complex combined with the Jeju Dream Tower offers an unmatched experience packed with things to do. With the best value for money in room space and beautiful city or mountain views from atop, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything similar within Jeju City.

Grand Hyatt Jeju carries the same tradition of the brand in its extravagance and grandeur, with 14 onsite restaurant and cafe outlets, an 8th-floor terrace swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, fitness and indoor pool, HAN collection designer mall, tourist-friendly casino, cineplex, electric car charging stations. It’s situated in a prime location to explore the rest of Jeju island.

With 1,600 rooms it makes this the largest Grand Hyatt property in Asia and only second in the world so far. Hotel goers will find Grand Club with its exclusive lounge access and served cuisines also available to visit.

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ROOMS 1,600

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king room city view

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The lobby on arrival is fairly sparse with incredibly high ceilings, a gallery lounge and separate stations for check-in, check-out and concierge. I’ll admit, it was quite confusing where to go and even with many staff standing by, no one approached or added that usual Grand Hyatt touch to help when I was looking for help. This was quite the usual in terms of service from my experience of hotels within South Korea, although I did have a very positive experience in the now-retired Hyatt Regency at Jungmun on the island.

At 65sqm, the king room is generously spacious as a standard spec. It’s ideal for a couple, solo, group getaway and small family if you so choose. There’s a choice of a high floor and either a city view or a mountain view as options. The high floor is worth the upgrade as it gives a stunning view of the city, while the more expensive mountain view upgrade is up to your preference. I’m happy with the city view and climbed Hallasan so I got the best of both worlds.

I particularly like the latest design in this property, considering it opened at the end of 2020. Everything is fresh and vibrant as a result, with a mix of contemporary colours, upscale trims and tasteful features for a premium, yet homely experience. The king-size bed has a plush yet firmness to the mattress, which made it easy for me to fall asleep. A two-shade electronic blind blocks the excellent natural light that comes through from the city side if you need to sleep during the day.

The 75″ TV can swivel to face either the bed or towards the sofa for comfortable enjoyment. The SMART features weren’t easy to fire up Netflix or screen mirroring, however. The size of the TV is appropriate for not only the room but is a big plus as a spec for hotel rooms which tend to be smaller or not as well procured. I moved the lounge chair towards the windows, sipping coffee while overlooking the city, something I recommend to try (or swap it with wine).

well-considered bathroom

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The standing avocado shaped bathtub perches the side of the bathroom with a privacy blind to separate it from the rest of the room, although the controls are by the vanity. The bathtub isn’t ideal in terms of the view and placement, but it’s relaxing nonetheless. I’m a big fan of rainforest showers and I’m happy to say it’s powerful, responsive and wide in the dedicated cubicle. Balmain Paris branded amenities are provided and are stocked with everything you’d need during the stay.

The marble vanity is huge, with separate him & her stations equipped with led light around the circular mirrors. I notably like the drop lights featured against a bronze trim. Beyond the bathroom, you’ll find a mini Nespresso machine with 6 coffee capsules and two bottles of water replenished daily. A pair of glasses, coasters, wine bottle opener and stocked optional mini-fridge are available in-room, complete with an ironing board and iron for convenience. Even details down to the room slippers which are padded are the best ones I’ve seen provided by a hotel.

outdoor terrace pool

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One of the draws of Grand Hyatt Jeju is of course the pool. Located on the 8th floor on an outside terrace, it offers a pleasant view of the city landscape, a distant view of planes taking off and is primed for sunset viewing. Great during the summer.

We lucked out as the day was perfect to enjoy the pool, with the exception of a little breeze towards the evening. The pool is family-friendly, and spacious enough for lengths although there’s no separate lane so take caution. The pool extends close to the glass walls at the edge of the terrace, and you’ll find a separate jacuzzi just next to it. Further down the terrace are several sit-in jacuzzis, plenty of sunbeds and parasols if you prefer to lay back and relax.

