FixFox Preview: Pixel Space Fixin’ Things

Our repairing reputation is on the line

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Today I’m checking out a pretty cool pixel space adventure game called FixFox available to play on Steam PC. We play as Vix, an unlucky space mechanic, who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Accompanied by her trusty toolbox TIN, they travel across the planet Karamel discovering hidden stashes left by pirates, repairing friendly household appliances, and sampling tasty local delicacies.

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fixfox first impressions

At first glance, the pixel-style retro look to Fix Fox may not be to your taste, but don’t be too hasty to discredit – there’s a certain likeable aspect to it and once you delve into the story and get a feel for the world of Planet Karamel, FixFox grows on you. The first hour I played FixFox, I realise our trusty Vix doesn’t have the most prolific kind of reputation in the repairing scene. DIsorganised and not the most proficient as I find food, clothes and handy repair tools all over our spaceship.

And just when you think Vix’s job is at the end of the road, a mission to repair a tower unit in the far end of space (which no one wants to do) is put forward by our manager to redeem ourselves and rebuild our reputation.

I like the premise of FixFox because it offers quite a diverse experience within a pixel open world. From piecing together clues roaming the planet of Karamel, speaking to other worldly races and taking on missions, to working our tools to fix broken down generators and electricals. Even taking spoonfuls of lunch and dinner, or setting up a campfire to chill. There’s an over-arching story that has me curious to discover and a broad landscape on planet Karamel to roam around on our scooter.

tools for the space job

Our tools were thrown into space by Tin – the AI accompanying Vix during the mission – after a sort of botched landing meant we had to lighten the load. That meant searching around for scraps we could makeshift try and fix things along the way, but even if we don’t have the right tools, a few merchants are available to trade (and trade back), and an appraiser who can identify objects and the traits, so we can use the objects for certain tooling, whether their properties be flat, round, metal, or something else.

It’s not as simple as ‘anything goes’ on Planet Karamel as unknown equipment are forbidden and taken away by a monopolised higher space fixing authority, beaming away stuff we accumulate. That will definitely be a challenge going forward.

The planet is vast but surprising for an outerworld pixel planet, as there’s a lot of freedom to explore on our own accord, chat with local inhabitants and find many things to fix. The repairing part is pretty fun and simple, usually involving removing the bolts and cover of an electrical outlet, and coming up with creative ways to restore power like using a banana for it’s potassium concentration to conduct electricity. That’s pretty clever.

My first hour playing FixFox was pretty fun. It’s a light-hearted fairly open world space adventure, dabbling into some puzzle and mission chasing aspects alongside a casual vibe. The pixel art is different from the usual games I play but the premise of FixFox looked like fun and early on it’s holding up to what my hopes were of the game. I’ll see how things play out as I sink more playtime into FixFox but on first impressions, I’m enjoying the pixel artstyle and deeper gameplay experience than it looks on the surface. Let’s continue to fix some stuff before I share my final thoughts in a review. Stay tuned!

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