Goodbye Last Shelter, I Quit for Good

and I haven't looked back

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Sup Team KBA, for those of you who have stuck around watching my last shelter videos and read my guides, hero profiles of Last Shelter, I want to say thanks and I hope you found them useful and continue to in your Last Shelter journey. Today, I’m writing to officially announce I have quit the game and will no longer be creating content around it for the foreseeable future, and don’t see myself interested in going back again.

It’s been a great two years of playing, seasons of Doomsday and Eden and no doubt formed a lot of great memories playing alongside KBA players, teammates and building a community around it, so I will look back appreciating how the game has been for me up to this point.

Now normally, I don’t feel inclined having to declare what I continue and what I stop playing, but since I received a few messages hoping to get continued updates on hero drops, and such, I thought this will clear it up and also give an idea to those who are playing why I have quit.. and something to consider for yourself. I’ll list the few main points why I quit Last Shelter and how it has been ever since.

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Why have I quit Last Shelter?

Mostly as I’ve moved back from South Korea to the UK, the timezone means reset is now at 2am vs the 11am it was back in Seoul. I don’t know how European players do it, but with a packed schedule of stuff to do during my days and routine of getting up early to exercise at the gym beforehand, I’ve no longer had the time to play. The time commitment is too much for me and the rewards at the end of it in the grand scheme of things are negligble to a humble player like me. It’s not worth the commitment.

Most importantly, it’s no longer fun anymore. Feeling like a chore and not like a game I can relax and enjoy, forcing myself to do something I have no more interest in is not a worthwhile use of my time… I’ve pressed on with things that DO matter in life. Post Last Shelter? It’s been great and I don’t look back.

Specifically on why I’ve lost interest in Last Shelter, the time commitment per season, and rehashed mechanics to introduce more pay to play mechanics to spend money means you cannot compete anymore, no matter how smart I play. I’ve rode it out 8 seasons, but as each season goes by, the more the difference accumulates.

This is a very heavy pay to play game, and I just don’t rock like that. It’s been like that for awhile but as soon as you get a couple of bad hero pulls with new heroes coming in every season, having non meta APC’s just kills it. It’s less about skill (some strategy) and more about access to the top hero lineups and continuously maxing cutting edge tech, season tech etc. I miss going back to games where skills matter because at least that can influence no matter how much money you spend.

The future of Last Shelter continuously feels like a money pit and I no longer have any desire to keep playing, even if I tried to do the bare minimum which are NQ’s hourlies etc.

In essence, I’m in a flow in life busy doing what I do and Last Shelter doesn’t fit in the picture anymore. Game-wise, the endless layers that favour money stacks up to leave anyone who aren’t in the dust, hindering my ability to share more insightful content when it comes to heroes, tech, gameplay and sidelining to watching the action instead of being in it.

Do I Miss Last Shelter?

Not one bit. Not a sliver. I recognise it was good while it lasted but it’s so liberating to be away from it. I’m working on creating content on my main channels, writing stuff I want to on my website instead of keeping up with the stuff going on in Last Shelter, and I’m excited about playing the kind of games I want to on my gaming channel. I’ve got new proects I’ll talk about later in the new year but for now. There’s no going back to Last Shelter and I’m super fulfilled with what the free time allows me to focus on with no worries.

Thank you

I want to say thank you to my Team KBA familia who joined the community to stick around for my Last Shelter updates, including the few who supported me on Patreon to see more Last Shelter. I hope you’ll still enjoy the dope stuff I’m doing on my channels such as reviewing gear, talking tech, travelling the world and writing about things I care about for the KBA community. But if you wish to cancel your Patreon support since I no longer will cover Last Shelter, it’s all love and I thank you for supporting me in the months you’ve done so! Hope to still see you guys and gals around the community. Keep being awesome always and I’ll see you in the next video and story. 1TT

Please consider supporting my work by contributing any amount as low as $1. This helps to maintain my website costs, development, creation efforts and putting food on the table. Your support is very much appreciated. Keep being awesome! Donate to support my platforms


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