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GOSPACE The Infinite Wireless Hard Drive

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If there’s something in my tech backpack that is yet to embrace today’s technology, it’s how I’m storing terabytes of photos, videos and documents. But the newly launched Kickstarter GOSPACE looks like a worthy companion to add and replace my very own outdated way of living in the workflow and creative stream.

A versatile device only slightly larger than a smartphone and 13mm thick, the wireless external hard drive allows you to upload your data to the cloud with 5G wireless connectivity, has in-built Qi wireless charging and today’s latest wired standards for USB connectivity. Manage it all from the GO SPACE app on your Android or iOS device and access it across both Mac OS and Windows devices, there’s no limit to how you can access the GO SPACE cloud.

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When we think about all the increasing amount of accessories, memory cards and devices we have to carry with us, it starts to get pretty daunting. And so, I’ve been on that journey in looking for versatile multi-functional technology that does several things in one to free up space and gear at the same time.

As a result, GO SPACE is definitely one you should keep both eyes on – a premium and refined piece of aluminium that may look normal at first glance… but actually, brings much more than you could possibly fit in your backpack. I’ll get all the technical features out of the way, but you’ll find these the most interesting (if you’re like me anyway).

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The core feature is connecting to the cloud through the latest 5G wireless to stream, consume and manage your content. Photos, videos, documents or simply a place to transfer between devices, it creates a wireless hotspot that lets up to 8 devices connect at the same time. Sharing between your family, and peers or moving between your phone and laptop feels not really much of a hassle anymore.

It accepts SD cards to expand the external hard drive storage, syncs across dropbox and Google accounts for streamlined cloud storage management and beams as far as 50m.

gospace expandable memory card

Then there’s the aspect of HOW much you can store. Even when I have a quite hefty 128GB memory card in my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, it shares the storage between all my movies, 4K videos, photos and everything else that fills up my phone. And when it gets full, then comes the daunting task of sorting it out and transferring it over to my hard drive.

I may want to sideload them away, but then again not too far. I tend to want regular access to my archives, so trying to wade through various hard drives can be very cumbersome. The fact I can hot-swap memory cards on the fly into the GO SPACE and access these wirelessly instead of several hard drives is a sweet feature to have.

Using the fastest 802.11ac wireless standard currently in the market, it transfers up to 866MB per second, making those hi-res RAW photo files, 4K files and humongous data transfers in bulk, speedy. And that is through the convenience of wireless. No cables. But if you still want the traditional wired connectivity, you’ll find USB 3.1 and the latest USB Type-C for superfast 10GB/s streaming and transfer experience. The choice is there for you. We all like choice, don’t we?

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Whether by profession in the creative industry, an individual wanting to archive your special memories or make your ever-growing library of media accessible anywhere from any device, GO SPACE is an attractive prospect.

With the 5,500mah battery inside it too, you won’t ever be without charge from the same device. I currently carry a 10,000mah battery that I take with me. It’s bulky, has a slow charging output and doesn’t adopt the latest USB Type-C ports. From this, I can replace my current powerbank and my external hard drive (as a secondary backup) with GOSPACE. Freedom.

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wireless storage


GO SPACE comes in two colours – Black and Gold. They look great aesthetically, clean minimal design with an accented grey or white trim. The discreet black is my personal favourite and would blend in with the rest of my backpack, gear and equipment; either way, the Gold is a nice colour so it all depends on your preference.

All in all, I’m pretty excited to see GO SPACE come to life. The premise is a strong one, especially for tech and gadget enthusiasts. It embraces cloud technology to expand the possibilities of the content you not only create but also share.

Their Kickstarter campaign went recently live and is set to smash its target just days in; so be sure (like me) to back the project to liberate the admin side of your content live and save 40% off retail when it’s due to launch May this year. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one so be sure to stay tuned for a full review.