There’s an outdoor elevator that takes you to the indoor pool if it gets cold which also has a fitness centre. The layout is focused on the swimming pool looking towards the sky with the city out of sight just below, or facing the twin towers of Grand Hyatt Jeju. I stayed until the late evening close to 8-9 pm as the lights turned on.

Overall, I was happy with the swimming pool, big enough even as it got busier to enjoy a swim, splash and relaxation. Towels are provided on-site and dropped off before heading back. You should definitely reserve a few hours to swim during your stay.

cafe 8 breakfast

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Breakfast is interesting as it’s served across 3 restaurants, which I believe serve slightly different food. Across the three restaurants, they were at full capacity as we hit the morning rush hour to eat. We ended up at Cafe 8 for breakfast on the same floor as the outdoor pool. It wasn’t so bad in the end and I’m not sure as to whether the food is very different from what was served here, but the variety and quality were more than sufficient. You’ll find continental breakfast, fruit, desserts, and hot western dishes to choose from. There is also a noodle bar and some oriental dishes too.

The bright open windows are refreshing in the morning, whether that’s overlooking the terrace or further inside Cafe 8 where you can see the entrance to Grand Hyatt you drive up to, including the water fountains. You can see the aeroplanes taking off from the airport regularly too.

I had a typical breakfast including pork sausages, tomato, poached egg and muffin, with a shared platter of dumplings, noodles and extra vegetables. For dessert, I had a waffle with ice cream and jam, before indulging in hot coffee and juice to finish. The breakfast options are simple but well-executed, hot and fresh as you’d expect. It was far quieter and relaxed at Cafe 8, while I imagine the other restaurants are far busier and packed so if you prefer this ambience, you may enjoy it more here.

HAN Designers Jeju Dream Tower

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Beyond the hotel is the interconnected Jeju Dream Tower featuring Korean designer fashion from the HAN Collection. Accessible from the lobby up the escalator, where you pass the casino, you can explore the several floors with funky, stylistic decor. There’s a unique range of designers and styles to check out, and I found many are exclusive to the Jeju Dream Tower versus the HAN collection in Seoul Gwanghwamun. There’s also a cinema playing select movies on higher floors inside the HAN mall.

It extends the kind of things you can do within Grand Hyatt Jeju, making it convenient versus outside in Jeju City. You’ll find several other cafes and restaurants here so if you’re looking to find styles from your favourite Korean designers or retail therapy outside of the usual stores, Jeju Dream Tower is a welcome addition to the experience. I recommend visiting after check-out if you’re not in a rush so you spend your stay at Grand Hyatt Jeju doing things you can only do while a guest.

grand hyatt jeju verdict

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I previously stayed at Hyatt Regency in Jungmun on the island and found while it was in a beautiful location, offering a peaceful retreat, the rooms were looking tired and lacked things to do nearby. Grand Hyatt Jeju established Hyatt as the flagship experience and I can say they’ve delivered a truly remarkable luxury destination that is unrivalled in the City.

The facilities on offer are second to none and provide the best value for money in not only the size of the rooms but the all-around experience too. It’s visitor-friendly since it’s in the heart of Jeju City, with easy links to the airport and bus routes to everywhere else on the island. If you want quality dining, relaxing spots after your travels and high-quality rooms across the range, Grand Hyatt Jeju delivers on all fronts.

I’ve stayed in a number of hotels dotted around Jeju Island and I can wholeheartedly say, I’d love to come back and stay once again here at Grand Hyatt Jeju. I’ll say it now: this is the best luxury hotel in Jeju City, one of the best on Jeju Island and rivals many established upscale alternatives you can find in Seoul too. Hotel service interactions could be better to match the luxury standards from check-in, general greetings and proactive helpfulness, but besides that, I cannot fault it from my time here and left with only high praises and sentiment towards the hotel.

generous room space as standard
excellent value for money
plenty of things to do and facilities
prime location in city with transport routes
pleasant city and mountain view from high-up
great jeju dream tower experience
quite confusing lobby area
hospitality service could be better