2022 Year Ahead: THE Year of Execution

This is probably the biggest and most intense year for me

Happy New Year 2022 Team KBA, I hope you enjoyed the post Christmas and New Year holidays – plenty of food, binging movies, late nights,late mornings, and time off work. I can hand on heart say I’ve had a good time. BUT, the new year has arrived and it’s about time to get back into the swing of things. And actually, I’ve been doing little things each day before we hit the new year to start strong, and after my 2021 Year in Review, ‘refocus’ for the road ahead.

2022 is a hugely exciting year. Why’s that? Because I’ve dubbed it the year of ‘execution’. Here’s what that means from my perspective and the new launches and projects I’m not only giving the greenlight, but consciously making sure I execute sooner than later.

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THE Year of Execution

In a digital world where everything is constantly moving, it’s important as a creator and entrepreneur to continuously apply ourselves to the dynamic landscape, ensuring we give everything to the journey ahead. As entrepreneurs, there are always areas we can improve and is something we should always seek to better. 2022 is THE year of execution and that means applying ourselves to act on the ideas, the creativity, project or intuitions we may have for the upcoming year and simply, ‘execute’.

For me, 2021 was balancing many different areas. It was good in some areas and not so good in others. I took time to refocus on what it is I want to achieve, and whether my mindset and actions were aligned to that. Things were going well in the short term, but deviated from the long-term vision that I had to make corrections which sacrifices those immediate gains, but feels 100% right for the journey ahead.

2022 is all about starting strong to execution on that refocus and foundation and believe through conscious applications in effort, thought and execution, it will be a breakthrough year in many ways. I can only hope for the best, but the best is what I’ll give until the final day. The upbeat excitement I have for the year is seeing those ideas and projects to fruition and see where they will lead me.

KBA Sparks Podcast

Carrying on with our Keep being awesome mantra, I’m super hyped about the KBA sparks video podcast I’m launching before end of January. It’s already underway as there are some behind the scenes things to work with and simply the episodes I’d like to create and share.

KBA Sparks is a creator and entrepreneur focused video podcast where I invite and chat with travel creators and upcoming brands to share their creative and entrepreneurship journey, dive deep into the less spoken, the challenges and champion the successes of what they’ve done which should make for some inspiring, motivating and awesome episodes on YouTube.

KBA Sparks originally came about as an idea 1 or 2 years ago that was on the sideburner as a podcast series, and is something I revived after having the pieces I need to now make it happen.

I’ll always be talking more about the deeper side of travel – my stories, the way I travel, what it means and also dive into less talked about topics. It’s a medium where I can zero in on many great conversations I have around being a creator – a small one at that – the challenges, the opportunities, mindsets and other things I haven’t been able to talk about until now. Which is super exciting.

Official KBA Shop Launch

More Designs, More Creations, More Awesome

Here’s my relaunched Official Etsy shop! I did a very soft launch of my KBA shop on Etsy in 2020, bringing my travel photography to life with posters. I didn’t place enough time and energy to really give it the chance and since I was in Korea and other things going on at that time, this was lurking in the shadows. 2022 is execution year so I identified the KBA Shop is a priority that I wanted to focus on the first month of the year to really give it the chance to shine and populate it with exciting merch and products to share with my community and offer wider as I partner with my best friend to fulfill production.

I’ve been working hard since Christmas up to now on rebuilding it, creating awesome posters and look forward to really creating the pages and platforms to make that accessible for all who may like some of what I have in the KBA Shop. It’s on Etsy which is a great platform for individual creators making products and I do aim to create the ecommerce side on my website so it’s purchasable there too. Patreon supporters will also get discounts on the KBA Shop so if do make sure you get your voucher to claim if you’re supporting me there!

Official KBA Discord Server

One area that’s been missing for awhile now is a place where I can bring the community together to just hang out, chill, chat and stay updated with my content drops. I’m happy to announce the beta Patron-only discord that brings more value to members who want to support the Keep being awesome movement, and makes it easier for us to stay connected.

I made the decision to make the discord server for Patron-members only as it allows me to be close to members who really embrace what I’m building here, enjoy the vibe we have and give value to people who give a little something every month. Everyone else can enjoy all the content I share on my platforms but this allows me to say thanks to those who are supporting with exclusive content, early access video drops, perks and a positive KBA environment.

I do hope to see more KBA members in the server to bring the community alive, while it gives me more options to develop, grow and build the discord and platforms into something bigger!

Twitch Streams

I’ve thought a lot about whether Twitch is a platform that can work for me and my Phoenix Plays gaming content. There are several pros and cons and usually I see big Twitch streamers migrating over to YouTube, and not the other way. One thing I like is the Twitch community experience and gaming focus that feels fun and more exciting, and after some deliberation, I’ve decided to experiment and give Twitch a go. So yes, I’ve launched a Twitch channel and will be livestreaming gaming and hanging out there with you real soon! Follow my Twitch

My YouTube gaming channel will continue to be the platform I share gaming drops across the games that I play, but I want to see how livestreaming on Twitch will fare considering it’s more stream-oriented. Highlights and searchable gaming videos will still populate my Phoenix Plays channels, but livestreaming (at least for now) will be done on Twitch. I’m looking forward to seeing what the ecosystem is like, hanging out with the KBA Squad and hopefully have more members too!

TikTok Monthly


TikTok is more of a casual space for me to share my other creativity and that’s pretty much dancing! While I may share cuts from my video podcast and travel related shorts, it’s going to be a space to keep in touch with my dancing, creativity and flow by doing TikTok monthlies, learning a new routine from other TikTokers and executing it every month. Should be fun, you can see my first one here. Don’t forget to follow if you’re there!

Nothing crazy, just good fun.

Fingers crossed


So as you can see 2022 is the Year of Execution! There’s a lot of exciting projects and things I’m working on behind the scenes and outside of the content rhythms but I’m also aware of how it could stretch me a little thin. Don’t fret! I expected January to be a hectic month and I like that because it’s finally moving the needle on things that were on a slow burner previously. How they do, we will see at the end of the year but I hope to create and deliver as many insightful, fun, awesome videos and content for my KBA community.

Your support really does mean a big deal as I’m working towards moving to a creative studio while in the UK which would give me more privacy, more space to work with and in turn allow me to churn these things out more often and work on bigger, brighter things in the future! You can make a one-off donation to the movement here or support me on Patron and get rewarded at the same time here.

Happy New Year 2022 Team KBA, see you all real soon!