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ASAP X-Connect Magnetic Cable Review

The ASAP X-Connect changes the game. From an everyday painpoint with charging our electronics, it suddenly becomes an effortless connection that flows as fast as the current of our busy schedules. All intended puns aside, Charge ASAP improves their second generation of cables to perform even better and with style. That is, the ASAP X-Connect

X-Connect Technicals

  • Tips USB Type-C, MicroUSB and Lightning
  • Power Up to 2.4A
  • Material Nylon braided cable
  • Feature 33% stronger magnet
  • Protection Overcharge protection
  • Colours Gold, Grey, Silver and Black
  • Length 40cm, 1.2m and 1.5m cables

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Opening the ASAP X-Connect Box


Opening the informative packaging with feature graphics on the front, you’ll find a 1.2m/ 3.9ft cable and accompanying tip of your choice. They come in four colours: silver, gunmetal grey, alpha black and gold. The magnetic tips can connect to either Lightning, USB Type-C and MicroUSB devices you may have – an iPhone, Android, Camera, Action Cam, PowerBank or Tablet.

The gunmetal grey is my favourite of the 4, but they all look great. The connectors have an aluminium shell which feels well-constructed, while the cable themselves are braided in nylon for extra toughness while maintaining relative flexibility. The other side of the cable – USB-A – is reversible which is super convenient to slot in your port, doing away with the ‘correct way’ conundrum.

Wireless and USB Type-C charging have made strides to make charging life easier. But, wireless chargers are still slow and restrict the phone to stay on a platform; USB Type-C makes using either side usable. The latter still needs to be lined up and pushed in to fully function. A trivial process in the grand scheme of life, but add those precious seconds up and that’s time and effort you could spend doing something productive instead.

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ASAP X-Connect on the Move

The ASAP X-Connect however makes the connecting process effortless with the tip inserted into your device i.e mobile. Casually bring the cable in close proximity of the tip and it clicks without thought. When I need to head out, I can just grab my phone and go, safely disconnecting from the magnet without concern.


To be honest, it isn’t something I have thought about much, but that’s because we tend to overlook these things. Since I’ve used it however, it makes me wonder how could I go back to before… and how much difference it makes. It’s pretty awesome.

The LED blue light on the connector is helpful too. All too often I think my phone is charging until I see the battery is about to reach 0% – turns out I didn’t press the switch. I tend to leave the LED light on my phone off for unnecessary battery drain, so this is a great alternative and way of knowing that it is charging.

I tested the ASAP X-Connect in ways I would find myself reaching for the charger: on my office desk, charging while using my phone on my chaise longue, lying down on the bed, on the sofa and with my powerbank.

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How does it Perform?

For the most part, it worked great. It held together firmly as I placed it on my table to charge, no problem. The compromise with the convenience of putting it on and off is the rigidity of normal cables however. While it can hold the weight of my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus when held from the cable upside down, taking the phone at an angle mid-air has the weight of the cable and gravity straining the connection of the tip and the connector.


The cable dangles until I line the phone up or use less force in the motion. Sitting up against my chaise longue, watching a video sideways or in generally causes it to again hang. I find the connection needs a bit of leverage with the weight of the cable for it to hold steady. A normal cable suits when I need to charge my phone on the go and the jolt of each step I take. In these situations, the fact it can come off much easier seems less beneficial than a traditional cable that directly plugs in.
So when I think about the ASAP X-Connect, what it does – and the types of situations it lends itself to – is fantastic. The Neodymium 52 (N52) magnet grade used is at the top end of the range for quality, magnetisation and working temperature tolerance. 33% larger over its predecessor (1.9mm to 3mm in size) gives it a very solid hold, while the 18K Gold plated connectors accent the perimeter nicely for a premium look and feel. The silicone cord wrap is a nice inclusion to keep it organised when stowed away.

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Data Transfer and USB Type A

Besides the charging, there’s the data transferring. I would transfer a lot of photos from either my mirrorless camera or my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to my Surface Book so I want to make sure everything is breezy. My Sony A7 takes MicroUSB so I inserted the tip and switched the cable from my phone to the camera with no effort. Great.

It connected shortly after, allowing me to transfer photos no sweat, though if your camera has a flap, taking out the tip was quite tedious. Connecting with my Galaxy S8 Plus however was initially frustrating…. it wouldn’t recognise the phone on my Surface Book. Thankfully I had a spare USB Type-C tip which did recognise and work. Maybe it was just a faulty one?

It transferred music flawlessly after, but I wanted to disclose the issue I had with the first. So, in general data transfer across microUSB, type-C and lightning works as expected. Fast Charging is supported as it outputs up to 2.4amps, which works for my Galaxy S8 Plus so all is well here. The reversible USB-A on the other end is a neat idea and I’m sure I’ll adapt to it, but I get a bit nervous as the reverse side feels less smooth than the other – I tend to be more careful when sliding it in. Maybe over time it will smoothen out and connect easier. In short, a useful if a cautiously adapting feature.

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Stay Magnetised with ASAP X-Connect

At $20 for an X-Connect set, there’s a lot to love here. The ASAP X-connect prides itself on being the strongest magnetic cable on the market, high charging output and a range of colours that delight. While it is a premium price to pay beyond the widely accessible and conventional forms of cables.. the ASAP X-Connect cables fundamentally change your lifestyle to be as connected as ever without the restrictions.


The tips are also available separately so you can just bring one cable with tips for different devices for less cable worries. Let’s not forget about those times we try to connect our phones in the dark, scratching around the port as we struggle – the LED blue light then comes in handy here.

Will these fully replace traditional cables? Not yet at least. There are times I want the rigidity of those type of cables to keep my phone that bit more secure and directly connected into the port; say, if I’m writing in a café, the park or charging from my powerbank in my pocket. But for the remaining 90% of occasions I need to reach for the cable, the ASAP X-Connect has me ‘hooked’ to making connecting fun and effortless.

ASAP X-Connect
ASAP X-Connect innovates the idea of charging cables with stronger magnets and quality construction to make charging our devices even easier.
Super convenient
Quality nylon and metal build
Great range of colours
Great magnetised cable pickup
Difficult to stay connected off the table
Limited scenarios to benefit from
Magnet attracts particles that stop full connection
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  1. Bought 5 magnetic cables from ASAP Connect about 10 months ago and the product has not performed as advertised. Sometimes it connects, sometimes not. Sometimes it indicates it is charging but the phone is dead when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes my iPhone states that I have connected using a device that is not supported. I contacted their customer support team who at first was attentive. But I noticed they kept asking more questions, 8 emails to date, without any actions. They stopped responding when I sent a video showing how all 5 of my cables were not working. Three follow-up emails have gone unresponsive. I don’t believe I also have any recourse. Don’t buy from them.

    1. Good to hear about your experience Ted with the ASAP X-Connect. From my personal experience and highlighted in the review, the connectors need to be free from any dirty or trapped material magnetised to both the connector and cable otherwise it won’t charge. The ASAP cables are particularly useful when stationary on your desk and such but not when on the go charging from a powerbank.

      Hopefully they’ll learn about customer support to sorry or your issue however since it sounds like a tedious one!

      Keep Being Awesome,
      One Tech Traveller

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