Epic Chef Has Got Me Cooking HYPED

Welcome to Ambrosia and Villa Calamitozza

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After playing the first hour of Epic Chef, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this story-driven cooking adventure. It follows a freeloader thrown off a ship to redeem the deeds to a haunted villa in search of a better life.

Kickstarting my journey to establish myself as a bonafide chef in the making proved to be a humorous, light-hearted experience. Be sure to watch my first-hour playthrough to see how the adventure unfolds but if you prefer, here are key takeaways from my impressions of Epic Chef.


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ambrosia and villa calamitozza

I find myself increasingly enjoying titles with an animated design that substitutes realism for vibrant colours and family-friendly visuals. Being thrown off-ship onto the unfamiliar island of Ambrosia, I searched for Port Authority Captain Bonafacious to confirm my deeds to villa Calamitozza, a haunted house no one dares enter. Despite all the scary stories, the villa has a crazy amount of land to kickstart my renovation project and new life. We lucked out after buying the area for the little savings we traded it for!

Simulation games chuck you straight into the functional aspects of building development and getting on with things for the sake of it, but I love a story that drives the needle forward and the kind of dialogue and personality in Epic Chef. I chuckled here and there thanks to clever dialogue and character expressions, adding a feel-good factor to the beginning of our journey.

The ‘haunted’ stories of Villa Calamitozza are a result of an alien-like magical presence, with futuristic technology to build the foundations of my farm and cooking life. That involves digging up plots, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables and building facilities to brush up on our cooking cuisine. I’m living a herbivore lifestyle for now, so I’m curious what it looks like when it comes to raising cattle for meat (if at all, maybe I’m just a vegetarian…or pescatarian).

staking claim as an epic chef

The features are surprisingly deep and even though other things inside the villa are yet to be unlocked, the prospect of having a driving range over the ocean and the chance to put on swimming trunks and soak up the sun on a lounger feels too good to be true. I’ve got a really good feeling about how I can develop my new house over time, as I take on cooking jobs around Ambrosia to earn money. Hopefully, I have enough to buy new furniture, like swapping out the plank bed and adding new sofas.

At the heart of Epic Chef is of course the cooking itself, and it does not slouch here. Picking ingredients from my in-the-making farm, you can toss, stir, and add ingredients, but it goes way deeper than that – dishes are scored heavily on three factors: vigour, spirit and sophistication.

Ingredients with great synergy add additional bonus, extra points for how long you stir and time to serve the dish too. The combination of ingredients and dishes you can come up with is greatly diverse. You gain EXP against these factors which give multiplier effects and benefits for our overall chef level. Add to the fact you take on chef battles in Ambrosia and build a name for yourself to rise up the ranks, the layers and depth of Epic Chef have me riled up.

I’ll spend more time to see how Epic Chef pans out against my raised expectations after the first-hour playthrough because of its animation graphics, witty dialogue, accessible yet deep farming and rich cooking playbook. It sets the tone going forward so stay tuned for my final review.