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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

For disclosure, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links at no cost to you. I only partner with brands and products whom I feel create thoughtful, quality items that enrich the ways individuals can travel empowered, gear inspired. They in no way influence my own opinions and review towards the product or service.

As the sole individual creator, this helps support my time, research and effort to continuously improve One Tech Traveller and keep producing quality imagery, videos, articles and the best web experience. If you find any of what you read, see or watch useful, please consider supporting through these links.

Any affiliate links are disclosed at the end of each article and are a way to offer a link to purchase for my readers after sharing my thoughts and opinions on each product. It does not influence, create a bias or change the way I review a product or service favourably.

Editorial Review Policy

The general policy at One Tech Traveller is where a disclosure statement is not included at the bottom of each article – most notably in my reviews – these follow the affiliate policy as above. ‘Editorial Review’ by definition is whereby I, One Tech Traveller conduct my own personal opinions and review.

Advertising Content Policy

Should an editorial review be commissioned as a result of payment from a brand, this is classified as advertising, whereby definition influences the tone of the commission media to look positively or favorable outside beyond my personal sentiment. As a result, these articles or videos are clearly identified as advertising in the following: 1) YouTube video description 2) stated in the video footage 3) at the bottom of the article 4) identified with a ‘Sponsored by XXX’ brand at the beginning of the article.

Sponsorship Content Policy

Should an editorial review be commissioned as a result of payment from a brand, however does not influence my personal sentiment, voice or hold any control in the content, this is classified as Sponsorship. Sponsorship at One Tech Traveller is interpreted as payment towards commissioning content around their brand which fits the selective qualities and criteria at One Tech Traveller before approving. Sponsorship payment which does not alter the editorial content, is directed towards the production value and creative of the content.

One Tech Traveller Store

The store comprises of affiliated products that have been reviewed extensively on One Tech Traveller and provides an easy way to explore the catalogue of items. It may also include future work of mine which if so, is direct to consumer from order with a few days for processing.